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Nintendo: Nintendo Media Summit Reveals A Host Of Integral Release Dates And Trailers

Nintendo have just held their Media Summit in North America and have revealed a whole host of release dates.

This summer is set to be jam packed with Nintendo goodness as the company have revealed that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will launch May 23rd and Metroid: Other M will launch the following month, June 27th.

Key North American release dates for first half of 2010:


March 14th – Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

March 28th – Nintendo DSi XL – $189.99

March 28th -Wario Ware D.I.Y.

May 3rd – Picross 3D


March 1st – Mega Man 10

March 22nd – Cave Story


April 20th – Monster Hunter 3

May 18th – Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

May 23rd – Super Mario Galaxy 2

June 7th – Sin and Punishment 2

June 27th – Metroid: Other M

– Nintendo of America

Nintendo have also stated that they’re releasing new footage of the games previewed at the event later today.

New Trailers:

New: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer

New: Sin And Punishment: Star Successor Trailer

New: Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Trailer


11 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Media Summit Reveals A Host Of Integral Release Dates And Trailers”

  1. Here’s the key UK release dates that were given out today at the Nintendo Europe Media Summit.

    Mario Galaxy 2, June 11th

    Sin and Punishment, May 7th

    Metroid: Other M, Third quarter.

    : )

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