Nintendo Wii: Netflix Works Faster On The Wii Than The PlayStation 3

Online media site Super Power Bros have created an interesting comparison video which looks at the differences behind Netflix streaming on the Nintendo Wii and on the PlayStation 3.

The embedded video shows that Netflix on the PlayStation 3 takes 2:53 to load up a preview clip from start to finish, whilst the Nintendo Wii only takes 2:25. The author also claims that the video actually looks better on the Wii than the PlayStation 3.



  1. Yes this makes wii better than ps3. (rolls eyes) that was childish but anyways the wii took hella long just to load up the menu but video load faster. To be honest both previews looked same to me. PS3 does more than netflix though, plays divx, xvid, dvd, mp4, dvd (upscale hd), and blu-ray (in true HD 1080p). But yeah wii’s version of netfix is better. Wii wins hands down (sarcasm).


  2. Not saying the wii is a bad console. Games wise it just not my cup of tea. Yes sony’s bringing a motion controller into the market to rival the wii so now if a compelling motion game doe. Hit the market i dont have to purchase another console.


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