Nintendo DSi XL: Reggie Explains Why We All Need A DSi XL

The Nintendo DSi XL is set for release Sunday, March 28th in the United States and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has stepped forth to explain why we might want to purchase one.

“The DSi XL is a form factor addition to our line up. We are not representing it as a revolution. Having said that, once you use the DSi XL you won’t go back. I haven’t gone back. For me to give up those big beautiful screens is not going to happen.”

“In our mind, the big advance with the DSi XL, besides the obvious – the larger screens, is actually the wider view angle. We think making portable gaming more social is a big opportunity and I say this from experience. When you are working on a Zelda puzzle and your spouse, your significant other, son, daughter, want to see what’s going, that’s awfully tough, versus now with this wider viewing angle sitting literally side-by-side on a couch, it is a great experience.”

“Consumers are going to upgrade. I think predominantly if there are still consumers with the DS fat that will upgrade to this, consumers with the DS Lite will upgrade into this. Brand new consumers will opt for this whether they are new youth consumers, whether they are older consumers.”

“We see the potential consumer as being a very wide very diverse audience opting into the DSi XL.”

– Nintendo president, Reggie Fils-Aime



  1. hmmm…. considering the 3DS coming out soon enough, I see no reason to “upgrade”

  2. I can see the DSi XL as a huge help (no pun intended) for viewing angles, otherwise, I wouldn’t buy one. I rather get the 3DS. DSi XL is a “bonus” system.

  3. I think the only way I would upgrade to this, is if they had more colors and they added more megapixels for the camera.

  4. You call the DSiXL portable? I can’t even hold a Lite in my pocket, how do you think I’ll hold something twice as bulky, no GBA support, and twice as large? No thank you, I’d rather stick with a flashcard on a trusty Lite.

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