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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Confirms The Final Design For The 3DS

Nintendo’s Hideki Konno has told technology publication Wired that the final design of the Nintendo 3DS won’t be noticeably different from the version Nintendo showcased at this years E3 event.

Asked by Wired whether the 3DS’s outer appearance could change between now and whenever it’s actually released, Nintendo’s Hideki Konno replied, “You can take this as the final shape”.


35 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Confirms The Final Design For The 3DS”

  1. With rumors of 3D video chat, I’m guessing we may see a second camera added to the front (inside) of the device as well. That shouldn’t really change the body style though.

  2. yes they did say that video chat will be possible…. but thats what they said with the dsi. and they still dont have a flash player for it still so we will see about that.

  3. Sure, the overall shape will stay the same, but what about the dimensions of the screen? I hope they make it as large as possible.

  4. I can’t wait for this to come out, and if those Microsoft fans go out and say that their Xbox can have an IM, I can say, if the 3DS has it, that my 3DS has a 3-d chat.

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  6. I usually go for red, but I just might go for the blue, since it’s a new console. The red reminds me too much of my current DSLite.

  7. why can’t they make a darker blue like they used to with the DS phat????? i’m basically sucked into black or red since the blue is like a light baby color just like with DSi!!

  8. they have the lite blue for the girls. and that color sells vary good to girls. i think it was the right choice to make the three colors they have.

  9. I hope they have the guts to use the bigger display he is talking about, right away. Would be better for us the consumers. And with the profits they make of Wii and DS and all the million selling software , they afford the costs.

  10. I hate that design… why NINTENDO WHY!

    I wish they would have made the touchscreen widescreen, and at least fixed the top panel so its the same shape as the bottom instead of sticking out.

    Ah well, I guess I’ll be getting the blue version (because it looked so sexy at E3 when it popped out on the stage). Unless they release a green or orange/bronze/gold version.

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  12. i like my black ds but i mite go for the orange one cus its completly new handheld and i want people to see the wonderfull 2 tone and to get jelous lol i was the first person i no to get a ds who i no anyway now eryone i no has one this is gunna be my dirty secrect lol there allways showing of how good there ipods to me like there the best thing ever overpriced rubbish if u ask me i went of apple cus of they stupid itunes its way too hard to use i no like 2 people who can get it to do what its suposed 2

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