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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo To Announce 3DS Pricing And Release In September

Nintendo have stated that they’re going to officially announce the release date and the pricing for their forthcoming 3D handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, on September 29th.



  1. NOOOOOO! It’s so far away! Since the announcement is so late in the year, this makes me think that it really will be released sometime next year, and not in time for Christmas.

  2. Its not coming out that day. And it won’t be released till 2011 I can almost guarantee.

    But yes, I cannot wait either!

  3. Darn, was hoping for a secret Christmas release, just seems to make more sense to me!

    Anyway, technically it’s only a month to wait as it’s practically August already :)

  4. They might come out and say that the 3DS is already being ship to stores and will be ready by that Sunday, October 3rd at $250. I bet they’ll have a Holiday release or Mid-November. Nintendo isn’t going to let PS3 and 360 have outstanding sales for Christmas; so, releasing 3DS will allow Nintendo to outsell the other consoles.

    1. I can assure you it wasn’t meant to be a ‘misleading’ headline. They’re announcing the release and pricing in September. It’s a headline so it has to be reasonably short : )

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