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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS eShop Will Launch In May

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS eShop won’t be accessible to consumers until May via a firmware update.

“The update will occur around the world and will add the following functionality: eShop, internet browser, and the ability to transfer currently owned DSiWare games to the 3DS.”

“”The first system update is scheduled for late May, at almost the same time around the world.”


20 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS eShop Will Launch In May”

  1. They’re probably doing this so if anyone hacks it by then Nintendo can come out with an update that everyone will really want. Pfffft

  2. …I’m really starting to regret pre-ordering this.

    Only thing left I need to hear is whether or not they’re nixing the Japanese voice overs in DOA for the US release. If they are, consider it canceled. That’s the only launch game that’s holding my interest currently, because I’m a longtime fan.

    1. I think as long as your DSi was linked to your Club Nintendo account, you maybe able to transfer the DSiWare to the 3DS.

      I dunno, I could be wrong.

      1. Ok thanks anyways, I just want to know because I’m upgrading at Gamestop.

        (And whoever does buy my dsi will get dark void zero and photo dojo)

        1. when you trade in your dsi to gamestop, they format your system memory so whoever buys your dsi has to buy the games over

  3. This is NOT the type of thing you want to pull after people have already started preorders. Wasn’t it announced this would be ready DAY ONE? Honestly Nintendo, I want to be faithful, but if the PSP2 were releasing much closer to the 3DS date, I’d have canceled my preorder over something like this. Here’s to hoping this information was mistranslated.

  4. I’ve already cancelled my plans for purchase until the better games actually come out. I was somewhat doubting my decision, but the more news like this that comes out, the more I’m certain I’ll just stick to decking out my PS3. I’m disappointed, Nintendo…

  5. Nintendo really seems to be rushing this product to get it to the market. Lame launch titles, delayed Zelda and eShop. I thought Nintendo’s planning was better than this.

    1. Lame launch titles? They aren’t that lame. They want To space out the good games throughout the year. Plus they promised us that it would be out before March 31. Seriously guys this isn’t a big deal. It’s not like they make faulty hardware or something

  6. Geez, they said a few DAYS ago that the eShop would be there at launch, but the feature to transfer purchases would come in May. I can’t believe that every bit closer we’re getting to the launch, we’re hearing more and more bad news… :(

    I’ve still got mine preordered, I just hope they don’t push the system & Dead or Alive Dimensions back any further… >_<

  7. If all of you are cancelling preorders, you’re going have a mighty hard time buying this thing when everyone is fulfilling their purchase. I can’t wait. The AR games and SSF4 are easily enough for me.

  8. It’s only because they promised to release it by the end of their fiscal year that they are rushing it.. Otherwise nintendo would probably have attempted to perfect the 3rd even more.

  9. come on guys they wanted it out early so we could have our hands on some 3D gaming we could of gotten the system in may and already have it but then noone wins

  10. hi there i am buying on day one but sence every one saying featers out day one then in may here is plan i will check updates every day untill there unlocked who nows it could be day one with in the first 24 hours i have wii and dsi wii was same vday november 19 2006 and dsi shop vs vdsi brelease dsi april 5 dsi shop spril 6 2009 soo by cheking history with waki-pedia i am predicting with in 72 hours

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