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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Considered Creating Nintendolphins

During the latest edition of Iwata Asks, Hideki Konno, development head of Nintendo EAD Software Development Group, revealed that Nintendo were exploring the possibly of creating spin off’s of its popular Nintendogs franchise.

“After nintendogs was complete, we wondered how cats would work out and experimented by converting the dog model to a cat,” said Konno.

“There were even ideas for animals like horses and dolphins. Some people said that horses would definitely sell well in Europe,” he added.

“So you were thinking about it, experimenting, and discussing it. Fate just wasn’t with those experiments and weren’t able to find that key element to validate them as a product,” said Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo.

The lack of nintendogs on the Wii was also discussed, with Konno stating that if the Wii Remote had a mic they “might have moved forward with it”.

– Iwata Asks




  1. The Wiimote should have had a microphone built in since launch… a lot of potential missed there…

  2. I am so glad they did not make this. I absolutely hate dolphins with a burning passion.

  3. how could nintendo have thought of putting a microphone on the famicon controller but not on the wii!!!!!

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