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Nintendo: Angry Birds Developer Hits Back At Nintendo For Mobile App Comments

Rovio, the developer behind the immensely popular Angry Birds game, has hit back at Reggie Fils-Aime’s comments about “disposable” mobile app games threatening the video games industry during this weeks Game Developers Conference.

“There were comments by Nintendo that 99¢ games are destroying the industry and making games disposable. We don’t regard Angry Birds as disposable content. That’s why every few weeks we update the game: more levels, more content.

“When you look at the pricing, there’s no denying it: 99¢ is the App Store price. But true value comes from updating. Games today are more about turning something static into a service. Websites that never get updated aren’t usually very popular. Ones that always shift are.”

– Rovio, Angry Birds developer


13 thoughts on “Nintendo: Angry Birds Developer Hits Back At Nintendo For Mobile App Comments”

  1. I’ve honestly never played this guy’s game. I do believe though that Nintendo are simply concerned that quality games will get crushed and ignored under the weight of numerous cheap games made for a quick buck.

    1. No, what there worried about is that company’s like these are making quality games that are updated regularly with often free new levels, at the price of only 59p that are easily at the graphical and addictive quality the DS brings but without charging you £39.99, there just scared that people will just say “why should I buy a DS plus games when I can download some on my iPhone” I’m not going to lie there is a lot of rubbish app games out there, but every now and then a gem like this comes along and Nintendo panics.

      1. No they are afraid of quality being crushed by crappy games (like angry birds) and people taking them as full-fledged games. The DS has far superior games to anything the iPhone has to offer (exceptbin graphics). This is coming from a DS and iPhone 4 owner.

      2. Hey did you see the 3DS sales? Nintendo isn’t worried! Plus I don’t believe this guy ripping Nintendo. He’s saying that Reggie is correct but their game doesn’t fall under what Reggie was saying. Plus angry birds is coming to Nintendo’s download service.

    1. There are some better mobile games, though, like “The Harvest” on WP7. Even though, it lacks voice-acting and a few things. C’mon. I don’t think video games will die any time soon.

      1. Mobile phone games (even the vest if them) are still kind of crap. They are entertaining to play in short intervals but not for extensive periods of time. Although I do see smartphones vs portable video game consoles to eventually be like pcs vs. Home consoles, but not for a very long time. For now smartphones suck at games.

  2. He seemed to miss the point of Reggie’s claims. He’s not saying Angry Birds isn’t worth a dollar, he’s saying that because of how cheap these low-depth games are, people who would otherwise buy a full-priced DS game, for example, might think they’re getting the same thing for much less on the iPhone. Angry Birds, as fun as it might be, is certainly not worth the $35 of a DS game, while something like Pokemon, for example, has a way too much production value to be worth a single dollar.

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  4. The thing is that when I buy a cheap game (Under $10) I don’t feel obligated to play it all the way through. Which is why I don’t own an iPhone.

    1. Outdoing? In what? Not sales, not quality, not length of the game. The only thing the iPhone can outdo nintendo in games is graphics, but a great majority of the time it doesn’t even do that.

      Look at Sims 3 on the iPhone and Sims 3 on the DS. While the DS one isn’t perfect, it’s a lot better than the iPhone one.

      The 3DS version is (thankfully) a lot better than the DS version.

      Nintendo is not jealous, they out do the iPhone in all aspects but one, and that’s the least important aspect. Graphics.

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