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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo President Reiterates No Wii 2 Any Time Soon

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has reiterated to Japanese journalists that the company has no plans to release a successor to the Nintendo Wii any time soon.

Satoru Iwata’s reasoning behind this decision lies in the fact that the Wii console is still managing to shift an incredible seven million units in the United States each year.  In the same interview Satoru Iwata also mentioned the next generation console will only be released once developers have a truly unique idea that will make consumers rush out to purchase it.


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo President Reiterates No Wii 2 Any Time Soon”

  1. I’m not ready for Wii 2 until the end of next year anyway. A unique idea? I just hope it makes me want to “rush out and buy it”!

  2. Good. I’m nowhere near the right funds for it.

    Also I was okay with the lower graphics than the competition from last time, but no HDMI this time will be no excuse

  3. The 3DS may not be a home console, but because of it, I don’t feel the need for a new home console from Nintendo anytime soon due to how impressive it is.

  4. I think the Nintendo Wii is fine now. They should release the Wii 2 once its time for console upgrades.

  5. Good idea nintendo. Releasing the wii 2 too soon will give other developers a chance to make it better. GREAT THINKING :D

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  7. Bummer, the Wii is 4 1/2 years old and uses antiquated technology by 2006’s standards. Then again the Super Wii as I like to call it probably won’t be to impressive either tech wise. If the next console displays in HD, utilizes HDMI and boasts much more powerful hardware I will be there day one just for Zelda, Mario, Kart, Metroid, alone.

  8. I only want a good console that can compete well, with similar features, but with the nintendo magic we all love, I had to buy a 360 to play Assassin’s Creed, Dante’s Inferno, a decent Need for Speed, the full Rock Band experience, and I can go on all day, but don’t get me wrong I love my Wii

  9. I’m not ready for the next gen console either. There’s still a lot more games coming for the Wii, and there’s no way it would come out the same year as the 3DS

  10. … Really? Still no new Wii anytime soon… :/ that is a shame. The only reason I’m still keeping mine is for skyward sword. But then again we will Probably have anoth “twighlight princess” where it gets released on wii/wii 2. Great -_-

  11. I agree with Iwata. Im glad Nintendo has no plans to rush in release a new console. the Wii still has lifetime, and good games to came out :D.

  12. The problem with Nintendo releasing new things is they have to have more than better graphics. For example, GBC had color, N64 had 64-bit, DS had two screens AND touch screen, Wii had motion controls, and 3DS has 3D. Nowadays, they can’t get away with just increasing it’s graphical abilities.

  13. I would be poor all 2011 if they came out with another console. I think i can wait plus I’ll have the 3ds in just 26 more days!!!

  14. Don’t tell me you don’t have this “truly unique idea” yet, Nintendo. It’s been 5 years since the Wii came out; the successor is likely well into development not and is probably approaching final stages. After all, they start developing new consoles immediately after the current one is finished.

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