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Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Has Broken UK Pre-Order Records

Pre-orders for Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS consoles have broken records with the highly sought after device approaching 100,000 pre-orders in the United Kingdom alone, a figure that’s defied even Nintendo UK’s expectations.

“We’re very encouraged that it’s going to be a big launch. “Our target was to get over 100,000 pre-orders – and we’re in line with that. So far, we’ve already beat our personal best for a console launch. With three weeks to go, we’re in a great position, as pre-orders are still building.”

“Retailers tell us that things are good, and they’re pretty relieved to have a big launch in March; they need something of that magnitude.”

– Nintendo UK sales director, Andy Yates

Nintendo UK Marketing director Dawn Paine has also chipped in on the situation stating that Nintendo are rapidly trying to get the UK into a ‘feeding frenzy’ situation, something they already achieved with the Nintendo Wii.

“I don’t think you can underestimate peoples’ hunger for new technology – the performance we’re expecting comes from the quality of the product. The pre-order numbers are a testament to that.”

“We are building towards Wii-style launch proportions. That has been our ambition all along: to get the UK into a ‘feeding frenzy’ situation. We feel we’ve picked the perfect time to launch the 3DS.”

– Nintendo UK Marketing director Dawn Paine





  1. Awesome!

    Although I wonder how many of these are people ordering and then cancelling after. I know I’ve pre-ordered with about 5 different places and cancelled all but one due to the inconsistant price.

  2. That is awesome it is ashame I aint pre-ordered yet looks like I need to. I live in the United Kingdom and the Net Pre-orders are gonna be a total of 100,101 :D

  3. Doesn’t the UK get the 3DS before North America? It seems lately North America has been getting everything last (not counting Australia), including Pokemon Black and White.

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