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Nintendo Wii: EA Say The Nintendo Wii Has ‘Faded’ And The Company Is Preparing Wii 2

EA Games label head Frank Gibeau believes that the Nintendo Wii has reached its peak and suggests that the company are busy preparing the Wii 2.

“When you look at Nintendo, for a while there, it was all about the Wii being the biggest entertainment platform ever and capturing the mass market, and it faded away. Now, they’re coming back with a second act.”

“They understand the dynamics and the fact that HD consoles is a booming part of business right now. Legacy platforms like PS2 and the Wii have dropped off significantly. They’re not stupid. They’re going to figure something out. They’re going to come back at it.”

– Frank Gibeau, EA


29 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: EA Say The Nintendo Wii Has ‘Faded’ And The Company Is Preparing Wii 2”

  1. Personally, as long as the ‘Wii 2’ graphic capabilities are at LEAST up to PS3, I can see some serious support with actual OFFICIAL games. Even I admit, being a Nintendo fan, after I beat DKC Returns (Jan 2nd), I havent even turned on the Wii. Been buying new games on 360 & PS3. Oh, 1 more thing; Nintendo MUST take some notes from Xbox LIVE. Microsoft nailed it there.

    1. They may have nailed it but everything on the xboxlive you need to pay for!!! Even acsessories for your avatar!!

      1. True, you do have to pay but it’s an extremely good service. You can get some free avatar gear but you’re correct most of it you have to pay for.

        1. You can get free avatar clothes and accessories by completing an achievement in games too, that’s even more awesome.

  2. Well it’s Frank Gieau so you might as well take this opinion and throw it in the garbage.

    And of course they are working on a new console..

    I’m pretty sure they started working on the next one as soon as the wii was released.

    But “Wii 2” won’t arrive in quite a while since the wii is still doing very well.

    Fuck Frank Gibeau; he was the dude who said that “singleplayer is dead” sigh..

  3. Companies are so ignorant and greedy. With the status of the world economy, no one is going to shell out the money for a new home console anytime soon. There just isn’t any need or justifiable argument to do so. Rarely has any publiher ever pushed the full capabilities of any home console ever made. All these companies do is pump out new systems before it is really time to fade out the current console they already have out. There are many quality titles that have been released on the Wii. Companies that publish games for the Wii really need to figure out how to market their games better. It’s unfortunate that overall most consumers buy shitty, low-quality games for any platform available, due to they see a lower ticket price. So, overall, publishers need to swallow their pride and consider pricing their games for less, upon release. No one wants to, or is happy about spending 50-60 dollars for a new release ever. There are many qualty titles on the virtual console. If people who own a Wii aren’t taking advantage of playing the greatest games ever made for a whole lot less, then I guess people too stupid and ignorant for their own good. Maybe, just not educated enough on what they have at their control.

  4. Whenever Nintendo unveils their new console I’m willing to bet anything they don’t drop the Wii name. It’d be pretty stupid to drop the name of a product that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

  5. I think it’s more that Nintendo are currently marketing the 3DS more than the Wii atm. I’m sure once the 3DS is settled in we’ll see the Wii coming up again. Considering the report that Nintendo still have plans for the Wii not to mention the likes of Zelda out soon I wouldn’t be surprised to see it last another year at least.

  6. really what the wii needs is more games. not enough support is going to it. we need more first class nintendo titles and sequels that have taken too long. also, they need better pokemon wii games. no more of these gimmicks. i want a full on title.

  7. and whoever said they need to take notes from microsoft regarding online is 100% correct. ever since i got xbox live at the end of 2009 i haven’t gone on NWFC at all.

  8. I agree that with the economy not doing too well right now it would be hard to buy a new system, but if your system plateaus it may be time to do something. I have all 3 systems. The wii is good but there aren’t many new games I’ve really been interested in besides de blob 2, conduit 2, and zelda. I reserved a 3DS already. I’ve been playing the 360 more even though I love nintendo games. I do agree they need to get a better online plan. I play live at a friends house and it’s good but I don’t feel like paying $60 a year just to play online. I’m tired of the cod, halo, and gears multiplayer. They are starting to feel the same. Nintendo needs to do something about graphics as well. I don’t necessarily need the best graphics but it would be nice to get multiplatform games that could use hd graphics that the wii 2 should have. I would love to see hit games come over to the wii 2 with everything they originally had and not with lessened graphics.

    1. Except for the part where 4D does not exist in this universe. Maybe in some other universe, there are 4 dimensions, but in this universe, there are only 3: Height, width, and depth.

      1. Actually, time is the fourth dimension.
        But it can’t be observed or measured directly i this universe, so for all intensive purposes, you’re right.

  9. Nintendo has just released the 3DS (3D no glasses), thats revolutionary. They will not give this up any time soon. For E3 am predicting 3DS and a final wii push in sales and the last titles. I think by the end of this year we will here off wii’s successor. I doubt it will be called the wii2. Since all Nintendo consoles differ in games and styles (except the nes and super nes). But still this final wii game instalments will be epic.

  10. Fading? I don’t see any fading going on. Skyward Sword is coming soon, and we just had DKCR and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, so I don’t see anything new this early.

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  13. they should redo the old old link where it’s “birds eye view” and just buff up the graphics a bit cause thats a fun game…

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