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Nintendo 3DS: Sixth Professor Layton Game On Its Way

Level-5’s CEO, Akihiro Hino, has revealed that the company is currently hard at work developing the sixth iteration of the incredibly popular Professor Layton franchise.

The Professor Layton series is already two editions ahead in Japan with those of us in the West still awaiting the last two episodes. Rumour has it Level 5 may see fit to bring the fourth game in the franchise to the Nintendo 3DS. Would you rather see it on the Nintendo DS or the Nintendo 3DS?




15 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Sixth Professor Layton Game On Its Way”

  1. As much as the 3DS needs a quality game, I don’t want some Layton fans to feel left out because they don’t have a 3DS yet. Release it on DS.

  2. I love my 3DS. Further more I want Level-5 to use every bit of the hardware’s potential. My DS has already seen 3 Professor Layton games, time to move on. :)

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  4. Not really news is it. Considering we haven’t had a release date for the 4th or 5th game yet we can look forward to this in 3 years (somehow I doubt we’ll see a DS layton game version after mask of miricle)

  5. We (the west) have (Euro named) Curious Village, Pandora’s Box and Lost Future. Japan has (as well as those) Specters Flute, Mask of Miracle and Layton VS Ace Attorney. Japan usually has their version for at least a year before the translations are completed for world release.
    I’d expect Specters Flute will be coming out for the DS then Mask of Miracle for 3DS.

  6. I’ve never played this game series, I don’t know what it’s like. But I think Nintendo should release it on 3DS from their perspective, it would help sustain or drive new 3DS console sales.

  7. 3DS hands down. I don’t own a 3DS yet but I don’t see the point of releasing new games on a 7 year old system when they can utilise all the technologic advancements of a brand new system. You could imagine trying to solve all new puzzles in 3D as well as using the gyro to complete them, Echochrome 2 comes to mind…

  8. I think they should release it on the DS because, eventhough it is an old piece of technology, it had much better sales outcomes than the 3DS. Also, arent we forgetting the DSi and DSixl, which have not been out that long, and can play all the DS games. These two consoles are far more popular than the 3DS because people can still use an updated console, without having to buy all your favourite games again. Professor layton is a very popular franchise, and keeping the games on DS will help boost the already monumental sales.

  9. Ds cause I don’t have one I mean come on people u can turn your stupid preisous 3d off come on I mean really level 5 and everyone elese in that company will lose money cause a lot of people don’t have a 3ds and iv been a fan for years and I’m not stopping now not with that 3ds please don’t do it on 3ds you’ll lose money I love u guys peace;)

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