Nintendo Wii: Multiple Sources Confirm Brand New HD Nintendo Console To Début At E3

Online gaming publication Game Informer are reporting that numerous industry insiders have informed them that Nintendo are planning to reveal a brand new HD successor to the Nintendo Wii at this years E3 event in June.

“Nintendo is doing this one right. It’s not a gimmick like the Wii.”

– An anonymous source speaking to Game Informer

Game Informer’s sources say the console is capable of running games at “HD resolutions,” though it is unclear whether not it will be as powerful as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Our sources have said the console’s power will be greater than or equal to the PlayStation 3. Nintendo is reportedly showing the console to publishers to garner interest for a late 2012 launch


Every year just before the E3 event in June we hear fresh rumours of Nintendo readying an HD version of its immensely successful Wii console. Do you think that this year we might actually see one?



  1. lol I just saw this flood from twitter to kotaku and now here, but I first saw it from the E3 twitter, so I think it’s real

  2. great news!! currently the only way to play in HD is dolphin emulator, but it’s not true HD

  3. That’d be pretty cool, Nintendo should do it without forgetting about the Wii in the process. I don’t like how that statement was a bit of a shot to the Wii calling it a “gimmick” which it clearly isn’t. Nintendo will outdo themselves as usual come E3

  4. I hope its real :) I love the wii and still play it so a successor (wii 2 not just wii hd) would be awesome. I may not be able to get it though :( I think next year I’ll be in medical school so no games for me :'(

  5. i won’t believe this till Nintendo says otherwise, but i’m pretty sure they have a console ready waiting to be finished up, not only does it have to be HD but they need to improve the online as well, like on par with Xbox Live except minus the 50 dollars a year subscription fee

  6. LOL at the description “gimmick” for the Wii. Honestly I’m still enjoying the Wii and am not yet prepared for the next system. I’m almost a tadbit worried Nintendo won’t be able to top the Wii. But if they do reveal, I’ll be excited nonetheless.

  7. I won’t believe this until Nintendo confirms it, but hey, that’s what I said about the 3DS and we all know what happened there.

  8. I don’t believe it, they just released the 3DS, I don’t think releasing two consoles so simultaneously is such a good Idea…

  9. They have to do this. The wii now looks really dated and we’ve seen games push the hardware as far as it can go. I’m interested to know what makes this “not a gimmick like wii” For the record I have a wii and I don’t think Motion control is a Gimmick at all.

  10. it could happen
    but i don’t think so
    it’s a little bit early for a new console for the market
    a late 2012 lunch would be sensible
    but let them reales Skyward Sword and Pokmen 3 first
    and one more Kirby game

    the Wii is in a bad condition recently
    releasing a new console is not the best idea

  11. I thought they had no plans for this anytime soon. Guess I’ll start saving my money then. I had $300 when the 3DS came out, and I have about $100 still, so I should be able to get the money. My only fear now would be the plethora of 3DS games in between.

  12. if this is ture the way things are going, skyward sowrd will probley be released on both the wii 2,as a launch title, and the wii.

  13. it’s just like Zelda TP-developed a Zelda game,turns out that’s it’s a launch title for the succesor and a ninth later for the predaccessor

  14. I’ll be soo happy if this is true. I will save my Wii and use the new HD one if it’s true.

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