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Nintendo 3DS: Sega Has Plenty Of Games In Development For The Nintendo 3DS

Sega’s recent financial statement shows that the developer and publisher plans to release a staggering twenty games for the Nintendo 3DS by March 2012.

Sega also have 23 PlayStation 3 SKUs, 18 Xbox 360 SKUs, 7 for Nintendo DS, and 6 SKUs for PSP planned for release over the next year. What franchise would you like to see Sega bring to the Nintendo 3DS?


9 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Sega Has Plenty Of Games In Development For The Nintendo 3DS”

  1. I would like to see Phantasy star online like the gamecube had long time ago, other than that…Im not interested.

  2. Omg yes!!! PSO would be awesome to see developed for the 3DS and I think would work just as excellent as Jet Set Radio…btw I also think JSR would be perfect for the wii to implement I always imagined shaking the wiimote like a spray can and pressing B to create the grafitti :D

  3. Well one of them we know its mario and sonic. I just hope they bring sonic games like the sonic adventures, not another sonic rush type of game. Bayonetta and vanquish for 3DS maybe?? Im sure platinum games may have a pair in store as well. Oh and probably another nights game seems perfect for the 3D!!

  4. Any of there arcade games they released for the Saturn, Sega Rally, Daytona USA, ManxTT, Virtua Racing etc all online play with improved graphics and 3D, awesome!!!

  5. If sega not remaking or making a new jet set radio then sega can take them 20 games and shove it up there butt. I mean really they can make bunch other freaking game but they can’t make on new jsr game come on sega

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