Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Power Confirms Sonic Generations For Nintendo 3DS

We all knew it was coming and now Nintendo Power has officially confirmed it; Sonic Generations is heading to the Nintendo 3DS sometime later this year. The game is set to be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo 3DS. Sadly Sega has neglected the Nintendo Wii this time around for undisclosed reasons. Maybe we should hold out hope for a new and improved version to be released next year for Nintendo’s Project Cafe.



  1. more reason for me to get a 3DS, and as for a Project Cafe release, we’ll find out at E3 :) though that would be quite a delay for a Sonic Anniversary game, please don’t make me buy 360/PS3 please don’t make me buy PS3/360

    1. It’ll probably be an adapted version of the engine they are using the home system versions. It’ll have to be modified to work with the 3DS, at least for the 3D effect.

  2. I might get this.

    I played the Sonic: Colors DS demo on the Nintendo Channel and it really reminded me of the old-school Sonic game I had for the Genesis. So if Generations is anything like it (or better) I just might get it. Although, I’ve never been particularly good at Sonic games :O

  3. @Steven The Old-Sonic version of the levels play like the Genesis games (not like Sonic: Ep. 1). The Modern-Sonic version plays like Colors minus the Wisps.

    I’m glad to hear this is actually happening. If the content of the console versions is retained (Super Street Fighter 4 proved this could be done), consider me sold. The lack of HD really isn’t a dealbreaker for me, but I hope it is released later as a Café launch title.

  4. I’m glad that Sega are doing this instead of ignoring the Nintendo demographic completely. If it’s close in quality to the home system versions then it might also be the ideal version to get due to its portability.

  5. You guys do realize that modern sonic on the 3ds has 2d gameplay like that of sonic rush

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