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Nintendo Wii 2: Nikkei Confirms Project Cafe Launching Mid 2012 Comes With Six Inch Touchscreen And Camera

Respected Japanese news publication The Nikkei has leaked details on Nintendo’s successor to the Wii which is currently dubbed Project Cafe. The news publication basically confirms what we’ve been hearing these past few months, that the console will feature a six inch screen that can also be used as a portable games machine, along with an inbuilt camera which can be used for a variety of things such as mapping your face to create an avatar. The console will be launching sometime summer next year according to The Nikkei. We should hear plenty about the consoles specifications, pricing, games, name and features at E3 next week.


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii 2: Nikkei Confirms Project Cafe Launching Mid 2012 Comes With Six Inch Touchscreen And Camera”

    1. i seriously doubt it is to the caliber of the 3DS… and i think portable as in it can stream the game to the controllers screen for limited mobility, such as another room like the wavebird. (Remember that wavebird commercial of the guy going to the bathroom on the can?)

      1. That’s what I was gathering, I was just being optimistic. The 3DS just needs that eShop and some first party support and it will take off.

  1. Summer is an odd time to launch, but I’ll take it when it’s ready. Somehow I doubt we’ll get this information at this year’s E3. I’m expecting next year’s will give us dates, a name and that all that jazz.

    This year is the demo year, and possibly a window range. Next year will be full details I’m guessing.

    1. well they said it was playable… maybe they are waiting to build up more 3rd party support and more units to ship

  2. Controllers are already expensive enough as is. Nintendo shouldn’t go sticking a 6″ touch screen and camera on one.

    1. Maybe expensive controllers will yield a smaller system price. I guess we’ll know at some point. If they are shoving the “family” system at us, how about giving us 2 controllers at launch?

  3. Why not just make the 3DS a possible controller? Man, all these things the 3DS already has and… Ugh!!!!! Rumors.

  4. I highly doubt that it will act as a portable device outside the limits of someone’s home. Unless that person lives on a ranch, they could take it anywhere at home, but it would take too much of a bite out of the potential 3DS market to make it functional beyond that point. Beside that, it will most likely need the console to be on.

    My one worry now is the existence of Transfarring. If Nintendo isn’t endangering their 3DS brand by making their controller functional in public, it might be a point of criticism when compared to the coming PS3 functionality. I wouldn’t care personally, but it would be yet another point of contention I get sick of hearing about.

  5. I’ve been wondering if the controllers will have a 3D screen so that you will essentially be able to play all wii games in 3D. I assume the 3DS will be able to function as a controller though so maybe some games will allow you to do that anyways. And like others have said, I just assumed the controllers will be able to go around the house, not anywhere you want.

  6. Eh, this controller sounds quite gimmicky. A 6 inch screen? That’s one hell big screen to fit on a controller. Why do I want a touchscreen on it anyway?
    The cameras are understandable, though, and sound like a nice addition.
    But the touchscreen… I hope this is just a rumor and nothing else.

  7. I like the idea, a realistic speculation for me is that the screen could be used for menu’s and such to help de-clutter the console’s TV screen space. Other than that perhaps little mini games and such would also work (Nintendogs much?) just speculation of course.

    If it is for streaming then perhaps that means they can cut back by only installing instant reactive hardware and not have things such as onboard storage and such to save money. Or perhaps there will be only some games that use the touchscreen and others use a screen-less controller or the Wiimote?? I understand price and fear a Dreamcast repeat (The Screen VMU’s being expensive) so hopefully Nintendo have something up their crafty sleeves : )

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