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Nintendo Wii: New Super Mario Bros Wii 2 To Be Announced At E3 According To Retail List

One of the members of Neogaf managed to acquire a retail listing full of future titles that are most likely going to be announced at E3. The most interesting game mentioned on the list is Super Mario Wii 2. It’s quite apparent that the release list for the Nintendo Wii is currently rather barren save from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Xenoblade, so releasing a New Super Mario Bros Wii title would certainly tide Wii owners over until the release of Project Cafe. Do you think we will see another Mario title for Wii, or are Nintendo saving their big guns for Project Cafe?



60 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: New Super Mario Bros Wii 2 To Be Announced At E3 According To Retail List”

  1. No, I dont think Nintendo will release this for Wii. They hardly ever release two mario games on one console except galaxy was an exception. (I don’t count all those sport and party games Mario is in)

      1. Luigi’s Mansion is not a Mario game. It’s a Luigi game, Unless ofcourse you’re going by last names.

          1. nintendo previously commented that “mario” is not mario and luigi’s last name. their real last name is unknown to this date

            1. Actually if you ever saw the tv series you would have heard them introduce themselves as “Mario Mario” and “Luigi Mario” ergo the name “Mario Bros.”

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  3. I totally called another NSMB game lol

    Perhaps this isn’t too bad because that means there is 3 new main Mario games (3DS, Wii and Wii2) Or perhaps there was a misread and this is the game actually planned for Wii2? Ah well it would be fine on the Wii making 2 NSMB as well as 2 SMG’s : )

      1. NES only had 3 Super Mario titles..Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3. Mario is Missing is an educational POS. Lost Levels was the Japanese version of Super Mario 2. It wasn’t released in the U.S.

  4. I love the side scrolling Mario games, I imagine they should be much easier to make than ones like Galaxy. Whichever system it’s on, I will get it instantly.

    Sounds like Nintendo is starting to milk the Mario adventure games to move more systems. Just more games to get and help me reach platinum each year :)

  5. Nintento needs something new for the nintendo wii… Mine, has been disconected the whooleee year! We need new releases and i believe nintendo owes us that… And if theyre leaving those games fo wii 2, we should get an early release for it…

  6. Meh, I really wasn’t impressed with the first one. I personally thought Donkey Kong Country Returns was better revival for Wii.

  7. I wouldn’t mind another NSMB I just wish it weren’t in the vein of SMB1. I’d like to see a SMB3 or SMW kind of vibe to the game.

    1. i agree 100%. sorry to say but we”ve seen enough tribute to SMB1 in the NSMB games. time to move onto SMB3… i wish SMB2 (the version with the vegetables and shy guys) was orginally a mario game, then there could be some more tribute to it..i gotta say, that game’s underrated

  8. if it’s for Wii or for Cafe, fine by me. I love new New Super Mario bros on DS and Wii. Although I can’t imagine how mario will look in HD>

  9. Here is my wishlist:
    1. Super Mario Galaxy 3 (keeps all the best qualities of the first and second while being the best galaxy game)
    2. MadWorld 2 (I know there isn’t a chance in hell but you know a boy can dream)
    3. Yoshi’s Island Returns (or any Yoshi game for that matter)
    4. Star Fox Wii (long overdue)
    5. Dragon Quest X (hopefully we will get)
    6. The Last Story
    7. Xenoblade Chronices
    8. No More Heroes 3 (yeah I know it won’t happen)
    9. Red Steel 3 (A follow up story to either the first or second stories)
    10. Pokemon Wii ( A follow up to Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness)

  10. If true, then I hope they make NSMBWii 2 with fresher environments. NSMBWii felt too similar to the DS version in environments, although the gameplay was great. I do kind of want online co-op, because I have no friends to play with. :(

  11. Another Mario game for Wii? I think I’ve had enough of Mario. But they already announced Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 olympic games so I don’t think I can do anything now.

  12. They should, like, make a new super mario lost levels game to release in japan, and make a nsmb2wii based on the vegetable one to release in america.

  13. or they should combine the two and release it everywhere. I didn’t really mind the first one being tribute to the first super mario bros though… those flag poles are legendary!

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  15. All I wish is that they make a Super Mario Sunshine Wii and a New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2: The Next Levels

  16. Here’s what I would like:
    Super Mario Galaxy 3
    NSMBW 2
    Super Paper Mario 2
    Baseball Mario Arena (A follow up to MARIO Super Sluggers)
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 2
    Mario Kart 64 Wii

  17. Id love too see a super mario 2 for wii. And how bout a side scrolling game like castlevania!!! Wow wow wee waa!!

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    2. Nah, I think it’s going to enhance the cthaacrer‘s popularity. I love it when there are voices in video games. I like reading too but I have to admit that I get more excited when there’s spoken dialogue. So I don’t think the cthaacrer‘s will be hurt but more people will have jobs with voice acting! That’s a plus! You’re probably right though about moving to voices overs rather than text but they’ll probably have both text and voice for a while to clear any confusions for players and also to cater to the deaf.

    3. I’ve been checking your sight since your Canon Rebel cetnost ended last Friday night. I can’t find a thing on who the winner was. Did you post and I’m just blind? (which is possible) Or did I win and nobody told me? Do tell.

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  19. plz make new super mario bros. 2 for wii i will beg and if u make it in the wi edition i will definily buy it so plz make it thanks for your consideration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. They better release this for wii!! I refuse to buy another console for a Mario game. I grew up playing them, Its literally the only video game I play. Please release this for wii!!

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