Nintendo Wii U: Miyamoto Says You’ll Get Used To The Wii U’s Circle Pads

There seem to be a handful of dissatisfied people out there who don’t believe Nintendo should have included Circle Pads on the Wii U. IGN were certainly one of those organisations that believe Nintendo should think about replacing the Circle Pads with standardised analog sticks. Thankfully Shigeru Miyamoto has heard these opinions, and has commented on why he believes gamers shouldn’t fear the Circle Pad. Anyone still extremely worried about Nintendo replacing standard analog sticks with Circle Pads?

“The circle pads that we’re using for the Wii U controllers are of a more advanced state than the one we created for Nintendo 3DS. They will perhaps have a bit more precision. The mechanism that allows those circle pads to work is still very different from, for example, the mechanism we used for the control stick on the Gamecube controller. In that sense it’s very tough to compare the precision or how the circle pads will work in that sense, but personally I feel that we’ve gotten them to a point that when you sit down and play with them you get used to them very quickly and they feel very nice.”



  1. I figured we would get used to that. I heard there weren’t alot of complaints from folk who actually got to use the controller.

  2. The Controller looks great, and I’m not worried about button locations or size or anything like that, but what I want to know, and forgive me if this was stated somewhere before, is the weight of the controller, because at first 5 pounds don’t feel like anything, but after a couple of hours u feel some chunkiness.

  3. I honestly couldn’t care less about the circle pads. The 3DS circle pad feels fine, so I’m not sure why people are complaining.

  4. I’ve seen the videos of the new controller on the floor of E3 and to me it looks like the circle pads are raised up more than the one on the 3DS. I like the smoothness of the circle pad because it doesn’t click around like, say, the C-stick on the Gamecube controllers. I hope that smoothness is maintained in the new controller.

  5. The controller is very light. I am not very good with guessing weights LOL, but I think it would be comfortable to hold for long sessions :) And I was skeptical of the circle pads initially on the 3DS, but after logging in many intense hours of DOA on it, I can say they work very nicely.

  6. My biggest problem with the Wii U controller is that the right stick – or “circle pad” if you prefer – is on top of the buttons, and not under anymore (gamecube, playstation, xbox, right sticks used to be under the 4 buttons) this is a huge downer IMHO I’m really afraid about this controller…

  7. Many people who tried the controller at E3 have stated that it is surprisingly light: lighter than the iPad, to be exact. One publication even stated that the Xbox 360 controller might be heavier.

      1. One difference is that the Wii U uses a rechargable lithium battery, while the Xbox has stantard AAs. And remember, the controller does little processing, so it’s not weighed down by hardware.

  8. my only major question with the controller is if they are to release another sports game similar to Wii Sports Resort for the Wii U, how will they include the new controller with bowling? I know in the video they had at E3 it shows someone playing golf with it, but I hope that wouldn’t be the same way you would use it for bowling. Also, they say about having to have it within a short distance from the console, and the console has to be on, but then why do they show someone using the balance board and saying about not having to use the console??? maybe I am just mixed up a bit

    1. I’d think the Wii U screen would show the lane in front of you. You’d align yourself w/ the screen instead of adjusting with the D-Pad & A button.

  9. I’ve got big hands so It shouldn’t be a problem to reach the buttons under the right circle pad. But I wish they didn´t care that much about symmetry and put those buttons a bit upwards to the left, between the screen and the right circle pad, for easier switch between pad and buttons.
    But, as for the circle pads it’s hard to comment before even trying the controller out.

  10. I don’t care if it’s “more precised and advanced”, I still rather go back to the past where we all used analog sticks. I honestly hope they don’t keep this bulky controller design as well, that is way to big and i can imagine massive hand cramps.

    1. I’ve noticed hand cramps on the opposite, actually, on small controllers. I remember the one which gave me the least pain was the original xbox fatty, with long sessions of the DS taking the cake for ‘ow ow ow ow’ later.

  11. I’m not going to judge them until I get a hands-on use with them. I do like the analog sticks, but I have no idea what this feels like. Hopefully it will be better.

  12. I personally don’t like analog sticks, they tend to get sticky and slippery after long hours of play. The circle pads are just fine. They move wherever I want it to go. Don’t you find it amazing that ppl can find the littlelist thing to complain about or dont want to change.

  13. Well, the circle pad on the 3DS feels extremely well. It’ll stay in any direction that you want it to stay without any effort. It’s very responsive. Also, it works wonderfully for fighting games. With analog sticks, the one on a standard controller and not an arcade stick, it’s really hard to do fast combos and stuff because the distance between the controller and the analog stick in the controllers. The circle pad fixes that.

    My only worry is that a lot of games on standard controllers, such as shooters and action games, use the push-down buttons on the analog sticks such as L3 and R3 on the ps3’s controller. If they can find a way to work that out, then I will love the controller.

    1. Exactly, shooter games are
      Huge, and if Nintendo wants a piece of that, they have to realize that everyone is used to R3 and L3 as options for melee, run, crouch etc. Hopefully there’s a way to get great controls on this Wii U. Maybe the touch screen could make up for this? Is there only 1 trigger button on each side, if there’s two they could use that.

  14. I would like to see 3rd party controllers, too, like the Wii remotes with Motion Plus built in.
    And the circle pads won’t be as awful as the Vita’s microscopic joysticks, that slide right off of your fingers.

  15. I didn’t even notice the Wii U having circle pads until now. xD

    But yeah, circle pads are fine. I love the 3DS one. Very smooth.

  16. I can imagine myself using the control pads easily and comfertably, however my only concern is about wether they click in or not, if they put that in last minute ill be over the moon :D

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