Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Wants Casual Wii Gamers To Become Hardcore Gamers For Wii U

Katsuya Eguchi, game designer and manager at Nintendo EAD, has told gaming publication EGM that Nintendo are hoping that the casual crowd that bought into the Wii will return for the company’s forthcoming Wii U console. Apparently Nintendo are striving to satisfy both the causal and the hardcore crowd with the Wii U. Let’s hope they succeed.

“With the Wii, we wanted to bring in as many new users as possible and have them experience the games, but as a consequence, I think a lot of the core gamers felt that it wasn’t for them, and they started moving away. With the new console and the new controller, we definitely want to bring core gamers back and create new gamers as well. So, with the Wii U, we hope that the players who were introduced to gaming for the first time on the Wii will step it up and become core gamers themselves.”



  1. I’d like to see them do that. It’ll be a wild day when my mother plays a game other than Wii Sports and Tetris.

  2. Such a plan will only work if Nintendo releases hardcore GAMES for the Wii U, and also allows hardcore third-party games (such as The Last Story) to be published in ALL regions.

  3. god I hate the term Hardcore and Casual. People don’t realise that one can be a Hardcore Cooking Mama player and a Casual Warcraft player. (just using those two as examples.)

  4. it’s hard to turn casual gamers into core gamers when you can’t even satisfy the core gamers with wii. Yes, I’m mad at you Nintendo for ignoring our request for Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower… just to name a few.

  5. Help us to have surely the best games of 2011 released only in Japan. The Great Nippon country has to know that gamers world wide will like to play The Last Story + Xenoblade Chronicles + Pandora’s Tower as well.. Join the cause! Go to IGN ofr more info =)

  6. i have a lot of faith in nintendo, i mean everyone was skeptical about the wii since it didn’t have hd graphics but it sold very well. with the wii u it’s the same as the wii people bash it until they get their hands on it. I believe it will sell very well I’m definitely getting one

  7. I’m not a hardcore gamer and I think casual games should be on the Wii U, let’s hope they make loads
    Of them!!

  8. I hate how people say casual gamers will never become hardcore gamers. All “core gamers” have to start as casual gamers, so they can get into gaming. If that wasn’t the case everyone that’s a “core gamer” now will stay as such until they die, after which “core gamers” will slowly die out until all that’s left is casual gamers. Which is complete nonsense, not to mention contains too many uses of the term “gamer.”

  9. This isn’t something unheard of… we were all casual gamers at one point until a certain game or genre peaked our untiring interest that drove us into hardcore gaming.

    BTW, hardcore shouldn’t be about maturity or difficulty: It should be that attitude of “One more go!” serious determination for video games.

  10. This hardcore vs. casual is what is ruining gaming. Games are games. Nintendo hasn’t forgotten the games they started out with.

  11. Nintendo is going about the future launch of WiiU very smart. To get the core gamers that abandon Nintendo during the Wii launch… and sad to say I am one of them (I own a PS3… the first time ever that I did not buy a Nintendo console)… they are going after 3rd party developers hard and already we see it paying off with the inflow of support.

    To get the casuals to move from Wii to WiiU (clearly not as early adapters… since core gamers normally are…) they will have to continue creating very interesting causal games for that part of the market.

    Time will tell just how successful they will be in bring Wii owners to WiiU and getting core gamers to believe in Nintendo again. I for one like what I am seeing so far and look forward to being part of the Nintendo family again. PS3/WiiU.

    1. true man buys all consoles so he can get the best of all worlds and enjoy himself.
      Least thats what I did. Don’t regret getting any of them, maybe the xbox, but i’ve enjoyed my Halo matchs driving the elephant with the goal of each to team to pile 1 of each vehicle into their elephant. Let the battle over the Banshee begin :)
      Casual and Hardcore are just terms deemed by players, they are not titles that are set hard in store nor do they really mean anything, when you look at a person that plays any game, they are a GAMER, if you call them hardcore or casual it means nothing, so long as they enjoy what they play thats the only factor that counts.
      Nintendo’s goal then is to create a console that everyone can play because there is multiple games that a gamer would enjoy on it. With that goal, I look forward to the Wii U even more.
      I just want to see some really cool shooting styles using that remote and its camera/screen. My friend and myself have some many ideas on how it could be used and what would be awesome and plausible for use (based upon the demos of it thus far and technology we believe Nintendo has) flooding our heads, I can’t wait to see what they do.

  12. I like the idea, and I’m sure it will work to an extent. But they will still need to satisfy the casual market too.

    1. Because Casual gamers are only “fun” gamers, and It makes me sick to my stomach to have to play with them. I’ve tried to share my experiences with casual gamers, but it never works. I’m left questioning why I even bother trying to relate. I’ve dedicated my life to gaming and it’s culture from an early age. Without that insight into the culture it’s very hard to turn casual gamers into hardcore gamers. I remember the days when nintendo was giving everybody what they wanted. Nintendo’s best years are FAR behind them. It’ll take nothing short of a miracle to bring nintendo back to dominance. Nintendo is just a empty shadow of what it once was. A real shame!

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