Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Doesn’t Want People To Compare Wii U With Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

Katsuya Eguchi, the producer behind Wii Sports has urged people to try to refrain from comparing Nintendo Wii U with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Eguchi believes that rather than focusing on graphical capabilities people should look at the thing that makes the Wii U unique; the touch screen tablet controller.

“Rather than compare specs with Microsoft and Sony, I’d like for people to view this as a different type of machine altogether. For me personally, what’s most important is what makes Wii U original, and that’s the controller.”



  1. All you idiots who think ur gamers who compare nitnendo to microsoft and sony. Your all idiots.

      1. Yes that was rude but his anger is justified.

        Power is not important functionality is. Example :
        This system will beable to run uncharted at 60fps if it was ever ported, crysis 1and2 60fps all in hd.

        There isn’t going to be hype and rumors of hd games in the future when some one unlocks it.

        Just imagine what the wiiu can do with the second screen off. Do you even realize how high the fill rate has to be to render two screens?

        Things that current hd consoles can do in the majority of it’s games.

        Tessellation it’s in the flying bird demo.
        60fps with full screen shaders the focusing effect with the bird demo.
        Advanced shaders Zelda demo just look at the light radiating the floor and color bouncing shadows.

        Then we have a power7 CPU finally a real CPU in a console with enough edram to be a pentagon war server lol.

        Then you have a console maker that is going to get out of the way of the third parties and let them make what they want. The COD killer is coming and it might now even have guns in it.

        Last but not least the wiiu controller can have 4 screens connected to one console. Even the hd4800 could do that. Yet you will be paying for it.

        You also should know that this controller could be used with the 3ds with the 3ds acting as the host processing unit. All they need is a firmware update. Imagine a ds dual screen with connected screens. Vita what?

    1. first of all, dsadddddsd (if that IS your real name) YOU’RE the idiot for not knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

      Secondly, they are competing companies; comparing them is what you’re supposed to do. This article is about not comparing the systems on a graphical basis alone (which would put them on equal footing) and instead compare what they can do in a gameplay manner (which puts the WiiU ahead because of the tablet controller)

      Read, comprehend, don’t jump to conclusions, stay in school, don’t do drugs, etc.

      1. I love it when people comment on people’s vocabulary, I’m a nerd. Wii U’s graphic are slightly better than Sony’s and Microsoft’s, and the gameplay manner is much better.

      2. It’s no surprise they don’t know the difference between your and you’re. They did use “ur” and spelled Nintendo as ‘nitnendo’.
        I wouldn’t really take any words someone types like that as anything other than trolling.

  2. Eh…. I don’t compare them any was they all have there up and downs anyways so I play all of them.

      1. Every thing has its “downs”. Nothing is absolutely perfect.

        Some things we wont know, until its actually released.

  3. To bad because that is Wii U’s current competition and if they have no online service, hard drive, or regular controller I’m not buying or recommending said console. Wii has fallen on hard times for core gamers and this rpg fiasco solidifies this.

    1. That I will agree with they should just go ahead and localize them and get over with there making it such a big deal and such A easy thing to do.

    2. Are you stupid? Flash memory is superior to hard drive, it DOES have online, and you don’t have to use the tablet controller. Idiot much?

      1. I guess he also doesn’t know you can use 3terabyte USB drives that are cheaper than the Sony and ms rip-off properitary crap.

        Plus this mean short load times and games that don’t have to install as much because flash is faster. Hey but this is what happen when you are educated by hype your logic fails.

  4. “Urged”? So that means graphically it is the same? Nintendo is asking us not to compare, doesn’t it make it more likely to be compared? Should we not be comparing it since it is on par with the 360/PS3? Kind of makes me wonder.

    I’m not a graphic whore (I don’t own a 360 or PS3, ONLY a Wii), but this statement doesn’t make Nintendo sound too good.

    1. It does not imply the graphical power is the same. The Wii U is decidedly more powerful than either of those systems. Not vastly, but is is significant. This is just Nintendo being humble and not touting power. I’d rather have that novel controller than more power anyway.

      1. I agree with the notion of the controller vs Power, just was concerned about the graphical abilities. It seemed like it was “signficantly more powerful than the 360/PS3” was degraded to “50% for more powerful than the 360/PS3” then downgraded again to “slightly more powerful than the 360/PS3” and now they are asking not to compare? Don’t get me wrong, I’m just getting mixed messages on how powerful this thing is, and if it is very comparable to the 360/PS3, then I would hope for a strategically placed pricepoint as it will be a tougher sell to the hardcores if it will be more expensive than the PS360. This is the audience Nintendo is hoping to get to with the system, so a high price for little graphical power increase will not win the hardcores over, as hardcore gamers love them the graphics.

        Just to clarify it won’t matter to me, as I plan to reserve it ASAP regardless of the power, but just trying to discuss that if Nintendo is marketing for the core gamers, I can see the mixed messages regarding graphical abilities turning them away especially if the price is not on par or a better “deal” than the 360 or PS3.

        1. I agree that the price point will be key to the success of the Wii U. The Xbox 360 can be had for as little as $99 (no hard drive though), and the PS3 only $199. Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo himself, has stated that the Wii U will most likely sell for even more than the Wii did (in other words, greater than $250). I don’t see the Wii U selling much at a $300+ price point, personally, especially if it’s not much more powerful than the 360 and PS3. :(

          1. My guess has been 299.99 or 349.99. Anything higher will make it more difficult to purchase (unless of a wicked list of awesome launch games), and let’s be honest, it won’t be any lower. If it is lower, have fun calling places for months trying to get there at 4am to pick it up.

        2. Yeah ya know, I fully agree with you. And I do hope the price is reasonable. I’m sure it will be, it is Nintendo’s way. However, in reply to Robert: selling the Wii U anything below $300 would likely be selling the console at a loss. Those other systems have been out for years and obviously they get cheaper during the span of their life cycle. (Although I do not know if those prices you mentioned are accurate.) When the PS3 first launched, it was $600. Do consider the Wii U does come with the new controller, which probably holds a hefty price. That being said, anything over $400 for the U will be seriously pushing it.

    2. Actually, the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 or the Xbox 360, and I believe that Nintendo doesn’t want us comparing because they don’t want to make Sony or Microsoft mad.

      1. What is funny is most of the people complaining about power don’t know the difference between direct x 9 and 11 or open gl shader model 4. These same gamers also claim 30fps is ok for an action game. Most of these gamers also don’t realize the hd4850 was the first card that could run crysis 1 well.

        I’m sure when they see what this thing can do the trolls will only have DVD play back to grip about, didn’t block buster go out of business? Oh every one watches Netflix and don’t need DVD or blue ray ohhhhhhhh.

        Then you have hd nintendo games plus ports from third parties.

  5. its not us that are compering wii u too ps3 and the 360, it was them when they announced that the Wii U will be 50% more powerful than them

    1. They didn’t even say that someone at, I believe, Sega said that. From past experience, it’s best to take everything Sega says with several healthy doses of salt.

      “this Sonic game will be just like the old-school games, we promise”

  6. Nintendo is trying to draw attention to the controller and away from the specs, eh? Is that their way of saying that the Wii U is going to merely have comparable specs to the Xbox 360 and PS3? That Nintendo’s “next generation console” is only going to be as powerful as CURRENT generation consoles, and NOT truly “next gen” at all?

    More and more depressing news to me. *sigh* The Xbox 360 was released in 2005 — SIX YEARS AGO — and you’re telling me that the Wii U, which is supposed to usher in the Eighth Generation of Video Games, and is to be released in 2012, is only ever-so-slightly stronger than the 360?

    Nintendo has assured us with multiple statements that their next console is just going to be them playing catch-up to THIS generation. They keep saying, over and over again, that the best thing about this console will be the controller; exactly the same thing they said about the original Wii. Remember when the Wii was announced? They pulled ALL of our attention to the nifty new controller so that people wouldn’t notice that the Wii was merely a GameCube 1.5, and not a next gen system at all. The 360 was released an entire year BEFORE the Wii, and yet the Wii was significantly less powerful, which cost them third party developer support, and ultimately the support of most gamers everywhere.

    And now, they’re doing it again. They’re trying to draw all the attention on the controller so people don’t realize they’re buying into old and outdated technology again. The fact that they don’t want the Wii U to be compared to six year old hardware because people will find that they are remarkably similar is saddening. :'(

    1. Since when does hardware define the next generation of gaming? Isn’t it the game that matters? Who cares! Seriously? Tech fans do, but gamers shouldn’t. The controller is how you’re going to interact with the damn thing!

      1. Jimmy’s right. Developers wouldn’t even spend the time or effort creating a truly next-gen game for only system anyways. Since the next Xbox and Ps3 are a long ways off, it’s not profitable to go beyond what they’re currently doing. I think graphics have reached their peak for realism vs. cost with current technology.

        1. Jimmy and Steven are right, and Robert is a idiot. And by the way, the wii was just as popular as the PS3 and Xbox 360, if not more.

  7. fuck no comparing wii u with 360 0r ps3 but the only thing that makes unic wiiu is the controller n then games 360 n ps3 wish 2 hav mario legend of zelda n much more games on there console trust me

  8. I don’t like to compare video game consoles unless for legitimate reasons. Otherwise, I buy whatever I feel like buying. That’s why I own a Wii and 360.

  9. having a hard drive would increase the system’s cost, just fyi, you can easily get a portable one cheaper, and with 1TB of space btw in this portable hard drive

  10. They want you to focus on the Controller because that’s all they have changed. I bet the graphics are still shitty.

    1. Cocluvr….XBOX fanboy? Just like at E3 your system will always be third place for exclusive games especially. Wonder what they do with all that cash they charge for online, certainly not game development!

  11. Thing is Nintendo, most people are going to look at the specs when it comes out. Since the 360 and PS3 is the current competition, it’s going to be compared to them, unique controller or not.

    Honestly though, you do need to pack some power into this one if you truely want the hardcore and 3rd party supporters to come back. I love Mario and Zelda as much as any Nintendo fan, but you need more. As someone earlier stated, the RPG fiasco with Xenoblade and Last Story ain’t making you look good (well, NoA at least).

    Ultimately, the quality of games when the Wii U comes out will decide this.

    1. graphics are not important, what is important is what games they have. Only a idiot thinks graphics are the most important

  12. Nintendo’s always been original. There can’t be a comparison. The only comparison that can be made is that they all play games.

  13. Quick question/idea:
    With the talk of there being only an 8GB Flash memory in this system and with the low cost of SD cards these days(I just got 2 4GB cards for £10), do you think it would be feasible for Nintendo to package an SD card with every game and have a storage slot in the case like the Memory Card slot in the Gamecube cases?

    1. Game save don’t usually take up very much space, which is why they chose flash memory this time around.

    2. You can just use an USB external hdd if you want or sd cards. No need to store your card with the disk. This isn’t normal flash ram in the wiiu it’s a higher spec made for fast cache to do new things that a hdd can not do like mega texturing, ai mapping, physics precal and even some content creation by gamers.

      The sd flash ram is like having a console with 8 gigs of ram in it.

  14. I like it when Nintendo sets themselves apart from the competition. It’s cool to appeal to and appease the 3rd party developers and “hardcore” gamers so long as they keep Nintendo. And focusing on that controller is a good start.

  15. II don’t think it’s a matter of hiding weakness here, I think Nintendo believes of themselves to be set apart from the competition. They’ve been sort of the “black sheep” of the industry since the Wii, and I think they know that they’re fans expect something drastically different from PS3 or 360, so comparing them would be like comparing a cow to a shark.

  16. When will these graphics whores realize that Nintendo’s main focus is on gameplay rather than graphics and the specs of their consoles? Nintendo may not put the most powerful consoles out but their games are fun and that’s all that should really matter! And Nintendo definitely uses that to an advantage price-wise.

    Back at the launches of the 3 consoles, the XBox360 cost $150 more than the Wii when it originally came out(and then there’s the cost of playing online that Microsoft thought was a good idea) and the PS3 was 599 US dollars, of course!

    Anyway, now that I’m off of that tangent, I’d like to state another possible reason that the Wii U shouldn’t be compared to the 360 and PS3 that some people can’t seem to grasp: Nintendo and Microsoft/Sony cater to different gaming tastes!

    While Nintendo is mainly known for having games from many of the different genres of games, Sony/Microsoft are mainly known for having a lot of FPS/TPS games/games involving a lot of weaponry and killing people, a few RPGs, and a few games from left field to make it seem like they have more than shooter games (like random Sonic games, LittleBigPlanet, Banjo-Kazooie, and Ratchet and Clank which still exists somehow. Pretty surprised that that series hasn’t yet gone the way of Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Jak and Daxter)

    Another good reason not to compare Nintendo to Sony or Microsoft is that Nintendo likes to try new things. Motion-controlled gameplay, touch screen gameplay(and dual-screened gameplay), and now a controller with a touch screen in the middle of it! Sony mainly just likes to take Nintendo’s ideas and build upon them to make themselves seem better, and Microsoft just copies what everyone else has done/is planning to do. The 360 controller is essentially a Sega Dreamcast controller with an extra analog stick, shoulder buttons, and buttons in the analog sticks(possibly mimicking the playstation2/3 controllers). There’s that plus it shares a lot of games with the PS3 and you have to pay to play over the internet. Really, I’d just prefer to get a PS3 and play online for free (when it’s not being hacked) and the free internet would make the PS3 more worthwhile and less costly within about 3 years, especially since many people have to get new XBox360s when theirs gets the red ring of doom(thanks again, Microsoft).

    My last gripe here is to the people who complain about the Wii U being nothing more than the Wii with a new controller and better graphics. I want you to think back to the transition from N64 to GCN. What changed then? Better graphics, new controller, and the switch from cartridges to discs. Nothing too groundbreaking, but there were definitely improvements! That’s basically what the Wii U is to the Wii, except the fact that the Wii U has better internet capabilities than its predecessor. Besides that, there’s not really too much room for improvement in gaming technology nowadays so let me just ask you dissenters this: what all would you put on the Wii U to make the gaming experience more groundbreaking? **(note that I said GAMING experience so don’t give any B.S. answers like a DVD/Blu-Ray player since those aren’t needed whatsoever. A very large percentage of people own DVD players already and Sony owns portions of Blu-Ray meaning that buying a Nintendo system with a Blu-Ray player would give money to Sony so they’re completely unnecessary reasons to increase the Wii U’s price)

    TL;DR version:

    Nintendo makes innovative systems with fun games at a good price rather than submitting to the will of graphics whores and lazy people who can’t disconnect their game system to plug in a DVD player

    Sony/Microsoft make games that are different from those of Nintendo games so you can’t really accurately compare them

    Microsoft is unoriginal with its gaming consoles and controller, its internet service is a ripoff, it most likely only sold more consoles than Sony this gen because many people had to buy more than one, and the Kinect is most likely going to be Microsoft’s go-to thing until they run it into the ground and eventually stop making consoles.

    Thank you for your time and sorry for taking so much of it.

  17. Yeah don’t compare it, because then people might realize how lame the system will be. ”Oh, but it has a shiny tablet controller!” Fail.

  18. I seriously don’t give a shit about graphics all I want is good games (new pokemon battle revolution) near the release date or at most the year it comes out.

  19. Wii U is a directx10 capable machine. Xbox 360 is dx9 & the ps3 uses openGl. So the wii U can produce graphical effects the other 2 can’t. I’m not sure about the other hardware in it but hope that helps those comparing graphics to the other 2 console. I’m positive games will look better on it.

    1. Actually it capable of some direct x 11 effects like the dynamic water splash(tessalation), the advances geometry shaders like the flower bloom. Both can be seen in the flying bird demo.

      The wiiu is clearly going to be a respin of the older check that is brought up to directx 11 specs, the ones every one want now.

      What is going to be funny is when the ports come developers will have 60fps vs 30-15 on the old consoles. This where the 50% comes from and it means the wiiu is the first truely hd console.

      Any thing more than what the wiiu has will cause overheating consoles.

      The wiiu can actually out put the max resolution of two hd4850s so yes 4 wiiu controllers can be used. If you understand why these gpus where made then you understand what they can and will do.

      All of the arguing in the world isn’t going to matter once you see this system pushed.

  20. I don’t plan to get in line for this day one but I think this has a lot of potential. I am more worried about the opening game line up being nothing but ports and junkware.

  21. Good way to put it. Now that it’s powerful enough for any game, then the controller is what makes it special. It’s like an Xbox 360 or PS3, with an amzing new controller to make it even better. Not to mention the LOAD of 1st party Nintendo titles you can’t get on the other platforms.

  22. lol, it’s hard not to compare.
    And the only thing I’m comparing is the online system

  23. while i think graphics aren’t everything and that, indeed, the wii u controller is what will make the console unique, i won’t lie: i’m jumping of joy because the wii u will have HD graphics.

  24. The reason why Nintendo are asking not to compare is because they want to trick us into accepting old hardware that is barely stronger then 6 and 7 year old hardware

    It’s ridiculous and i am sick of it……

    The wii-u shouldn’t be on par with the ps3 and 360 spec wise it shud be atleast close to the Next Gen consoles

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