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Nintendo Wii U: Wii U ‘Changes The Way We Play First-Person Shooters’

Nintendo EAD’s Katsuya Eguchi has told Edge magazine that Nintendo are “very happy and excited” about the possibilities for first-person shooters on the Wii U due to the console innovative tablet controller. Apparently when Nintendo were initially testing out the controller they realized just how ‘interactive’ first-person shooters became when using  a combination of the Zapper and the controller.

“A very key part of the new controller is the screen,” he explained. “You saw the video at E3 of the Zapper with the controller perched on top of it.

“When we were testing that, and playing around with it, we realised that in terms of an FPS, it had changed the way we were interacting with it and how much closer it felt. That was one of the moments that made us very happy and excited,”


26 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Wii U ‘Changes The Way We Play First-Person Shooters’”

    1. Nintendo has always had shooters and no where did they say it was going to be the focus on the new controller. Just stating how intuitive it can be for that genre.

    2. Don’t worry we wont see Mario:MW, or anything, lol, but the Metroid saga? hmmm…… I sense a Prime in the future.

      1. Don’t think it’ll necessarily be a Prime game though. Maybe a new sub-series in the Metroid saga.

        1. I would love to see an expansion of Prime Hunters, that way there could be use for a lot of online play and then also bring back that old fps feel that we all learned to love.

          I wasn’t saying necessarily a Prime series, cuz that’s over (story arch at least), but something with the same Prime Style, yes.

  1. A problem with the wii shooters were that they are unprecise. Games have this crosshair, marking where the game things you are aiming, that’s lagging a great deal behind where you are actually poiting. I hope that the problem has been due to lack of processing power, and not the controllers themselves. Unless this improves, the wii u will have the best looking shitty shooters around.

    1. No I’m pretty sure that had more to do with most developers behind Wii games not giving a shit. That’s why the Wii and motion controls are being looked down on. Most developers don’t at least try. They exploit the trend of it all because they want money.

      Speaking as someone who owns the Metroid Prime Collection, I can tell you the Wiimote CAN work for shooters, just only when the actual effort is put into it.

      1. I agree with you LordTerminal 100%!!! Metroid Prime Collection is, in my opinion, the greatest FPS package deal of all time (sorry CoD fans). I believe that the good folks at Retro and Nintendo showed the world how FPS should be down on a nintendo system but unfortunately no one followed in their footsteps. The one other shooter series that I can think of (other than a nintendo series like Sin &Punishment) is Call of Duty. Yeah I know it’s overrated and redundant but reflex edition of Modern Warfare was well done with the Zapper controls. I hope that developers can learn from Nintendo when they do a shooter on Wii U and follow Nintendo’s lead this time around.

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  3. I loved the Wii U Scope (Zapper + WiiPad – not an official name just stealing it from the Super Scope). It sure added a new dimension to how you played FPS. Now instead of pressing a button to aim, you just check your WiiPad and aim from there. I’d bet those who love to snipe will get a kick out of this, but I don’t think it’ll replace the classic lock-on-target from Call of Duty; it’s faster and requires little-to-no orientation where-as using a scope needs a steady hand. I’d bet a new multiplayer from Nintendo might be up for grabs for this kind of gameplay. Goldeneye, anyone?

  4. if a company was lazy they might just make the controller the map and u can scroll up and down and zoom in and stuff but it might be kinda cool

  5. There is so much that can be done with this controller and first person shooters. What can be done is the reason why i myself am so hyped for it. If the controller doesn’t maximise what can be done, i will saddened.

  6. Hmm, I hope the keep the remote+nunchuck option for shooters. A few days ago I played goldeneye against a friend with one classic controller and one remote-nunchuck combination. Whoever played with the classic controller lost^^

  7. That’s gonna be so awesome. I just got an idea myself. The Wii u demo where you saw the controller being used as like a sniper. It could be same in games like cod. Looking through the controller screen as a sniper scope or acog scope.

  8. Imagine your pursuing an enemy (monster) in a warehouse and the lights turn off. Keep the tv screen dark and use the pad on your gun as night vision. Now that would be cool.

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