Nintendo 3DS: New Final Fantasy Game Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Square Enix has announced that there’s a new Final Fantasy title coming to the Nintendo 3DS, though it won’t be what you expect. The first Final Fantasy game for the Nintendo 3DS is a rhythm based game which is titled TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy. The main aim of the game is to tap the screen in time to vintage Final Fantasy music. Sound like something you were expecting from Final Fantasy on 3DS?



  1. Oh, that’s a bit disappointing, I’m sure it will just be available from the eShop if it’s something that basic.

    Tapping to music doesn’t seem like something that will use the 3D screen.

      1. Try it. I used to look at KH and think “What a stupid game!” But it’s a really great series with a complex and amazing storyline.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if Square Enix would make an original Final Fantasy RPG that isn’t a spin off or doesn’t have the phrase “Crystal Chronicles” or “Chocobo” in the title?

    1. Haha,right?!:D the official nintendo magazine also says square enix is making a Chochobo racing game for 3DS:o

  3. At first I was all like, “Yay, an RPG for 3DS!” But then I was like, “Sigh… what dumbass came up with this crap?”

    1. that’s what I thought, I’ve been hanging for news of a 3DS rpg but this is just crap! since they remade FF IV on DS, I am still hoping they do FF V on 3DS :) but, again, this news is VERY disappointing :(

  4. I saw this and thought, Yes a Nice RPG coming. WTF are you thinking Square Enix. Who in their right mind wants a fuckin final fantasy music game. Rhythm Heaven already does the job. Quit fuckin around, you wonder why your starting to fall behind. stupid Motherfuckers

  5. I was hoping to read at least, sequel to crystal bearers with improved features. Guess not then.

  6. I suppose this will be fun, like most rhythm games are…but I got my hopes up WAY TOO HIGH when I saw the title of this article.

    I’d rather see a FFVI 3DS remake with 3D character models as opposed to sprites.
    ^My dream game.

  7. I may be alone on this, but would anyone like a sequel to Crystal Bearers? I loved that game. It was my 3rd most played game. Behind MH3 and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Truly, I have no life.

    1. I would love to see a sequel to Crystal Bearers. It would have to be longer and much bigger than the first game, and I would prefer it to not have motion controls, but I would very much like to play it.

  8. Roflroflrofl cannot wait until this sells NOTHING and people are like “Omg why do Nintendo fans not buy any third party software?”

  9. Good to see SquareEnix fully realizing the potential of the 3DS…. *Borat voice* NAHT!

  10. I like the idea of Guitar Hero-ing to “Decisive Battle” from FF6. While this IS a silly game, I’m not dismissing it as bad.

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