Nintendo Wii U: Darksiders Developer Says Wii U Is Very Easy To Develop For

Darksiders developer Vigil Games has told Game Informer that Nintendo has been extremely supportive with Wii U development and that the system is very easy to develop for. The development studio claim that the system is much easier to develop for than Sony’s notoriously difficult PlayStation 3, and is roughly on par with Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Fantastic news for developers then.

“…You can tell the way the software is organized, the way the APRs are writen, that very shortly, it will become a pretty easy platform to develop for. Personally, I don’t really get into the what’s easier and that, but definitely from a pure programmer point of view, it’s definitely a lot easier than say the PS3 was. It’s probably on par with like the 360 as far as just ease of APIs, simplicity of how you interact with the hardware, and that sort of thing.”



  1. that’s great to know,may anyone go into why ps3 is hard to develop on? I’m not smart tech wise

    1. well, since the PS3 sucks. its a debate on whether to make it or not, and since the blu-ray disc the PS3 uses has so much data, some devs have to spend more time to fill that space.

      1. stop trolling, I’m no expert but there is a multi-cell processor which is much different then the 360 architecture, and it’s simply more difficult to program for. Xbox and Xbox 360 are similar to PC development, and PS3 is not

  2. I’m not quite sure if this is good news, after all the wii was easy to develop for…

    1. Yes, but that was a high priority of Nintendo’s with the Wii. By having something so close to the Gamecube there wouldn’t be a big learning curve, but developers wanted something new (aside from motion controls) and avoided it. Then some came back when it was profitable to. Meanwhile, many continued to stay away due to a lack of HD capability.

      In this case, the buzz is coming from developers, and Nintendo aren’t consciously putting out a weak system this time for the sake of easier development.

    1. No way Bungie would be able to…
      Bungie is a beast for Microsoft – as convinced as they can be they wouldn’t be able to break their contracts.

      But yes, more Rockstar love.

      1. Actually, Bungie and Microsoft, correct me if I am wrong, has ended their relationship for a while right now

        1. Bungie has been an independent developer since Halo 3 (6 days after the launch, in fact), though it’s currently in a partnership with Activision-Blizzard. Also, Halo: CE Anniversary and Halo 4 are being developed by 343 Industries (Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity are also working on the remake).

          I wouldn’t put hard money on Bungie developing for the Wii U just yet, but if Nintendo’s online is able to incorporate outside networks like, it would become much more likely.

        2. yea, your right. Bungie is no longer with microsoft. They have a new develper on the halo series called 343 Industries

  3. i haven’t really paid much mind to the controller since e3 but, seeing it again in this photo, it looks quite sexy….i can’t wait to get this product!

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