Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Confirm More Free Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Games

Nintendo of America customer service has confirmed two additional Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console titles which will be free to download as part of the Nintendo Ambassador Program. The two new titles are Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Those who already own a Nintendo 3DS or purchase the console before the price cut will be eligible to download these excellent Gameboy Advance games.



  1. I bought the one Mario gameboy game already available in the store. Is there anythin they are doing for people who already bought something they are goin to give free?

    1. It’s not tge same Mario games…non of the games they announced free for download are available on the eshop yet.

      1. You’ve downloaded Super Mario Land, their giving away the GBA port of Super Mario Bros. 3. Unless you ‘re saying that you already have SMA4 on the GBA. If you mean that, I doubt you’d get anything else.

        1. Ahhh! Ok thanks yeah I downloaded the one that is already available. Thought it was included on the list.

    1. You know none of these games are going to be available until at least mid September, right?

        1. Actually, NES games are out on September 1st. GBA games are later this year. Well, I think anyway.

  2. AMAZING MIRROR! I really wanted them to do this one but I doubted they would. Guess I was wrong :D One of my favourite kirby games, or games on a handheld at all!

  3. Awesome!!! Here is my wishlist:
    1. Minish Cap
    2. Metroid Fusion (plz plz plz)
    3. Golden Sun
    4. Fire Emblem
    5. Advance Wars
    6. Sword of Mana
    7. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

      1. Would that include if I get one from eBay? Or do I need a new one from Amazon or some retail place like that?

        I know the e-shop connects the machine, not the user.

        1. Any 3ds will work as long as it was connected to the shop before august 11. Now if they’ll only announce minish cap…

        2. Yeah just get it from anywhere, used or new, and Format the memory to remove their data, you can do that easily from the settings.
          Then connect to the eShop and link it to your club nintendo account before the 12th.
          Although, I think you need a Club Nintendo account, so if you haven’t already got one, you might need to get a new 3DS, or a nintendo game so you can register the stars/coins and make a club nintendo account

  4. Depends how the condition is the one from Ebay (if they left there stuff on there or if they wiped it clean). I’d erase everything (store stuff included), then link your own data via store. I’d think you’d be safe. If you have cause for concern, you can either 1) call and ask Nintendo if this would count, or 2) just buy a new one to be safe.

  5. Yeah when do they? It said something about September 1st but is that the day the NES games are released? Or GBA?

    All I want is Fire Emblem!!!!

  6. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror has me excited. If I don’t get a 3DS before the price cut, will I still be able to get these titles (through purchase)?

    1. Nope, only early adopters get the GBA titles. Hurry my son, buy a 3DS before it’s too late!

  7. Oh yeah! Super Mario Bros. 3 O_O That makes it seven GBA games annouced right….

    Then, I wish for Golden Sun, A Link to the Past, and Advance Wars/Fire Emblem. =D

    1. YES. If they said Mother 3 was translated and coming as a free GBA title, I can guarantee people would run out and pick up the 3DS for the full 250 as quickly as possible. Heck, I’d buy Mother 3 translated for full retail value off the eshop if they sold it.

  8. FFFUUUUU….. I don’t have the money to buy the 3DS at it’s current price, but hot damn, for the *FREE* nostalgia value of that current list of Virtual Console titles, I would if I could.

  9. Yes, Super Mario Advance 4 and Kirby Amazing Mirror! :D

    I lost SMA4 for my GBA and I never played Kirby: AM. Thanks, Nintendo! :D

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