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Nintendo Wii: Brand New Xenoblade Chronicles Trailer For Wii

Nintendo Greece has uploaded a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Japanese role playing game Xenoblade Chronicles. The game is scheduled to be released in Europe August 19th and I should be getting a review copy sent out shortly. Sadly Nintendo of America has yet to comment on whether Xenoblade Chronicles will be released in the United States. Let’s hope they see sense and release it.


31 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Brand New Xenoblade Chronicles Trailer For Wii”

  1. Haha they relay found the strongest British accents available didn’t they?
    (speaking as a Brit)

    But looks good , definitely on my shopping list this holiday

  2. I think NoA’s doing this on purpose just to increase fandom for it even higher, exceeding that of Operation Rainfall. If fans really care about this, they’re going to have to really show it, and in situations like these, nothing can be considered enough. Be humble and be persistent with your fandom, not be arrogant and claim the amount you’ve shown is already good enough. And no, just giving money isn’t going to count; you’d have to be real cheap to just accept money so easily.

    1. Ha, I’ll be teasing you all with updates about how the game is via Twitter. I’m sure Nintendo of America will release it in the States eventually. Until then you’ll have to make do with my updates.

  3. I’m sorry this crushes any thing from Sony wow! It’s almost hd ready but wait! These guys are making a rpg for the wiiu!!!!!!

    Could this be a ff7 moment?!!!!!


    Ugh, Why is this game not coming to America? Also, if I bought it online and had it shipped to America it would work on my console right?

    1. Generic Internet User

      you have to mod your wii to get rid of the region lock. after that, you can play any imported game

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