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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Has ‘Too Many Ideas’ For Mario On Wii U

Yoshiaki Koizumi, the director of Super Mario 3D Land, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that he has way too many ideas for the next Mario game for Wii U. At the moment he has been busy brainstorming ideas for the game and he’s reached the point where he has to start narrowing them down.

“As it turns out, I have too many ideas at the moment for Mario games on Wii U. I’m going to have to start narrowing them down and thinking about which ideas might work well together so that the whole system will be an enjoyable experience rather than a hodgepodge of ideas.”


78 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Has ‘Too Many Ideas’ For Mario On Wii U”

  1. well that’s a relief, glad to hear that
    i always can’t wait for the next big mario game!
    hope it’s even better than galaxy 2 and has greater ideas not just more of them

  2. “Mario has a work out!” That image is like a teaser announcement! :p lol No but all in all I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that Mario may be coming in surplus this next system.

    1. Maybe becuase Mario isn’t just a platformer. Have you thouht about that. Zelda takes time to be great as well as the mainstream Mario series. All other marios are in different genres. Geez you should know this by now

    2. Why 5 years for a new Zelda? Spirit Tracks Released 2 years ago and Phantom Hourglass just two years before that. Those are some great Zelda titles that I hope you didn’t miss out on.

      1. I would enjoy to play those games, but I don’t want to buy a handheld console – just to play those games – they should make them available to play on the Wii / WiiU and I would.

        1. How about you buy a DS ($50 off Amazon) to enjoy not just those games, but the immense library of superb games that are available for a system. And I don’t see handheld games making a crossover to a home console.

          1. I want my games on my TV, not on a tiny screen. I barely have enough time to play, and when I do I want to relax and play on the TV.

            1. i don’t like to play on handhelds either, but believe me you don’t want to miss these games out. be a good boy and buy a 3DS now! Spirit tracks and phantom hourglass are perfect for a handheld. OR buy a used DSi XL it has a giant screen as you know!

              anyway Skyward Sword is coming later this year. i hope it’s worth the waiting for 5 years.

    1. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea, really. I mean, hell, they already made 2. They might as well just end it by trilogy.

    2. I wouldn’t be pissed; those were both excellent 3D platformers, and easily two of my favorite games of all time.

        1. I’d also love to see Mario galaxy with more realistic graphics. You could do some cool effects with lighting considering it takes place in outer space with a bunch of small planets

  3. @gordonabishop I agree with you there but you have to remember Mario IS Nintendo and their best seller.

    I think it would be interesting to have a 2D sidescroller like classic Mario, then when he goes down a pipe the underground level appears on the controller’s screen :D

  4. If there are too many ideas for Mario (or any other series), then why not take the best ones and change them around a little bit to adapt them to fit another series? That way the ideas don’t go to waste, and there will be a broader range of games.
    I mean, honestly, just because it’s Nintendo doesn’t mean it always has to be just Mario, you know?

  5. Mario’s fitness gym?
    Wonder what it would be like. Maybe even a Super Mario Sunshine 2? I feel that game deserves a second chance.

      1. i liked sunshine, very good game!
        but i think they should just bring back F.L.U.D.D. as a power-up or something.
        that would be cool

  6. Well good to hear Mario isn’t slowing down. Keep’em coming. A Nintendo without a Mario is like a missing triforce piece

  7. I didn’t like any of the Mario galaxies, I hope they go back to something more like super mario 64 and Super Mario RPG

    1. How can you like Mario 64 and not galaxy…they are the same concept and pretty much same gameplay…now sunshine was a little different

    2. How can any gamer not like Super Mario Galaxy? That statement just doesn’t make sense to me. I guess you don’t like your video games brilliantly made in every aspect imaginable.

    3. Galaxy made me dizzy within the first few minutes, I dunno, maybe they are worth another look. I was on pain meds after wisdom teeth surgery though – maybe that had something to do with it.

  8. I wouldn’t mind SMG3 as long as it looks fantastic, has the orchestrated soundtrack, and is filled with new gameplay mechanics and ideas. Oh and I’m all for no green stars. Those things took ages. >.>

    Speaking of which, I beat The Perfect Run recently. u jelly?

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  11. Oh man! A new Mario platformer for the Wii U has me drooling and my mind tingling with excitement. Just so many new gameplay possibilities with the U’s Hardware. And if you remember how beautiful The Galaxy games looked on the Wii’s limited hardware, just imagine what Nintendo can do with the Wii U!

  12. Nintendo usually only makes one 3D Mario game per console. Only recently, a sequel for the first time. Most of the other Mario spin-offs arre not even made by Nintendo, but by 3rd party developers. (Such as Mario power tennis, Mario strikers charged, Mario and Sonic at the olympics, etc)
    So i’d rather they stick to the formula of one 3D Mario game per console (Max. 2 – A sequel). And by the way, it shouldn’t be Mario galaxy 3, it’s obviously going to be something new, utilising the U-Pad to the fullest.

  13. I can’t believe it… people forgot about Yoshi’s Island. C’MON PEOPLE! Yoshi’s Island would be AMAZING in HD!

  14. Alright, so far we have seen a 3D Mario game in a castle, an island, and in space. What could be next? A desert? The jungle? Or maybe we might see something that slightly looks medieval.

    I opt for the desert. I would love to see something like that.

    1. I really can’t think of a more bland and less exciting place than a desert.

      I mean C’MON. The only reason galaxy was so awesome was because of the sheer variety of level design space could provide without being constricted to any realism laws. You could have anything in a SMG and it wouldn’t be out of place. But a desert? The only thing that would fit in a desert is sand (and the occasional camel.)

      And for the record – I’m not a huge fan of the desert levels in Mario games.

    2. we already have seen him in a desert or a desert planet to be accurate.
      remember Mario Galaxy?

      i think mario had visited everywhere left in this world except triangle of bermuda though

  15. I’d love to see a realistic, detailed, maybe a bit darker Mario game. Believe me, I love most Mario games and haven’t outgrown them, but I think it’s time they try a new style. I loved galaxy, but I think it came off a bit too cartooney and child-focused? A realistic style would be very much welcomed

  16. As long as the gameplay is fresh, I am all for more Mario games. I do think they should change the storyline up a bit. The Bowser and Peach might give the wrong message.

  17. Thats exciting news! I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with! With the Wii U they should be able to do something cool and different like how they had Galaxy for the Wii! I can’t wait! Maybe they should just have multiple Mario games with all of those ideas!

  18. i have one idea everyone can agree with me on, Mario vs zombies,think of it like dead rising 2 but mario theme

  19. A bit off topic. Nintedo needs to make a massive Pokemon game for the Wii U. A game where you explore a massive world in 3D capturing and collecting Pokemon. With a live action battle system, not the traditional turn based one.

    What do you guys think?

    1. YES YES YES. If you played spectrobes origins it could be similar to that. And a online function where its a MMORPG where you can meet people talk then have a battle etc. Make Crews/clans. Join tournaments etc. Maybe even 2 on 2 action. Though I also must agree with you that I’d prefer it to be an action rpg and not turn based , its also not as popular as it used to be (excluding japan).

    2. I would love a huge open world where I’m walking through an HD forest, have one of my Pokemon headbutt a tree and a beautifully rendered Heracross falls out! Then we battle real time.

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  21. I’d like to see something like “Super Mario Underground” where you have to delve deeper into the “Earth’s” core. Maybe Bowser has taken Peach there, or is trying to destroy the world. Something WITHOUT stars, so we can go back to good ol’ “Make it to the end!” mechanics, and maybe with secrets like in SMW too… I don’t know. I did think one based entirely underwater would pi*s gamers off too much…

  22. I for one would like to see Wario be the bad guy once again. You know take a break from the bowser kindnapping princess peach for the Umteenth time. Alao a break from the stars too. Maybe wario kidnapps luigi and hario has to give chase to try and save him. Something different.

    1. I agree! Wario is my favorite character and I think he should be a new bad guy for this new game for once and it would be an epic battle between Mario and him. I think it would be awesome if it happened instead of Bowser kidnapping Peach again as always…

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