Killer Freaks From Outer Space producer Guillaume Brunier has informed NGamer magazine that the Wii U controller makes first person shooters easier to play. This is due to the accelerometer feature which will allow you to turn on the spot. This action is then replicated on either your Wii U controller screen or TV screen.

We’ve used the accelerometer feature. If you move very fast the game will know and adjust movement speed. Those familiar with FPSes know how difficult it is to go around 180 degrees. With these new controls it’s a thing of the past.”




    • New feature incoming but not from these brain farts! Seriously no one is thinking of using the touch screen like a mouse! You can cat cross it while it sits in your lap. You could even use the nav controller to move. If you still need jump and all you could just use the circle pad to move and the dpad to switch weapons and duck, slide etc. You also have two triggers. The wiiu pad is big enough to place one side on your leg/lap and still be able to use the other buttons. I’m not sure you can do this with the vita. Or gasp you can set it up for both hands and configure the whole setup! Also with the wiiu supporting a pen and a wii mote nintendo could make a hybrid that sits on top of the wiiu screen so you could use it like a mouse on a wacom tablet.

      This is basically your mouse and keyboard setup for consoles which is what hd developers wanted in the first place!


  1. Can’t see a hardcore FPS (Halo/CoD-esque) gamer wanting to implement an accelerometer into their game. Don’t see this being relevant at all in multiplayer environments.


  2. That’s cool. It seems only over-the-shoulder shooters nail a quick 180 with a simple button press of analog flick. I’d like to see an equally quick turn in first person just by jerking the controller.


  3. This reminds me a lot of Resident Evil. Hold X (because i’m playing PS3) and flick the analog back to do a complete 180. I love that feature. But it would be tough to get used to on a FPS game. And I HATE using any sensetivity higher than 3. So i’m screwed from the start, lol.


  4. I thought FPS’s with the Wii remote worked fine. I’d love to use this feature, but they should rethink their strategy if the game will turn out the same as the ackward demo at E3.


  5. I want an ALIENS fps game where the handheld screen acts as the radar from the film that goes BLEEP-BLEEP-BLEEP-BLEEP. and the little white dots show up. That would be intense.


    • yeah i dint even think of that; playing metriod with the wii u controller would be kool but at the same time playing it with the wii/nun would be better!


  6. I’m a bit worried about the controller. The circle pads are above the buttons on the controller. So from a first person stand point, every time you wanted to , say , hit the jump button, you would have to completely remove your finger from the circle pad, and press a button below it, which would really give other players a chance to take advantage of you


    • You have 4 trigger buttons. Plus the ability to mimmic a keyboard and mouse setup with the touch screen. If that’s not enough you have another circle pad you can use to pull back and let go to mortar or lobb grenades while running then 4 face button you can bang on! Seriously you could be a walking army with this thing.


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