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Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land For Nintendo 3DS Will Take A Retro Approach To The Series

Super Mario 3D Land director Yoshiaki Koizumi has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the company has decided to take Super Mario 3D Land back to basics. Whilst there will be a number of familiar suits present in the game, the core gameplay will mimic older Mario titles.

So would you say this new 3DS title takes a ‘back to basics’ approach?

YK: Well I guess we didn’t set out to create less storyline, less power-ups and fewer stages but some of those may well be the end result of this idea of going back to basics.

The story of Mario games is, of course, very simple. At its core, the princess has been kidnapped and you have to rescue her. What we strive to do is to find a good balance of presenting a certain amount of narrative in the game without hindering the gameplay experiences.

As for the number of levels and things like that, our main goal is to create levels that you can enjoy playing many times, and that may have an influence on the perception of how many levels there actually are in the game.

26 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land For Nintendo 3DS Will Take A Retro Approach To The Series”

  1. Hmmm Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine only had a few levels but they were long. Galaxy + 2 had a lot of levels and ideas but they were too short. Would prefer if they went back to 3/World design with length of levels and ratio so this sounds quite good.

    1. I seem to remember 3’s levels being really short, and the reports I’ve read indicate the levels in 3D Land are just as long as 3’s. So if you’ve got a problem with the shorter levels in Galaxy, I doubt you’ll find a remedy for that here.

  2. ive never actually played a super mario game besides sunshine, i preordered this game so i hope its good and long… i still only have 1 3ds game since launch and it was way to short

    1. SMB, and SMB3 are each $5 on VC. Lost Levels is $6, but that game’s considerably harder, and was kept from Americans for that reason. Not recommended for beginners. I would recommend all of those for Wii (Galaxy 1 & 2, NSMBWii). I’ve only briefly played 64, but it is very different from most of the games. This new one is most similar to 3 and Galaxy from what I’ve heard. It’s also speculated to have many missions in each level just like Sunshine, so it shouldn’t be too odd to you, except for lack of FLUDD. Hope this stupidly long comment was helpful or convinced you to give Nintendo your money for some of gaming’s best offerings. :D

  3. The one thing I would like to see nintendo do in 3d land is pull a galaxy 2 and find a way to split between 3d exploration and 2d platforming. If they could do this, while maintaing a “get to the flag before time runs out” theme this will be one of the best in the mario franchise.

  4. “Well I guess we didn’t set out to create less storyline, less power-ups and fewer stages but some of those may well be the end result of this idea of going back to basics.” What? This makes the game sound like it’s got nothing to it! Don’t say that!

  5. Mario Bros. 3 and Mario World were two of the best Mario games ever spawned. Personally, I’m glad Nintendo is setting its sights on a more retro approach to the series. They’re trying to find out what exactly it is that made Mario so darn popular back then and incorporate that into newer titles. Super excited for the Tanooki suit’s return, the return of Boom Boom (the sub boss in Mario Bros. 3) plus many other things. Thank you Nintendo.

    1. They took away all the powers of the tanooki suit anyway, so it’s worthless to me. You can’t turn into a statue, you can’t even FLY, then what’s the point of it?

  6. As long as there are more fun, original, levels I’ll be happy. Although I did like having only a few levels to work with (Mario sunshine) and doing a few different missions on that level.

  7. Is the name Super Mario 3D Land a refferance to Super Mario Land given that Super Mario Land was the first portable Super Mario game ever and Super Mario 3D Land is the original portable 3D Super Mario game? Seriously some one tell me if I am over thinking it.

  8. I just hope they have the same number of stages of at least the first mario, I don’t want like 7 stages and game over, I want worlds and acts.

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  10. They need to make an expansive world like they did in Sunshine. As awesome as Galaxy was i missed the giant homeworld which was in its self a big ass level

  11. here we go!!! nitendo getting back to the core gameplay it originated. looking forward to seeing which angle they go with smb3 or smb world either way its a win.

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