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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Confirms The Nintendo 3DS Analogue Stick Add-On In Press Statement

Nintendo has confirmed that the second Circle Pad attachment for the Nintendo 3DS is an actual product that the company will be bringing out. As well as adding an extra analogue stick it also adds additional shoulder buttons. Nintendo will presumably mention more about the attachment at their press conference on Tuesday September 13th.

“We can confirm that Nintendo does plan to release the attachment but that any further announcements on the attachment will be made at some later time by Nintendo.”

138 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Confirms The Nintendo 3DS Analogue Stick Add-On In Press Statement”

    1. Everyone keeps saying how bad it is, but seriously! The Image is photo-shopped!

      1. Who takes a picture of something BIG like this and bends the magazine slightly? They did that so it’d LOOK real.

      2.There’d be so much more about it on the internet if it was simply in a magazine.

      3. Why would Nintendo put something in a magazine and not say anything about it until now?

      4.Someone would have translated the text if it was real.

      I, for one, am excited about this and with gladly buy it the day it comes out.

      1. 1.) It looks like it out of a magazine, because it is out of a magazine.

        2.) The official press conference is on 12th September, so this is all we’ve got to go on at the moment.

        3.) Because someone at the magazine company has leaked it, we don’t know if it was intentional or not, but members of the press must sign an embargo to make sure that the general public don’t know about it too soon.

        4.) I have seen a bigger picture, and can read it, it goes on to say why the second analogue stick was needed, how many people asked for it, what it is exactly and how it connects to the 3DS.

        To me, I see this as Nintendo struggling, they’re doing a Sega and throwing stuff at us and hoping that we’ll buy it, but as games are a lot more popular these days, it’s unlikely that Nintendo will be out of the hardware game for a while.

        1. ….a while? Nintendo could have a successful console by modern standards relying on first party games alone. Wii more than proved that. I think they’ll be staying in the hardware game for longer than a while. Not trying to troll or dissagree or be a fanboy here, but it’s true.

        2. Ah, I see. Okay, now, see? I don’t now about all that stuff you just listed, (except for the press conference.)

          Honestly, I have no experience with photo-shop n’ stuff.

          Thanks for sheddin’ a bit of light on that. I still think it’s an interesting idea….

    1. They’re planning on it for the Holiday season. You can’t rush these things y’know. (Name one game that was rushed that was actually good)

      1. Nothing you can say will fix them dude. Haters gonna hate. Trollers gonna bitch. Those of us who are true fans of Nintendo know they won’t ever let us down.

        1. I feel Nintendo have already let us down. All throughout the Wii’s lifecycle I couldn’t help but wish it was a PS3 or a Xbox 360, the only problem was… There are next to no games I like for those systems. I always buy Nintendo systems because I love Zelda/Mario/Metroid/Kirby/F-Zero/Animal Crossing/etc but… How can I keep on being a loyal customer when it feels like they’re falling behind? It’s a really upsetting time for me as I never thought the 3DS would have turned out this bad (My opinion)

          Personally I think the system could have looked better, needed the other analogue stick, better eShop content (They promised us it’d be better, yet they’re only adding 1 item each week now! I remember when Wii/DSi used to get 4 items a week), but what it really needs is games. Yeah we’ve got some good ones coming out by the end of the year, but I just wish Nintendo would offer everything Sony/Microsoft offer, on top of their own games.

          Being different is great, but they also need to look at the competition and out do their services. Just my thoughts.

        1. I don’t get it….. everyone complains about 3DS not having 2nd analog, everyone complains about nintendo better not make a 3DS upgraded version so soon. yet almost everyone on this comments page says 2nd analog would be better if it just came in an upgraded 3DS……. this is getting ridiculous.

      1. No need to call him a fool dude… the second analog and bumper buttons extention may be optional, but the feeling of want that can drive you to buying it is still there. besides, we’re probably all gonna wanna get it sooner or later anyway, especially when the new smash bros is coming out for 3ds making the extention hella useful.

        1. believe me, for you right handed people, this may not matter, but i think i speak for roughly 1 in 10 3DS owners when I say games like Kid Icarus, and all those others where you have to use the stylus AND touchscreen at the same time, will be MUCH, much easier with 2 analog’s, one on either side, for us lefty’s.

      1. I’ll admit it doesn’t look pretty but if it’s comfortable I’ll love it. Then again I won’t be bringing it out around with me as much.

    1. No it does not. It’s optional. Only a few games are going to require it. SO if you aren’t going to get those games, just don’t get the second analog, and STFU.

      1. Yes, it does. It’s a cheap gimmick that will hopefully only be used by that monster game. Instead of bashing people for having a different opinion than yours, maybe you should be the one to STFU.

          1. The cheaply made addition is a gimmick. I forgot basic concepts like that needed to be explained to the mentally challenged fanboys such as yourself.

              1. Obvious troll is obvious troll. It’s ok, I can play this game too:
                As mentioned above ((it’s ok, trolls don’t read entire comments, we understand your situation)) the cheaply made addition is a gimmick. I forgot basic concepts like that needed to be explained to the mentally challenged fanboys such as yourself.

                Your petty whining only shows how much of a loser you really are. Yes, Nintendo is making shitty decesions. You feel differently? Great. But blasting me, and other commentors, because we know better, only point out your already obvious trolling attempts.

      2. If it is optional or not… A revised model is inevitable. They know they have to keep up with Sony and then they come up with this ugly bastard!? Think about it… The design is stupid as hell! Why not using the free space under the a,b,x,y buttons? They could#ve designed some sort of clip that can be attached by putting the 3DS between it. That way it wouldn’t take that much more space all around the handheld and wouln’t interfere with so much other peripherals or interfaces and then the already not so portable device would not become that complete atrocity! The basic design of the 3DS has so much flaws… revised models like lite or i were built in by Nintendo, and I say by PURPOSE, so they can onde again put their hands into consumers pocket… There are so many obvious things, for example the screens: they could’ve been way bigger… The room is THERE god damn it! what’s with the empty space between screen and upper camera? Why placing start, select and Home-button under the lower screen, when there is plenty of space elsewhere? Why is the stylus in such an akward place; when they had already a better place for that on the DSi? Why is the sreen so fucking dark? Why is the battery life that short? So they dim the screens and STILL the batters sucks??? I could go on and on…. But that doesn’t really matter… What I really wnted to say was: Stop insulting people only because they have an opinion on a planned periphal!

        1. Amen! Nintendo makes some great games, but these fanboys don’t want to admit that even Nintendo isn’t perfect.

        1. No, looking at the image, which is probably a fake actually, the adapter thing covers the shoulder buttons on the 3DS so it’s just replacing them

          1. I'm a girl? o.o... yeah I changed my name :P

            ‘it also adds additional shoulder button’ As in in addition to the previous shoulder buttons there will be two extra… Just have to wait and see ;)

          1. thats bs. ive read it will have two r buttons (one replacing the original, which will be covered by the peripheral) and one L button (as the original wont be covered).

            making it 4 shoulder buttons

    1. I remember Iwatta saying they’ve been carried away with Hardware recently and they will shift their focus over to Software now. He said this quite a few months ago now… >_>

        1. Couldn’t agree more. I love Nintendo GAMES and have done since they started with the NES, but there recent doings have not been too great, regarding hardware and lack of software. The person above you seems to be treating Nintendo like his mother, which is silly when we are just consumers.

          P.S. Still love the games.

          1. I am the same way. I love Nintendo, for the most part, but I am not afraid to say when I think something they make is crap. The fanboys here still have a lot of growing up to do, as evident by their trolling and out right insulting of anyone who feels differently then they do.

  1. I feel very bad for the 3DS early adopters they just keep on getting screwed.

    This add-on is also very ugly and looks bulky. Won’t the 3DS not fit into the docking station because of this?

    1. I can’t believe you actually just said that. Obviously you can take it out of the add on. Also we know it’s you who is the same person who is bitching over and over again, because your symbol is exactly the same! It doesn’t change even if you change the name!

      1. So far the only one bitching is you. You’ve trolled everyone that mentions they aren’t happy with the add on. Get a life.

        1. You mean you’ve run out of trolling comments and got upset again? Here’s a clue, stop worrying about my opinion so much.

            1. You’re the one trolling, take your own advice. Stop crying because people are commenting about how ugly the thing is. Grow up already.

    2. I pre-ordered the damn thing and was not disapointed the the games were short at first they started to come in and soon they’ll be flowing in.

      I’ll base whether to get this or not on how it fits. I’m not sure if the image is real or not but then again I don’t know how awkward it really does feel jus by looking at an image anyways.

      I’m an ambassaor now havr free games am playing OoT 3D for the 4th time and am enjoying every minute. Only dissapointment I currently have? Tales of the Abyss 3D being delayed :(

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I love the (some of) the free NES games and am looking forward tot he GBA ones, but I was a bit put off by the look of the 3DS originally. I still think the DSi looks better atheistically, so I decided to keep it. And I’m glad i did as the 3DS seems to “wash out” the display when playing original DS games on it. I’m eager to see a revised 3DS asap!

      1. “I love the (some of) the free NES games”

        There is a slightly problem there… those games aren’t free. I fact, with the 3ds price drop, looks like you wasted already 80 of the 250 dollars on those games. So, those games aren’t free… think about it more like a pre-order rather than gifts.

  2. The Nintendo DS Rumble Pack, included with the Metroid Pinball game, comes to my mind…
    Nintendo always has ideas for new hardware and add-ons (not always great ideas) This one seems to be an acceptable idea, however if there are not many games that will use this, it’s useless…
    In case of the rumble pack was an optional feature that didn’t affect gameplay and even this add-on was not used in more games… Now an add-on that it’s REQUIRED to gameplay (imagine those game who require it) I guess the companies won’t be satisfied launching games where an add-on it’s NEEDED, their sales could probably drop, so I think this it’s useless for now. A good idea but a great strategy to implement it and for us to buy it must be thought.

    If there are not MANY games in the future that need this add-on then it won’t sell.
    Or what do you think??

    1. Unless its required for the games I want, then I wont get it. I like having armor/skins for my handhelds and with that thing on it then it wont fit.

      1. I’m hoping this comes bundeled with Kid Icarus Uprising. Think about it. The game’s already been said to have controls that take a lot of getting used to, and that would be pretty much impossible for a left hander such as myself. same for resident evil revelations. I’m sure this attachment won’t find use outside of the FPS market, but it’s still a nice addition that I’ll buy if it makes Uprising any easier.

  3. Lol I know why they’re doing it.

    To copy what vita succeeded at:


    Every dev and their uncle wants to make games for the vita because it has 2 analog sticks, it makes button mapping and control schemes 10 times easier than with 1.

    The only problem is now that nintendo has to make it up to the people who already have the 3DS. Would of given you guys this thing for free instead of 20 shitty game.

      1. Uhhhh, 10 20 year old games, that I could buy for 3 dollars each (cartridge, WiiWare is over priced) and 10 5 year old GBA games. Total cost of the repost 20-40 bucks. How much the 3DS price dropped, 80 bucks.

  4. Yes, perhaps this will help not only with dual stick gameplay obv but with how small the console is, the console to me seems too small in terms of holding it and can be unpleasant to hold in one spot for a certain amount of time, this extra stick making it bigger will make it easier/comfier for me personally and anyone else with reasonably large hands.

  5. Okay, it doesn’t look great but I would just wonder about the balancing. Now that’s extra hardware on the right which means it may be heavier on that side now, though I’m assuming not by much.

    I’m curious as to why Ninty feel they have to do this. Though maybe this will lead to more games from Third Party publishers who find it easier to develop for dual analog sticks rather than touch screen control.

    1. My thoughts on this as well. But chances are that a 3rd party may make a combination or just one that fits with the battery being there.

  6. I knew Nintendo was going to end up doing this from the start.
    I rather wait until 3DS “Lite”. Just by first glimpse of the 3DS when i first bought it, i was like… “You can add another Stick right there” I couldn’t care less if it cost me an extra £20.
    But Coming to think of it I might end up buying one like if it get bundled with a Game (Since Both this add-on and Monster Hunter 3G got announce the same day, it kinda feels like this is going to be the first game to utilize it, maybe?), Then Sure you got me sold but without not happening bro!

  7. It doesn’t seem as bad a people are making it out to be. I think they just need to redesign it so that the analogue is right under the ABXY buttons.

    1. The should just make the analog on a little clip thing that clips below the buttons, then it has a cord that you can plug into the back for the connection. That would be a lot better than a bulky stand-like attachment. I don’t want to be seen out in public with that thing latched on to my beautiful 3DS, it would look like Frankensteins monster!

      Maybe if they made it look like a Metroid it would at least be funny to have.

  8. Everyone keeps going on about the lack of good games, I remember getting a DS for the first time and there was only a couple of good games during it’s first 6 month or so

  9. If you look closely at one of the images, it shows 2 spaces for the existing shoulder buttons. So where will the second set of shoulder buttons come from? I’m hoping this is photoshopped!

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  11. This reminds me quite a lot of Monster Hunter Tri’s release on the Wii. It came with that special Classic Controller Pro and that was the only way to play the game. Unless Nintendo comes out and confirms that future games will require this accessory, then I’ll be concerned. As it is, to me it’s just Monster Hunter’s deal.

  12. This should double as the charging dock, so no need to take it off. Then it would be just fine. Now it can work as a Wii U controller!

  13. I'm a girl? o.o... yeah I changed my name :P

    hmmmmm…. Although it looks rather… inbreded… it might be better for people with bigger hands…

  14. not only does it look ugly but now one side is bigger than the other which will be super annoying since you have to hold the screen straight for the 3D which i personally didnt think was as bad as people said but it might as well be with how disporportioned that is

    1. Firstly pieces Technology can not be Homosexual.

      and Nintendo confirmed this uncomfortable looking add-on. if this is not prototype, then Nintendo has made another bad mistake.

  15. Does no one notice that the pad on the peripheral is at a different angle AND is a different size? I’m calling shenanigans and waiting for the real reveal.

  16. It doesn’t look comfortable with the analog stick right next to the a,b, x, y buttons, also. I hope that not much games are required to use it. Cause it doesn’t look like you waht that whole thing in your pocket each time you want to play 3DS games on the go.

    1. True, It does not look comfortable. N gamer mag complained its stupid, Many nintendo fans say its redicilous, i Think its DUMB.

      How is it portable then, the 3DS is portable, have nintendo forgot the 3DS was portable? If this add on is not changed to be more portable and less bulky, Its Game Over Second Analog

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  18. Has anyone thought that it might be for using the 3ds as a controller, for a larger system?
    I don’t think Nintendo is desperate for money at all.

    Either way, you shouldn’t hate on any of it.. its not even out yet.

  19. Yeah this has to be photoshopped due to the fact how are you supposed to press buttons and control the second circle pad at the same time.
    But who knows either way all will be revealed once there conference is over ha ha

  20. Every One calm down. Yes we all know that Nintendo has created this wierd and big and bulky thing that is supposed to enhance our gaming experience. I say , that if we need a second circle pad so badly, maybe they should give the current 3DS owners this, and create a new model for everyone else. Obviously Nintendo was anxious enough to have to create this extra attachable circle pad as fast as they did. Instead of taking their time and making this pad much less bulky and thin, and maybe the same size as the charging dock. I have to admit, playing my 3DS while it is sitting on that charging dock and holding it doesn’t feel that bad, and I just think they should change the shape and bulkiness of it all.

  21. I think this is a great idea, now 3rd party games that are made for Vita could possibly be coming to Nintendo, and still 3ds will still have their 1st party games. I don’t know why people are so negative, if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. I will because now I can play FPS games, and also this helps people with bigger hands who has issues trying to play Super Street Fighter 4 because it offers a wider grip.

  22. Calm down people. This just means we are going to enjoy more games! Having this extra doesn’t make less the 3DS. If you don’t like it you just can pass it and doing that can enjoy a lot of games that are coming. And, if you like it, so buy it a play the amazing Monster Hunter 3G!

  23. Well, I thinks that most poeple are wrong about this. I think it is true, but I also think that nintendo is doing this in order to use your 3DS as a WiiU controller. When they were asked if we could use the 3DS as a WiiU controller, they were suprised that they didn’t come up with that theirselfs. And now that they see the benefit and possible succes of it, they need to add that second analog slider in order to use it as a WIIU controller.

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