Nintendo 3DS: Four Minutes Of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Footage For Nintendo 3DS

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu have managed to record four minutes of glorious Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance footage at this years Tokyo Game show. Who’s excited for this?


  1. Neku looks adorbz lol

    That boss battle looked like the usual frantic flashy combat I love about KH. :3 Spring 2012 can’t come soon enough.

    1. Mhmm [: if you’re confused as to how that works (not trying to be condescending, just answering any questions you may or may not have), Square Enix was the maker of The World Ends With you. They also make the kingdom hearts series, allowing them to add characters from that into the game… just clearing up any confusions you might have ^^

  2. This has been the one 3DS title that has most excited me since it was announced (besides Layton vs. Wright). Can’t wait to play!

  3. Nope. I’m excited for it, but it’s no Kingdom Hearts 3. KH3 will come out when Half-Life 2 Episode 3 comes out.

  4. This just might be the best KH since KH 2 in my opinion. Looks amazing, can’t wait. Wonder if there will be multiplayer.

  5. Never played KH before but its always looked like great fun – Does anyone know what Disney properties have been confirmed for the game? I couldnt figure out what the kid was fighting…

    1. Sora was fighting a big bad Heartless. Heartless usually take on forms inspired by the environment or plot situation. I know Quasimodo (sp) is confirmed because he meets Riku. As for others I’m not sure but if KH3D ties into BBS I’m sure we’ll be seeing at least one shared world between them. (Cinderella? Neverland? Radiant Garden? Maybe even the world where Terra, Aqua, and Ventus recieved their training (can’t remember the name)).

  6. omfg NERDGASM!!! TWEWY WAS ONE OF THE MOST UNDER-RATED RPG’S TO COME OUT FROM SQUARE ENIX IN THE PAST FEW YEARS. Honestly I just came on myself a little. because if fans respond to neku being in this game. not only will they try to find what game he is from,which means more people will get to experience that ground breaking game,its would mean that they could make other projects with him. lol not only a TWEWY 2, But Possibly A Wii U Version, With A Online Party System And Things Sorta Like Monster Hunter Tri. You Can Party Up,Create A Char. *and when you buy clothes they actually appear* and you and 3 of your friends can go F*ck up sup reapers. ofcourse with taking away the turned based feel of the original twewy and adding a kingdom hearts battles system. but the pins and the flashy things all stay. that tokyo shibuya tech retro feel staying in the game. god i would love that. a modern rpg with online? fapfapfapfapfapfap.

    1. Alright, while that WAS too long for me to read, I did read the first sentence. I completely agree with you: Nerdgasms all around. One of my least favourite things about KH is that it didn’t have enough characters from Square games, but now… this :DD

      1. lol well i think you should read the endy part ;) it explains what i think world ends with you 2 on wii U should be like. :P

    2. taking away the turned based feel of the original twewy?
      TWEWY isnt a turn based game, it’s an action rpg… care to explain?

      1. I think he means tat they shouldn’t have the round system and make it so that you walk into the battles without having to pick the enemies, but honestly, I think TWEWY battle system is perfect the way it is.

  7. * lol or a dissidia with kingdom hearts chars. and if you beat the game as Dream Drop Distance Sora You Unlock Neku :P and a version of neku that looks like cloud *epic fan though*

  8. Arguably the third most anticipated game of mine for the 3DS, and that’s only because of Mario 3D and Mario Kart.

  9. man im so happy to play a new kingdom hearts with epic looking graphics which will mean the more cutscenese instead of annoying long scenes you have to read and cant re read so you are terrified to accidently press A once too many
    also i like the system they use(i forget what its called but how u press a button for special actions and magic) it was fun when i played with re:coded except that re:coded was completely terrible and i dont have money to go out and buy a PSP just for BBS

  10. This game is looking so good right now!!! I’m so pumped. This also raises hope for The World Ends With You 2 on 3DS and possibly Wii U.

  11. I wish they made an new The world ends with you game instead of just adding neku to kingdom hearts. I don’t mean I don’t want the new KH but I would like to know if they will ever make another TWEWY game

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