Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Is Nintendo’s Biggest Project Ever

Nintendo of America’s Assistant PR Manager David Young has told Game Trailers that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii is the biggest project that Nintendo has ever done. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be available November 18th in Europe and November 20th in North America.

“This is the biggest project that Nintendo has ever done, videogame wise.”

“The great thing about Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is that it’s filled with content so as you’re going through exploring dungeons from place to place you’re going to find tons of different things to explore, see and collect.”

“The way that it’s using the motion with your sword and shield, you’ll be immersed more than ever before in a Zelda game.”


      1. Those aren’t Zelda games. they aren’t anything.
        We treat them like the Germans treat the holocaust. They never happened so we don’t talk about them.

        Btw, Skull Kid made the CDi, he’s that evil.

  1. Omg I really can’t wait!! I heard it’s gunna be the best Zelda game, which is a bold statement especially with OOT!

        1. Anyone could tell she can’t play for shit. Hard to say if the motion sensing is good or bad, since all she does there is just flail the mote around.

        2. Anyone who’s played Red Steel 2 can tell you that flailing your wrists like a girl won’t do much.

        3. That’s not really how you’re supposed to play the game. People who have access to the final version of the game have said that waggling the Wii remote like that won’t take you anywhere. It’s not about mindless swinging, it’s about coordination.

          1. Another point is that in Red Steel 2 (which is a pretty good example cuz it’s one of the few games that takes advantage of WMPlus) you have to do broad swings for the hit to be effective..

            1. Red Steel 2 was a great game. Much too short and disjointed from the original imo but a great game. If Ubisoft found a way to take that garbage that was Red Steel, add a WMPlus and create Red Steel 2 from the ashes then I’m sure that 1) the girl from that demo is terribad and 2) Nintendo found an even better way to make the motion controls make you feel like a bad ass.

      1. haha, reminds me of Skrillex haters xDDDDD They’re just like Zelda haters, they all hate on Skrillex/Zelda and in the end they all buy the stuff anyways.

        TROLL LOGIC!!!

  2. I’m not gonna get too excited about this. I’ve learned over the years that when I have high expectations for a game, I don’t enjoy as much. And when I don’t expect much (kinda impossible with all the hype being made of this game) I have more fun playing the game

  3. If it’s their biggest game, then I sure hope they advertise it well with new footage. By this time, DKCR had a lot of coverage in gaming websites and close to launch they started with those commercials. Maybe they’re trying to avoid the crowded holiday season, but I expect TV ads and stuff. Zelda will sell to the fans, but they have a big fanbase with the Wii, so why not trying to exploit that? They could show intense battles, side quests such as the bug hunting and fishing (if there’s any), and the some of the flight sections (which look pretty epic!). They advertise Mario games, but they hardly advertise their other key franchises.

  4. Great. It’ll be a real accomplishment if this surpasses Ocarina of Time, but it might just fall short of that. Either way, it looks like it will be a great game.

    1. I for one sincerely hope this surpasses OoT. OoT was a great game, still is, but it’s starting to feel like Windows XP… Skyward Sword needs to be Windows 7 if you see my logic.

      IMO OoT is more of a nostalgic winner than much else. It was the very first 3D Zelda on one of the very first successful 3D consoles (N64), and, for many including myself, it was the first Zelda game you ever played. You never forget your first 8) but if we’re all being fair, greatest 3D –since 2Ds are in a class of their own– Zelda game to date should go to WW º_º

  5. Will it surpass OoT? Will it surpass every other game before this one? dun dun dun! find out in the next episode of dragon ball Z!

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