Nintendo Wii: Reggie Fils-Aime Will Be Making A Guest Appearance On Gametrailers To Talk Zelda Skyward Sword

After what appears to be long hiatus Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be appearing on Gametrailers TV to promote The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii on October 27th. During the event Reggie will be showing off new footage from Zelda Skyward Sword as well as revealing new unannounced details about the game.


  1. i think im gonna skip this, already feel like i know too much about this game. weve already seen like 4 or 5 bosses, if im correct

  2. Aww why’d it have to be on GameTrailers? They suck. When they interviewed Reggie after Nintendo’s E3 conference this year the interviewer kept asking dumb questions Reggie couldn’t answer trying to put him on the spot. When I saw that I knew next year I’ll be watching E3 on IGN.

      1. You do have a choice not to read the details, or watch any footage. I’ve stopped watching stuff, but text details is okay.

    1. I have to agree. They’ve shown SO MUCH of this game its insane, why are they showing so much?
      Maybe it just seems so much but really compared to the full game its so little. Remember what Miyamoto said, this game is probably 100 hours worth of gameplay…

      1. The beauty of this is that you are not forced to watch it.

        That way those who want to watch do so, and those who don’t want spoilers do not.

        Is a pretty useful system, isn’t it.

        1. Well yes, but it can be very hard forcing yourself not to watch something you want to see. It seems like each week there’s new footage so it’s a constant struggle to the release day…

  3. During the airing of Gametrailers, I will be demonstrating key aspects of the new Legend of Zelda. I know we’ve already showed much of this game, but what better way to ruin for you guys other than more spoilers? I have come to realize that when I show the ending to our viewers, then that will make everyone happy. I’m looking forward to your viewing.


      1. I don’t believe it is.
        First of all, I don’t think he would openly post on this site being identifiably him.
        Second, notice the sarcasm in the post, he doesn’t seem like the type for sarcasm.
        But, there’s a chance that I’m wrong. There’s no absolute proof whether he is or isn’t.

        1. How the hell are you guys actually considering the possibility that he’s real? It’s not worth his job to write something so caustic like that.

        1. I want to inform you that I am. If you don’t watch it, then I will upload ROMs to your hard-drive, and then contact the authorities for piracy. I hope your body is ready for the spoilers. Thank you for recognizing the penalties.

          Your Best Friend,
          The Regginator

    1. Right, So is this really reggie? Well i geuss so because of the name and icon.

      Nice to see reggie on a Nintendo blog :D

  4. Why did it have to be GametrailersTV? I used to like Geoff Keighley’s work (however you spell his name), but all of a sudden, he’s become like some sort of ani-Nintendo guy. He tried to put Reggie in the spot after their E3 conference and he’s been saying Nintendo doesn’t have the resources to go HD and other crap. If they were to have on Imvisible Walls, then it would be a different deal.

      1. Great! But I need your friend code, as Nintendo doesn’t trust me to deceide whose wii I can play with.

        The guy on top,

      2. Reggie, I’m still waiting for you. So we can play the wii together. Let me know when you are coming over. And please bring the us release of Xenoblade too.

        Thanks, your Fan

    1. ^ This.

      Really NOA fans need to stop and buy the new EU wii when it comes out and import Xenoblades. We should stop now as EU fans imported Earthbound when they did not get it.

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