Nintendo Wii U: Mass Effect 3 Coming To ‘Next Generation Platform’

EA’s official media extranet states that Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and “Next Gen” platforms. We already know that Bioware and EA have expressed their interest in the Wii U, so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if we saw the much-loved franchise appear on the console sometime next year.


    1. I don’t think so. It would have to look much better than this just to appear on anything more powerful than the Wii u, not to mention that it would take a while for it to have such higher graphics. Given how Mass Effect 3 is coming out in spring 2012, it seems about right that it will appear on the Wii u.

      …Maybe even on the Vita.

  1. Nice! I wonder how the game will turn out! I was already getting it for my PS3, but if it’s for Wii U, maybe I’ll get the Wii U version…

    1. I feel the same way about Arkham city!! It got a 10/10 i gameinformer!!!*pulls hair out* I want it bad! Might just buy it twice…

  2. Im Think it will hit Wii-u, EA definitely wants all their best hits on it, it was started before but forgot where, the only issue is i wont get it on Wii-u, all my mass effect 1-2 saves and dlc content are on my PC, wouldn’t dream of playing mass effect 3 without those saves.

    1. lol whoops replying from mobile device probably wasn’t the coolest idea,
      *I think*
      and *it was stated*
      wtb edit

  3. It’s funny that I just read an article about this and the person who wrote it said it was more likely to appear on an iOS device instead of the Wii U. I can only see the Wii U as the next gen platform. They can use the assets of that game for the WIi U version. An xbox 720 or PS4 is not viable for them as they are not releasing any time soon. In fact, if Nintendo’s launch target is still around June, then it is even more likely that the game, as well as the platform, will benefit from this. What adds more fuel to the issue is that this week, the CEO of EA was supposed to go to Japan and check out the progress of Wii U and discuss how the system is doing and the possible launch date. The fact that this comes after he said that is interesting. Mass Effect is one of the games that would benefit the most with the new controller for a HUDless experience and seeing how the game makes use of a lot of commands and stuff, they can add all of it to the new controller.

    As long as the system can handle the game, I don’t why it shouldn’t be on it, especially since third party developers need to add support right from the start so that later on, they don’t get burned by people ignoring them on the system.

  4. they should import the first two and release a special edition package, I would definitly buy it.

    1. I agree with you that they should sweeten the deal with a three in one bundle for the WiiU. Nintendo has to go all out to get the WiiU flying off the shelf from day one.

    1. EA wouldn’t be able to release the first one for Wii U for the same reason it didn’t get released on the Playstation 3. If anything, they would release the second one with the interactive comic, Mass Effect: Genesis.

    1. How would that be more logical than a Wii U port? For starters, Mass Effext games use a lot of digital space. If we go with that, then a 3DS port would be even more logical because it uses a lower resolution than the Vita. I don’t think the game could fit on an 8GB card. Not to mention, the PSP was really unpopular outside Japan.

          1. “its PROBABLY the vita”

            yes there is a need to defend, why? because arrogant douches like you talk a whole bunch of shit when somebody said’s something towards the vita or whatever console Nintendo is competing with in a positive manner. Im talking in general btw, not just you.

                1. I do believe I gave reason why a Vita port would not be viable or “logical” for them. I did not attack him or anything. If anything, you’re the one trying to turn this into something else by trying to sound “logical.”

                  1. Wow vito… I WAS speaking logically. Due to the Wii U controller’s new interface and EA’s proclaimed full support for the system, not to mention atleast more power than the PS3, why would Mass Effect 3 be brought to the Vita when the Wii U is a much better fit and will probably be released not soon after the game is released? Explain your point for defending the aformentioned comment by Legend, please. Unless, of course, that point is fanboyism.

        1. Nope, I’m assuming he’s a Sony fanboy because of his Uncharted pic, plus based on many of his past posts. And yeah, I’m a Nintendo fanboy. Wanna fight?

    2. I’ll rephrase this:

      “Since the Vita is also technically a ‘next gen console’, it is also a possible candidate for receiving Mass Effect 3. EA’s wording was a bit general, so any possible candidates other than the Wii u cannot be ruled out.”

      Heck, it might as well appear on both. No reason why it shouldn’t.

      1. I think what he meant by that was that players who have a ps3 and a Vita will be able to transfer the save file of ME2 on the ps3 to the vita version.

  5. They have to be referring to the Wii U. Obvioulsly the PS4/720 won’t be out soon enough.

    But yeah, hope it’s not Vita they’re talking about.

  6. I wonder at what point publishers will stop referring to an unspecified Next Gen console when they mean Wii U. It’d be different if we were still in the rumour stage and no other third parties had announced games for the console.

    1. Until the system has officially been presented. Nintendo did show it off at E3, but that was to assure investors they were working on something and to shut rumors up. They have yet to reveal all its features and how they will incorporate the new controller to games.

  7. i don’t see how it could be on wii U unless they release mass effect 1 and 2 on wii U as well

    1. They released Crysis 2 on the ps3 and 360 first before releasing the first Crysis on consoles. They also released Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 after it was released on the 360. Also, the PS3 never got the first Mass Effect. It got a digital comic but not the game.

  8. it will be on Wii U by going back to EA previous STATEMENT they said that “their KEY Franchises will be there”

  9. Wii U of course, Take that Patcher. As each day passes by we keep finding out more and more games coming to Wii U. Now wait till it gets close to launch and Nintendo starts busting out first party titles. I see a successful launch indeed and I will be camped out for it.

  10. There is a chance it could come to Vita but I do not think it will unless they reduce the quality of everything related Graphic wise, because didn’t they say the games will on the Vita will start out with a 4gb card.

  11. Its not coming to the vita, that doesn’t even sound right. The vita will most likely get a M.E game at some point, but not 3. I don’t think it would say “console” it would say “next gen handheld”, people leave the vita out of this, because it realllllly has nothing to do with this what so ever.

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