Nintendo: The Special Edition Legend Of Zelda eShop Cards Are Heading To Europe

Nintendo has revealed that the special edition Legend of Zelda eShop cards will be heading to Europe to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Legend Of Zelda series. Europeans will be able to purchase all three cards, whilst gamers in North America will only be able to purchase two of the three cards.


  1. I know things are headed to europe first now…cuz of their shit economy, nintendo dont want them to die.

  2. So why does the US only get two of them while Europe gets all three anyway? Sounds ridiculous if you ask me.

    Nice looking cards though.

    1. No, it’s just that the eshop money system is replacing the Wii points and whatever the DSi used. So the card will give you same value for any system. for any system.

  3. they could have at least released some metroid themed cards, is it so hard to print samus on these? why do they neglect metroid so much?

    1. I wish they did Something starfox like as well.

      I’m wondering why do they neglect Star fox so much?

      1. Well, they just had 64 3D. You’re not gonna release another Star Fox game in just a few months. Besides, if you asked people these days, more would recognize Mario or Link than Fox.

        Also, we were discussing Metrois because it’s the 25th anniversary as well, not because it was neglected for no reason.

    1. Not sure. Sickr Knows anything Europe related as i think that hes in Europe, or maybe Nintendo forgets other conternets and gives lot of things to europe.

  4. Well, I would rather have the third, EU only card, but I’m quite fine with the two we have. Gonna get the e-Shop Oot card. :D I love the artwork on the Links in the pics, though.

  5. I really like the Green card! I don’t understand why it isn’t avaliable in North America. Especially Canada! T___T

  6. defo plan on buying one /all of these instead of buying online!! they look awesome, probs gunna get the green one first!

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