Nintendo: Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Loves Gaming On Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 And PC

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that he enjoys playing games on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Reggie confessed that he loves to play the biggest games around regardless of what platform they are on. He also revealed that he has a ‘special Wii’ in his office that he’s been playing Skyward Sword on since around E3 time.

“So, I’ve played Battlefield [3] on the home consoles, I’ve played it on PC. I’ve played some Gears of War to see how that played, I played a little Resistance [3]. You know, I think it’s important for me to have knowledge, insight on everything that’s coming out. I got to see Skyrim at E3, and I’m looking forward to seeing that. But I try to get my hands on everything.”


      1. I agree. I AM a Nintendo fan, but I love playing games on my XBOX360, PSP, and PC. I actually am planning to get a PS3, which has been long overdue due to high price.

        So my friend Jat, stop slandering people for liking two different things and get out of your status quo!

    1. Nice!!! Now, ask the same question to Bille Gates and Sony’s CEO; i’m pretty sure they don,’t take time to play anything from Nintendo since they (believe they) are way too cool to play with a console with outdated graphics…duh

      1. How are they supposed to beat the competition without using their products? Actually, Sony did release Move so you might actually be right…

    1. If you have a PC that can run it, buy it now and don’t bother waiting. It will only be as bad as the current console versions, so get the superior PC version.

  1. This is why I love him!!! At least he’s looking at the competition and still a huge fan of Nintendo.

    1. He’s not a fan you idiot, he works for Nintendo. That’s like saying a drummer of a band is a “fan.” Yes he loves Nintendo games but….C’mon!

  2. Finally. Someone inside one of the 3 main console companies with some sense.

    Why stick to one. They all have so much to offer. Limiting yourself to one console for the sake of “Fanboyism” will only hurt your own entertainment.

  3. Traitor!

    but in all seriousness I don’t care because I also play on those machines.. You go Reggie! Enjoy gaming regardless of what platform! :D

    1. How so? It’s called research. He has to know what the competition is doing and if he happens to like a game, well so be it.

    1. I don’t think so. A dev kit isn’t really “special”. Why would he randomly brag about having a “special” Wii in his office, that would only happen to be a dev kit?

  4. Hey that’s what I do…he needs to stop copying me. It is good to play all the good games. I am in love with skyrim right now. And I have to finish batman by the time B:AC comes out for PC. and I will be playing skyward sword the day it come out. So many games so little time. My holiday is going to be sweet. And I forgot to mention Mario kart 7….damn it…..that’s going to take my life away……….best life ever.

  5. good for reggie. u know what else? he probably has a “special wii” for the rainfall games cuz he doesn’t want us to have em.

    i also heard that Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) had a Wii until his time of death, Bill Gates has one too i think.

      1. It’s true, he specifically banned all apple products from his house and doesn’t let his kids have iPods, they have to use Zunes.
        I’d post a link, but I don’t feel like it. It’s out there, google it :)

  6. we, as consumers, think that only we can play any game of any console and the presidents/producers/developers/designers of X company can’t play nor watch other consoles…

    we all are gamers here!

  7. I see NOTHING that says he enjoys the other consoles. A bad company doesn’t use their competitors’ products to see how they can be better. This statement simply says that he uses the products. He still could enjoy them, but this neither confirms or denies it. If I say, “I eat soup”, I might like soup, but I could also just eat it out of necessity. Reggie said that he plays other consoles. He could enjoy it, or might only do it because that is part of his job. I’d hope it’s the former, but their is no evidence to either.

  8. Nintendo is the best. But Sony and Microsoft are great.
    We kann see without Sony or Microsoft We would not go so far in the technological. With the HD graphic on games. Nintendo has this not really okey MH3 etc. Sony and Microsoft has this. Nintendo respects to the family and friends this much fun playing with have what Sony and Microsoft do not often.

    LG Andi :)

  9. Oh man!!! if that didnt stab nintendo fanboy/girl hearts then I dont kbow what would. I love how its console exclusives he mentioned too xD

  10. Now thats what I call a REAL gamer! Its a little ironic and a shock to these nintendo fanboys…But I applaud Reggie for expanding his gaming experience on other platforms! Bet he’s having fun on everyones side

  11. I understand why he play the PS3 and the PC but why the XBox!?! Most XBox games are already in the PS3. The only thing the XBox has that the PS3 doesn’t is Kinect and the Wii already has that. In fact, XBox stole the Wii’s idea (basically). Kinect Sports sounds a bit similar to Wii Sports doesn’t it?

    1. Halo and Gears of war. Thats why he plays xbox, just like smash bros. and zelda are the main reason I own a wii. God of war3 and MGS4 were the games that made me get a ps3.

    2. I think Kinect copied Sony’s Eyetoy (which was before the wii) more than it copied the Wii. Still, Kinect is actually pretty cool and advanced, you should YouTube some of the interesting stuff hackers have done with Kinect.
      Now PSMove, THAT was copying the Wii.

  12. Good to know Reggie is so wise. It’s good to know what you’re up agaist, it’s good to realize this isn’t a blood war, and it’s good to have a little fun with all the games that every console has.

  13. You know what this means? He will be studying those games and bringing new ideas to nintnedo to apply to their games… GENIUS!

  14. i one of those types of gamer because i typing this on PC and got x-box 360 & Ps3 (as well as the Wii and 3DS) so nothing wrong with that!

  15. Now HE i can respect, instead of wasting time saying “we’re better than them”, he actually enjoys the other systems whether or not they are competition =) …unlike some OTHER company presidents…

  16. I’m sure he had some fun while playing games on other systems, but it sounds more like it’s just to test the waters and see what’s out there. See what everyone else is doing. Helps to know the competition and pros & cons of yourself and your competition.

  17. Reggie gets his hands on all the games? Why dosent he get his hands in the mother series and gives us that. But that’s AWESOMEl he plays other console games. Im a hardcore Nintendo fan yet I play games on other consoles

  18. I’m the same. What better way to know your enemy. Of course I wouldn’t give a cent to Sony or Microsoft, so I stole the consoles and pirate the games.

  19. Go to Hell Reggie, no Nintendo gamer needs any other gaming plataforme besides Nintendo ones ! Instead of releasing Xenoblade and The LAst Story on North and South America, you keep playing Resishit 3 and the PShit 3 !

  20. It´s cool, I play Xbox 360 at my friends house and he plays wii at my house, I dont see any problem with playing with other consoles, i found myself preffering Wii because I enjoy Mario zelda and pokemon games way moro than the other games on the other consoles. Thing is…he works for Nintendo, for his company and i am sure he is loyal to his company but by being part of the nintendo of america team and admitting that he purchases productos of the company´s main rivals than that makes him look like he doesnt take his goals to make nintendo the best console on market serius. it isnt wrong, but still he must wear the nintendo shirt for major pride.

  21. It’s not like he’s going to just play Nintendo games. Miyamoto plays a lot of Halo and Reggie is a CoD fanboy. I think Sakurai has played Dark Souls. It’s good to study other games for them to improve.

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