Nintendo Wii U: EA Loves Wii U Online, Could This Be Something To Do With Origin?

Peter Moore, Electronic Arts Chief Operating Officer, has told Famitsu that the company are extremely happy with Nintendo’s online offerings with Wii U. We already heard that EA have approached Nintendo to use its online service Origin so maybe this is further confirmation that they will be using the platform?

“It’s a very exciting machine and I’m glad to see it out there. I mean, a hi-def Nintendo platform! There’s nothing that could make me happier. Its online capabilities are really extensive, too, so we’ll be able to differentiate ourselves from the competition more easily with our sports lineup. We can’t announce anything yet, but what I can say is that Nintendo is a company that’s been producing new types of play culture for years. The 3DS and Wii U have taken on that DNA, so I really can’t wait to see what kind of new surprises are waiting for us.”


  1. Not first most likely(by the time I type this anyway)
    But ummm don’t know how to feel bout that

        1. It’s most definitely worse imo, since lots of people type first just to troll (and I don’t mind trolling). This is obviously not the case, and it bugs the shit out of me how being first makes some (undeveloped) people happy.

      1. That’s because it’s on PC. It could work for console where Origin isn’t considered malware(although their customer support sucks I heard).

        1. I think that if Nintendo only BASES their online from Origin, instead of directly using Origin as a whole, then it should be awesome. As it stands, I have had 2 EXTREMELY disappointing experiences with Origin, and as online is a real selling point to me with video games, then this may make or break the Wii U to me, personally.


    EA is the sith, valve is the Jedi. Nintendo needs to see the light. We can’t let a great system be ruined by a terrible online experience, EA cares nothing for its customers, and the customer service has no training.

    1. Valve won’t develop for Wii U because they are stuck on a PC high horse. EA is more flexible and knows talent when they see it, even if their business strategy is pretty bad.

    2. Cut the BS and look from a financial point of view. EA ranked second in the top 20 game developers list (after NIntendo), so this close of a relationship will do nothing but good for Nintendo including exclusives and partial gain from Origin.

      Of course nothing is given, but the grass is not more green on the other side as all Steam fans prefer PC and Xbox/PS.

      Side-note: Why does everyone think they can just question everything Nintendo does and expect their own ideas to be better/more profitable? It’s annoying as hell.

  3. This is exciting news! I’m looking forward to playing games with cooperative online play on the Wii U, as well as some competitive things like Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

    EA mentions the 3DS…it would be great if they would release more 3DS games that use the system’s online capabilities, which are much improved over the DS and Wii. Madden for 3DS is a bad joke, but the system has the potential to host a more robust Madden experience (as well as other sports titles–Madden just leaps to mind first).

  4. Again, I don’t ever recall the plan being “use a 3rd-Party online platform.” From what I remember hearing during E3, they only called on outside help to design their own proprietary network. That network would be flexible with other online networks, so using Origin primarily would effectively undo that plan.

    It sounds like EA are being presumptuous but want to publicize the heck out of that.

  5. nobody said it would be origin only sheesh relax people and please dont bash ea when nintendo has had like the shitttiest online for years

    1. Who the hell said that the Wii U is going to have Orgin? No one even knows that, and it doesn’t even make sense.

      Calm down.

  6. so what if it’s Origins just be happy that the wiiu be have good online yeah steam is better but stop acting like Origins is shit god -__-

      1. This may be true but if Nintendo is truely gonna use a 3rd party I’m sure if it turns out to be shit Nintendo will drop kick them in the backside til they fix it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

          1. Wtf? EA isn’t literally MAKING the online infrastructure! There talking about digital distribution. Do u really think nintendo won’t have their own online system!? Lmao

  7. Well if it does use origins it will probably only be using origins. EA doesn’t play well with others. And origins is crap. It ruins the battlefield 3 experience.

  8. You guys seem to misunderstand this whole thing. Origin is a service that would likely appear on Wii U. It doesn’t mean EA will host Nintendo’s VC games or anything. It also doesn’t mean that EA will provide multipler servers for Nintendo. It only means that EA service may be available there, but Nintendo is doing a network of their own that allows that kind of access. If they like the online, then that means whatever infrastructure Nintendo has implemented is good.

  9. well they are saying the really like the online meaning that they like network that nintendo is making and im pretty sure that the Wii U will support origin steam and other online services after all iwata said that it would be flexible

  10. I seriously doubt Nintendo woul give control to EA for their online. Origin is just a service like Steam. I mean that in the idea sense, not the quality. :-) What I’m finding interesting about this talk is if Origin or Steam are coming to the Wii U, that must mean it will have a decent hard drive.

  11. Unless it’s online is as good as Xbox Live, I’ll be happy, Nintendo is really bad at designing main menu’s and stuff like that with online.

  12. i dont think nintendo will allow its online to be run by origin.. i have faith that nintendo will have an extended steamworks and something similar for origin. It makes more sense to go with EA than Valve if they had to choose though, just for its massive “hardcore” influence and publishing. Only time will tell though.

    steam >>> origins (incase it wasnt clear :P)

  13. Well this is good news I suppose. Hopefully this means that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online will work really well on Wii U.

  14. I want Nintendo to dominate once again and shatter the false image people have of them being a “kiddie” company.

  15. nintendo have said that theyre online system will be as open as possible. so you’ll probably have battlelog and steam and uplay etc…..oh and origin :|

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