Nintendo Wii: Here’s Some Bigger Photos Of The Gorgeous Zelda Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo of Japan has provided a couple of high-resolution shots of the stunning Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary limited edition Nintendo 3DS console. The system goes on sale November 24th in North America and November 25th in Europe. Anyone thinking of pre-ordering?


    1. i just bought the game skyward sword limited edition and is garbage
      the wii remote looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

        1. I admit, im just some loser troll faggot who has no life and no friends

          1. OK! I’ve see that comment copied and pasted a hundred times just to annoy Zelda fans. Skyward sword is the GOD of videogames, and if you’re too stupid to see that, then at least let others enjoy it!

          2. Hey don’t group me in with that troll just because i have the same avatar. Stop feeding him and he will stop posting.

            1. Hey group me in with that troll because i have the same gravatar account. Stop feeding me and I will stop posting.

    1. wait a little bit. im not so sure but i think nintendo will release another one. based on the nonstop versions of older DS hahahaha

        1. it’s not going to be a 3ds lite they made a ds lite cuz the old ds was fat the 3ds is just fine might be a 3ds xl but not lite

    2. everytime i hear people talk about the so-called “3ds lite” all I do is laugh my ass off at that person.

    3. Get this one.
      I doubt Nintendo would release a hardware revision anytime soon since they will probably be concentrating on the success of the Wii U as soon as the 3DS’s first holiday season ends.

  1. Now that is beautiful. I would realy like it to have something near the buttons like the royal family emblem that the zelda edition GBA SP had.

  2. Just seems like a Cosmo Black 3DS with Zelda skins. Looks cool buy not worth it unless your a huge Zelda fan

  3. Damnit why did NIntendo have to wait this long before releasing this? I bought a 3DS a few months ago, but now I regret such a decision with the advent of this release…

  4. I wont be preordering it but Im hoping to buy one on canadas black friday, boxing day. the day after christmas.

  5. uhhh sicr what does this have to do with wii on the heading it says: Nintendo Wii: Here’s some close up pics of zelda 3ds. WHAT’S THAT GOT TO DO WITH WII

  6. You guys do realize that you don’t have to buy another 3DS to get the zelda skins. There’s nothing on the inside so all ya need is the top. For only about 50-60 american dollars you could actually send your 3DS to a manufactuer and have them replace your 3DS’s top screen with this one without damaging your 3DS and your 3DS’s memory. Saving you tons of cash for just a zelda skin. Unless you want the buttons too…. but c’mon…. you could just carefully recoler them -_-. No need to buy a 160$ 3DS when you already have one. Trust me this will work. I did it with my dsi a couple years back and guess what? Worked. Got a red and black dsi. Coolio right?

      1. I admit, im just some loser troll faggot who has no life and no friends. Don’t take the time to answer me.

          1. Did I not say you could recolor them? I made a custom yoshi ds before. Cost me about 40 bucks total.

  7. I think I just came in my pants…. Even the buttons and 3d slider are GOLDEN that’s freaking awesome

  8. Gamestop won’t take preorders on this…at least not the two stores in my area. Looks like I’ll have to be there at 5am if I want this.

  9. They could have done a bit more on the inside tbh…
    I won’t get it because I already have a 3DS and I don’t buy new consoles just for the design

  10. Nobody taking pre-orders for this, guess because it already comes out tomorrow (nov. 25, not 24 in Canada). This is beautiful. I’m a little dissapointed in the pricing, since a 3DS can be bought for $159.99 and Zelda is still $39.99. Zelda has been out for a while so you can find even cheaper than that used or on sale. Usually in all bundles there should be a discount, even custom hardware like star wars themed xbox did.

    1. Yeah but ive also see some stores here un Canada selling the 3DS for $169.99 still. Im guessing its just for a week or so for it be $159.99. But for the same price ill definelty will take the Zelda 3DS then the regular one. Super glad I didnt buy one earlier this year.

  11. why was this called “Nintendo Wii: ” at the beginning? it should have said “Nintendo 3DS: “. it would be more professional…

  12. Wish that there was a little bit more done with it other than almost looking as if it’s a Cosmo Black 3DS with a Zelda sticker on the front & modded slider/buttons.

    1. I just got it tonight and let me tell you, it’s looks way better in person. It does not look like it has stickers or whatnot.

    1. i got this for $95. umad? i traded in my 2 banged up DS Lites to gamestop and got a discount. i still have a DSi. don’t have any games yet.

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