Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Of America Basically Confirm That Xenoblade Chronicles Is Coming To The US

Nintendo of America has posted a number of Xenoblade Chronicles images on its official Facebook page which basically confirms that the company is going to release the game in North America after all. To further back up this claim I posted a GameStop listing for Xenoblade Chronicles which is due for release April 3rd 2012. Great news for the US.

Tip: Christopher Heartnet


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  1. yes. yes. this is good, yes! now… why so late compared to europe? its already in english. it COULD come out january!

  2. Now that’s better. Also, haven’t you heard that the 3DS has already passed first year sales of the DS in the US? And this was accomplished this past Saturday, so the 3DS still has a long way to go before completing its first full year.

  3. Nintendo Wii wins the gen hands down.

    Anyone familiar with localizations, will the NA release censor/remove/change voice actors etc for the NA release?

  4. That should make the whiny, pissy, anal fanbrats who complained and bitched about the game not being released in the US happy.

  5. 2012 hm? I’m gonna be enjoying the other 2 big RPGs coming out in Europe at that time sorry NoA. Still Xenoblade’s one baby of a game. If anyone didn’t get to import it I suggest they go enjoy it when it is released.

    1. It’s significant only because gamers are starving. If this game had been released in any other context, gamers wouldn’t give two shits about it. Nintendo knew this, that’s why they held off on it and forced US gamers to grow desperate for it.

      This is like Nintendo’s new way of generating hype and demand: By creating an artificial gaming famine so that any single game that does appear will be treated like the second coming of Christ. If people are starving and someone throws a bone, everyone would kill each other to eat it. They did this a long time ago when they announced Wii shortages, which somehow boosted sales even further back then, despite the fact that a console like the Wii shouldn’t be in such short supply given how simple its architecture is in comparison to the other consoles. Read their strategies, man, read their strategies.

  6. i dont know neither that game.and i dont know if its only for 3ds (platform of nintendo).also.IS that game good or not?

  7. AH Come on I just started it on the Dolphin Emulator and gotten 6 hours out of it. I am playing the European version. But I knew after the SUCCESS of Zelda they will announce it.

  8. No really intrested in this game but its nice to see that people in NA are finally getting stuff we reallly want from Nintendo.

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