Nintendo Wii U: These Wii U Specifications Are Extremely Similar To Xbox 360

Wii U publication Wii U Daily is reporting that the specifications behind Wii U are extremely similar to those found in the Xbox 360. The publication claims it obtained the information from a Japanese developer who is currently working on porting a PlayStation 3 game to the Wii U. Nintendo themselves have yet to confirm Wii U specifications.

  • Quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, very similar to the Xbox 360 chip.
  • 768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU
  • Unknown, 40nm ATI-based GPU


    1. People need to shut up until they know the difference between edram and dram. It’s not even close to same as the xbox (the cpu is similar but that’s about it)

      edram is extremely fast and 768 is about 73x as good as the 360 (360 had about 10.5 MB of edram. PS3 had absolutely none and was severely criticized for it.)

      If this rumor is true, then this console will be absolutely amazing.

      1. ^^^this!! its about time someone else on here knows about components. i mean gawd. oh and the processor is awesome. there arent any current pc games that even need more than a quad core processor with ultra settings. this thing will be epic.

      2. What is funny is the CPU is in another class totally and all people see is the number of cores lol. Look up power pc then power 7. They and not even close to the same then it’s 4 of them.

        Oh yeah there is no bottle neck the ram is on the friggin chip! Also the gpu is fused with the CPU. It’s a soc setup.

        The gpu obiviously can do hd correctly just by looking at the demos. The tech really is over every ones head though edram, SRAM are not even used on pc due to their cost.

        1. Exacly. We all should know by now GHz and Core-count don’t mean shit until we know more about the CPU-architecture.
          Not only that, but 768MB embeded DRAM is insane, AMD and Intel would kill for that shit. Most likely a FAKE or Badly Mis-Interpreted. Maybe 768Mb instead of 768MB (8Mb = 1MB), that would mean 96MB, even that is still insanely high.

          With that said, the “leaked” specs don’t say much.

          I’m still guessing heavilly-modded-Broadway-like CPU Quad-core @~1.4-2.1GHz, with the 3 cores free and 1 core locked or limited (hence the 3-core rumour). 1GB gddr5 + X# edram. VLIW5 28nm GPU clocked at 1/2 or 1/3 of the CPU.

          1. Also, a 45nm GPU would perhaps mean 320-400 SPUs (roughly 2-3x faster than X360), more spu would probably be too hot for the case they’ve shown at E3.

              1. It’s hard to tell, since the leak doesn’t go into details. Take it with a tuck load of salt.
                If the CPU is based of PPEs like x360 (but perhaps improved), roughly 50% faster in certain cases like branch heavy codes. However, that’s acceptable because games are rarely limited by the cpu these days.
                i think the original source meant bits rather than bytes. So, 96MB-128MB of edram for both the cpu and gpu. That much edram would allow Devs to do 2xMSAA@1080p or 4xMSAA@720p, with relative ease.

                Summary: ~25-50% faster for the CPU. Good Anti-aliasing capabilities. Unknown amount of Main RAM and Speed. GPU power is still unknown. It could be 50% faster as well, but i’m guessing(hoping) for at least 2-3x as fast.

                  1. Those were with fp16 render target using 96MB, with 96 it should handle 1080p w/4xmsaa with fp10 without tiling. I’m hoping for 1080p/4xmsaa/fp16 with 128MB edram.

    2. People need to shut up about comparing the wiiu to the other consoles until they learn the difference between edram and dram. edram is amazingly fast since it’s embedded right on the board. 768 MB is about 73x as good as the 360 was(xbox only had 10.5MB edram) and 768x as good as PS3(PS3 had none and was criticized for it.)

      If this rumor is true, then this console will be absolutely amazing.

      1. Actually eDRAM is embedded on the same chip as the cpu. If its shard with the gpu it means that it has to be a system-on-chip, witch seems unrealistic…
        I don’t think that its possible to integrate 768MB along with the cpu on the same die at an affordable price. IBM uses silicon-on-isolator to produce their chips, and high amounts of DRAM can’t be integrated using this technique. So 768MB would take up lots of space if integrated on SOI wafers. 96MB sounds more possible…

        1. As I just found out the Power7 CPU uses eDRAM as level 3 cache and supports up to 32MB per core. So 96MB would make sense if its a 3 core design. It still sounds like a bit much…
          As contradicting as these rumors are they should not be taken serious. Maybe embedded DRAM dosen’t mean eDRAM after all. Maybe they use a different type of memory bus.

    3. Glad to see such sensible comments at the head of the section. I wasn’t particularly educated in the matters of dram and edram, so I’ve found great value in these informative comments. Too many people took the developer comments about ease of development from the 360 too literally, and this should give them the proper adjustment of perspective.

    4. This rumor is actually probably false too BTW.

      It says that the wiiu is reported to be only %50 more powerful than the PS3/360 however, this same thing was reported before E3 when they were still deciding the specs. Now, there are a lot more reports that it’s around 3x as powerful. Also, there are more reliable reports that the CPU is about 3.5Ghz which would make a lot more sense.

      Plus, edram is really expensive(which is why Sony opted out of it for the PS3 and Microsoft only went for 10.5MB) so, 768 MB is very VERY unrealistic for a console (I couldn’t possibly imagine the price if they did go with it).

      I really would take this rumor with a grain of salt.

      1. but they are steel creating the console,so we dont know if its will be 3x or something else.lets wait and see.

      2. EDRAM may be expensive, but Nintendo is probably going all-out this time. The Wii came out after the 360, but despite this, they didn’t add HD support, which people extremely criticized. Since Nintendo is beginning this generation first with the Wii U, they don’t know what to expect from their competitors, so they have to be the best from the start.

        1. 768MB is EXTREMELY expensive though. And large. It actually takes up so much space and is so expensive that I feel stupid for even defending this rumor above. It’s literally impossible to have that much edram on a console.

        1. YEAH cause apparently people can hold a 3 oz ps3 controller but their little baby hands cant handle a 8 oz xbox controller!

          1. Nope! The Xbox controllers are Fat and has bad triggers. Seriously… thats one reason i have a PS3 not 360.

            1. what the fuck are you talking about? PS3 doesnt even have triggers they have shoulder buttons. look at a gun trigger. now look at a Xbox controller. the xbox trigger buttons are the best trigger buttons ive ever played with.

        2. I agree 360 controllers suck! I prefer the PS3 controller. Every time I play 360 at my friends, the controller always cramps my hands and makes the joints on my fingers hurt after a while. with PS3 and wii controllers I don’t experience that at all.

              1. ive never had cramps with a 360 controller. i have with a ps3 one though. i mean the 360 controller is shaped for your hands… i honestly can’t see how your hands would get cramped with it unless your putting your arms in some f$%#ed up possition

                  1. NGC’s controller was the best. The shape felt so natural and so ahead of its time. However, it was probably too small for bigger hands.

                    1. i consider my hands to be bigger than normal, and it still is more comfortable than anything though the wiimote is also comfortable NGC controller = Beast

                1. After playing Metroid: Other M for about one and a half days straight, my left hand hurt and I was practically begging for Team Ninja to have used the Nunchuck’s analog stick instead of a D-Pead

              1. Bringing this full circle, it seems my hands have an easier time using bigger/wider controllers like the N64 and first Original Xbox controller, The Duke.

                I do also think the Gamecube controller is a great one. Despite the fact the button placement didn’t align too well with what the standard scheme was between Xbox and PS2, it’s one of the best.

      1. 360 controller: Too fat.
        PS3 controller: Oddly shaped, doesn’t feel natural. D-pad is ackward, and placement of joysticks is bothersome for some people.
        Wii remote: great with one hand, but with two VERY unnatural. Lack of buttons without nunchuck, and lack of a joystick without nunchuck.
        Wii remote with nunchuck: Decent, feels natural after you get used to it. Separates your hands which makes it more comfortable when laying down :P
        Gamecube remote: Amazing. Great buttons, feels extremely natural. Great placement of triggers, joysticks, etc.
        N64: Ackward, but felt natural. Bad for games that could have used the D-pad and joystick. Very bad trigger placement.
        3DS: good placement, but lacks second analog stick built in. Slightly unnatural, but not fixable due to making it portable.
        PSP: Good trigger placement, lacked joystick with first model(others models added it). Slightly unnatural, but same situation as 3DS. Joystick is kind of “stiff” in design.
        Wii U: Who knows. Looks comfortable, but slightly unnatural. Lightweight, but pretty large in size.
        Vita: Similar to PSP, only more(and better) triggers. Plus it has 2 joysticks. Might be quite heavy and bulky to play for long periods of time(But the weak battery wouldn’t allow that anyway :P).

      2. i think it has the best triggers this generation. heck out of any generation even. cause they are actually triggers.

  1. Underclocked dev kits those are Underclocked dev kits fucking idiots man get your facts straight people will think this is real, man today is such a good day don’t ruin it.

      1. 1GB?! No! RAM on wii u should be about 8GB or something like that. My laptop is not a gaming PC and it has 4GB of Ram in it.

        1. do you want the wii u to be over $600 ? plus consoles dont need as much ram as PC’s. the reason PC’s use more ram is for multitasking and using programs like photoshop or w.e.

              1. the 3DS have 128mb FCRAM what are you talking about? something that made me sad and happy at the same time, since 128mb fcram is as fast as 512mb of regular ram but can’t hold as much as 512mb , reason the 3DS poly rendering is kinda bad(look at resident evil revelations 3D model, some areas are blocky). Nintendo pick speed over quality again, but 256 would have been way better.

          1. And most cards released are built for 2 GB, while some like Resident Evil: Revelations contains 4 GB. I wouldn’t expect to see the full space being utilized until later in the 3DS’ lifespan.

  2. Nintendo is making a bad move here, if they keep this up they will always be a generation behind technology wise. I will think about buying a wii u but i would much rather prefer something that is totally new and different from the wii

    1. People said the same thing about the PS2 and the PS3.
      Look now.
      I, for one, am going to buy that console, OLNY because of Super Smash Brothers, just like i did with the Wii.

    2. How is this not ” totally new and different from the wii”
      Purely namesake?
      It has a Different controller, different online infrastructure, different specs, different mass market, among others.
      It’s much more of a leap than the PS3 was for the PS2.

  3. but what happened to the engadget rumors? cpu clocked at 3.5ghz, something about it being simmilar to watson. and that its gfx card was going to be a r700 series card?

  4. So wait, it’s a Wii and an Xbox 360 duct-taped together? But if the Wii was 2 GameCubes duct-taped together, this thing is a BEAST: 2 GameCubes, a Wii, and an Xbox 360 all duct-taped together! Now we’re playing with power! :P

    In all seriousness, I can’t wait!

      1. Makes me wonder what the progression would be if they kept using power names.

        Power, Super Power, Ultra Power….Mega Power? Giga Power? Ultimate Power?

        And I’ve trailed off again. :P

    1. Your doing your maths wrong.
      If the Wii == 2 Gamecubes
      Then this console is
      2 Gamecubes + 1 Xbox 360 duct-taped together.

      You can’t add “Wii” into the formula again as you covered them with the 2 Gamecubes. Otherwise you would be adding 4 Gamecubes and an Xbox 360 together.

              1. @peteriuss why did you call me a falco fanboy? I was referring to Family Guy….. anyway, Falco is my favorite video game character, and he kicks *ss in brawl, but you say that as if its a bad thing

  5. These specs aren’t very high if you compare them to 2011 gaming pc’s but consoles need to be affordable. A good gaming pc that will last for a few years (like, it will play the newest games on max settings for now and the future) will cost you like $1.500,- or more.

    1. i got a i5, 4gb of ddr3 ram, a 560ti, and other units for around $900. already have it for a year now and it could still play games on high settings, and im sure it could last me for 4-5 more years. dont be too general there.

      1. Nice specs, question btw: If you already have like a intel i5 chip installed on your motherboard, could you upgrade it to like a intel i7 2600k? Not that I have a gaming pc, [I WANT ONE :'( ] I was just wondering.

        1. well, first, if your motherboard is an intel mother than its possible to change your i5 to an i7. but i personally would stick to the i5, honestly all you need for gaming is an i5. i7 is more for using programs like photoshop, 3ds max, maya, etc.

          if your are switching to an i7 2500k from a i5 2500k, your good and you dont need to get a new mobo. but if you have an old i5 version than you probably want to change your mobo because of the north bridge. i cant go into detail but you can visit websites to help you out.

      2. That what I through back in 2007 when I got my dual core extreme, it will last you 2 years before you have to put all your games to mid settings

    2. no computer will last on maximum settings that long except possibly ATI 6990 XFire or Gtx 590 SLI and even then you would need to upgrade your CPU in the future to make use of all that power because current generation CPU’s can’t actually keep up with them. Thats also assuming they continue to improve SLI/XFire.
      Im building a rig for ~$1200 that will last 2 years on max (at most is my guess) and even for it I will have to upgrade the CPU to Ivy bridge to make it last that long at a smooth level of playing.

    1. Either if you were looking for it or not, you found that licking, though I guess that one down there is a guy most probably haha, Lucky you!!

      Kidding, cheers to both, have fun, wear protection ;)

  6. This information is from March 2011 when Nintendo only sent out the most basic demo kits, this information is rather outdated and useless.

  7. Wow! Is it really 3GHZ? PS3 + 360 has 3.2GHZ but they don’t have quad-core.

    I think the 3GHZ part is fake as it would be 3.5GHZ but the rest is mainly true.

  8. As long as I get Nintendo first party titles in HD quality similar to the current gen, then I could care less what the exact specs are, or how “last gen they are”.

    1. Trueish. a console needs Processing power and a good Graphics card in to make graphics. HD only makes a sharper image.

      Really i want to see Starfox in at least current PS3/360 console graphics.

  9. WTF?! just because they went wrong with wii and now with their fucked wii-u they dont have to copy xbox 360 U LITTLE BITCHES

    1. There not copying. 360 does not have Quad core and this is just what a game porter said…. Don’t take full notace until nintendo confirms it or not he may be a PS3’er

  10. Whatever the specs are, I just hope Wii U gets third party support all around like the other consoles have been getting.

    1. ur right but when ps4 and 720 comes out they will kill wii u because they wait nintendo to anounce their console and then they do a better console (copying,or non copy).i truly hate that.

  11. No one is copying… Wii has specifications similar to PS2 so you tell Wii is copy of PS2 too?

    I don’t care about graphics if games will be as cool as Skyward Sword or Mario Galaxy. (on the other hand I want PlatinumGames games on Niny’s console)

    1. are u insane?wii isnt copy of just a hardware of camecube.they just put motion sensor and internet.but wii was good.good games,and i dont care about graphics.

  12. Haha, I like how nobody goes “Nintendo is copying Microsoft”, but else everyone is like “OMFGZ SONY COPIES NINTENDO”. Weird people (:
    And to “copy” Xbox360 isn’t that much of a smart move I guess, since it will cause the WiiU to be behind the other next generation consoles like PS4 or the next Xbox. Like the Wii was behind PS3 and Xbox360.
    I wished they would have done better this time with WiiU (if this is seriously what they’re going to do)…

      1. well sony is lucky becayse they haave THE FUCKING NVIDIA!thats why ps3 has good graphics and some piece of shit.ur right sony always copys to do better things but thats criminal in normal.i wish that rare and its founder return to nintendo and kick sonys and micro asses.

        1. Haha, dude, each one of your comments makes me laugh.
          Playstation3 was always better than Wii, it is better than Wii and it will always be better than Wii. Get over it. And I’m talking about the console itself, not about the games that got released on it. Anyone who says something else either doesn’t know both consoles well enough or is just one of those fanboys who don’t seem to be here for videogames but for taking sides and talking bullshit.
          It seems like you just can’t accept the fact that some of Sony’s gaming consoles are more powerful than Nintendo’s, so you call everything Sony is doing “copying”. But hey, if Sony would be copying, wouldn’t that mean that Sony’s consoles are equal to Nintendo’s ? (: I mean, a copy is a duplicate of something else, the exact same thing. So, when saying that Sony is copying, you Fanboys are actually praising and complimenting Sony. But as I said, you just have to accept that some of Sony’s consoles are more powerful.
          Sony isn’t even a company which is only focused on video games, so it’s actually a shame for Nintendo, a company that is only focused on gaming, to lose against a Company that does 215615545 other things than video games too. I don’t mean to offend Nintendo, I love Nintendo from all my heart and always did, but I also love Sony and that’s just the way I see it.
          And to call Sony criminals.. Just read the first sentence I wrote, that should make it clear (:

            1. Yeah, you’re probably right.
              But it’s just annoying to see him commenting everywhere talking nonsense and acting like he’d know everything about Nintendo and Sony.
              I see that I was a bit too harsh there, though.

      2. I will, as you wish.
        “Nintendo Wii U: These Wii U Specifications Are >>Extremely Similar<>extremely similar<< to those found in the Xbox 360."

        Extremely similar. Means, it's almost or even the same.
        One thing that is the same like something else is a copy of that "something else".
        A copy is a duplicate of something else, it's the same thing, it is similar to that "something else".
        So, my comment was based on the headline and the content of this article, since they basically say that the specifications of the WiiU are a kind of a copy of Xbox360's specifications.

        1. Oh, seems like the quotation kinda fked up. the “extremely similar” is ment to be there just once, but you’ll probably get it.

  13. This doesn’t sound similar to xbox360 except from the low capacity of RAM.
    Shared memory is always worse than dedicated,and 768 just isn’t enough. Wii U should have at least 2GB DEDICATED memory for the processor,and another 1GB DEDICATED for graphics.
    The processor of Wii though is pretty decent.
    Since the only quad core IBM manufactured at 45nm is POWER7 architecture,that means that the cpu is pretty decent actually.
    POWER7 is the latest IBM architecture,featuring HyperThreading as Intel’s Core i7 does.
    The information for the graphics card is too general…
    But we do know is that WiiU will have a 5XXX graphics card.Because AMD (Ati) jumped at the 40nm process with the 5XXX series.
    Xbox360 has a x1900 at 90nm series.

      1. Lol @ not enough, on neogaf there saying its Mb(megabits) not MB so about 96MB of edram which is still a ton, but this rumor is full of falsehoods.

          1. Yes, loads of it :). IBM even said the system has a lot of embedded ram. With that said, what kind of visuals are you expecting?

  14. Some reports say that this thing will be extremely more powerful than the PS3, other reports such as this one say that it will just be slightly better than a 360. The only thing that many reports seem to agree with is that the thing is 50% more powerful than a PS3. But until the thing is finally officially shown off, I, nor any other of you people, will know anything about what the Wii U is capable of, so just sit up and shut up.

    1. The one who said “like xbox360” in this article knows nothing from computers. Read my post above yours.
      CPU wise it’s extremely more powerfull,RAM wise its just a notch of a difference,and GPU wise its a considerable improvement over xbox360.

      But of course we don’t know if these specs are real yet…

    1. It’s not worse.
      For one,WiiU’s processor has 1 more core.
      For another,a POWER7 processor has multithreading,which means each core can process double the threads.
      And for last,more Mhz doesn’t always mean more power,for example look at AMD’s FX processor which is 8core at 3.6Ghz and is slower than Intel 2600 which is 4core with 3.4Ghz.

  15. lol look at all the tech nerds on here xD

    Can’t wait to get the Wii U and play some DQ and Pikmin and Zelda!

    1. i cant wait to buy zelda wii u and mario kart wii u on FULL HD not standart as ps3 or xbox 360 did!

    1. For everyone voting! Try to delete Cookies then click vote Zelda again then delete cookies then vote Zelda again! It may work!!!!

      1. Even for my great love of Zelda, I shall not vote more than once. It needs to be done fairly. You do what you want, but I voted for Zelda already. Now it is only 51%-49% Skyrim ahead. The gap is closing at least.

  16. What happened to all the chest thumping claims that the Wii U would be more powerful than the Xbox and PS3?

    I hope this isn’t true.

    1. The Xbox 360 has 10MB of eDRAM; this rumor says the Wii U has 768MB of eDRAM. Also, if what IBM said was true and it’s indeed using a Power7 CPU instead of what this rumors suggest, then a POWER7 CPU clocked at 3ghz destroys the Xbox 360 and PS3 because of the tech it uses. Speed numbers are not everything when it comes to these kind of things.

  17. Also, IMB said themselves that the Wii U’s CPU will be similar to that of Watcson’s, which is a Power7 CPU, not a PowerPC.

    AMD also said it would use a “modern HD” card from them.

    This specs on their own are really good, but the question is, are these from early dev kits or are they final? I know there have been a couple of them, so what is it?

    Btw, as others have said, this is eDRAM. That’s not the same as the 512MB of RAM that the Xbox 360 shares. This is embedded into the CPU. The Wii and 360 also have eDRAM, and so does the Power7. The 360 only has 10mb of eDRAM. That alone makes this a total beast!

    I don’t see how this is remotely similar to the Xbox 360. This is well above that level.

  18. Regardless of how powerfull the Wii U will be Nintendo will still need strong 3rd party support and this will never happen if they don’t sort out the Online system to something more in line with PSN or XBLA and also if they do not make it easy to patch games so a HDD is a must and a big one at that which will be easily upgraded. For anyone remembering the marketing for the Wii Nintendo said they wouldn’t be competing with the 360 or PS3 and they have still not came out and strongly stated that they will be competing with Sony or Microsoft with the Wii U which is worrying. Also in terms of controller the Wii U will not bring a new controller as such as it will use all the Wii peripherals. plus the Wii U will only be able to support 1 of the Wii U “controlers” at launch with no plans to support anymore.
    Plus for those paying close attention to E3 this year the only actual gameplay footage from any Wii u devkits was the Aliens Colonial marines the other 3rd party titles where from this gens consoles. Nintendo admited it in an interview.

    1. They admitted that after people spent days saying the supposed Wii U graphics looked like crap, and then Nintendo exposed the bias of those people by pointing out they were PS3/360 graphics

  19. except… POWER 7 architecture can have 4 way SMT (simultaneous multi threading) theoretically the Wii U could process 16 threads of code at once… and there’s no way embedded ram would be 768MB on the chip… Bandwidth would be terrible… more than likely it has 768 MB shared memory and an embedded 16MB eDRAM… that would make more sense… not to mention the GPU is MILES AHEAD of PS3 and XBOX 360’s specifications…

  20. 768gb of edram is IMPOSSIBLE! It would be what? 600-700times the amount in the ps3!!! Holy shit it would be CRAZY EXPENSIVE! Unless Ibm and nintendo are copking up an unholy partnership theres no fuckin way this is happening! IBM did say it has loads of embedded DRAM so fuck it lets all go crazy! :p

      1. wii u wont be expensive dont worry nintendo do cheap consoles (it will be a litlle expenive but not too much,maybe 450 $)

    1. Picture 8tablets streamimg at once @ 125fps, 8k resolutions, 3d, samarian graphics. In short 10+ ps3s duct tapped together :o. Or 39.5+ wiis stacked on one another. Or the largest jump in hardware from a gaming company EVER! I.e fake rumor/poor translation…

      1. lol. Yea, it don’t mean much. Those specs are to abstract/vague and the edram part doesn’t make any sense (it’s impossible without costing Nintendo a few limbs).

        1. Exactly. This console would break the bank! Nintendo likes money wayy too much to put this beast(based on these “specs”–>lol) of a machine out. Its the bleed mario to make up for ridiculous loses game!

          1. sure, but how much will Nintendo charge us and how much are they willing lose if they charge low?
            768MB would be still be huge(expensive) bigger than a full Power7( 567mm^2 @ 45nm) and intel’s original i-7-9xx (263mm^2, 45nm). If they meant 96MB(768Mb), that it would make more sense to me. That’s means we still don’t know how much main RAM it’ll have.
            I hope it’s 96MB shared, it’d be awesome. Maybe we can get free 2x MSAA even at 1080p or 4xMSAA at 720p and have a lot of cache left for the cpu.

            1. I’m sure that no matter how low they get the price to be, we’re still gonna be paying large amounts for it. But then again, at least it’ll be cheaper than the iPad. Seriously, $500+ dollars for that slab? Are you kidding me?

  21. I would question any specs until the console is properly revealed, as many developers have been given kits and specifications not as powerfull as the final product so they can learn how to make games for it relative to the xbox and ps3 before they try to see what the console can really do. I don’t really know specs for things anyway but even if it is really bad (or fantastic as some are saying) I wouldn’t take it as anything other than an idea of the minimum.

  22. According to some developers, the Wii u is very easy to program for, which could imply that the Wii u has a structure reminiscent of current HD consoles so that developers can familiarize themselves easily with it. It’s my guess that some casual gamers have leaned towards buying a 360, so it would make sense for Nintendo to stylize their new console within the same mold as the 360. The console itself even looks like the 360. The 360 appears to be more prevalent in the US on a mainstream basis, so Nintendo would likely take advantage of that trend.

  23. dont worry they are creating the wii u.thats only the begining.they will improve the graphics and the other things

  24. this “leak” has only got me more excited for wii u :D im no comp expert at all but it sounds like nintendo is doing what i was hoping they would, finding a way to increase power dramatically whilst keeping price low :D only comp noobs dont understand that these specs are much better than ps360, this is NOT a tiny bit better than xbox360, shameful to see that in the title

  25. Definitely looking forward to the Wii U now. I know it’s all about the game play in the end but sometimes Wii games seemed so much closer to the Gamecube rather than its contemporaries. It’s good to see Nintendo trying to innovate in ALL areas of its business.

  26. 768mb=96MB if any truth to rumor then im guessing its 96MB shared edram catch…..

    GC = 3MB WII = 3MB 360= 10MB

    Wiiu = 96MB SHARED thats 9 x x360 and 2x wii in EDRAM ALONE

    monster power and 1080p @ 60 frames with ease

  27. 768=96MB 1gb=128MB this is clearly IBM ED-RAM 32MB could handle all 1080p buffers alone imagine the insane stuff 96MB CAN DO…

  28. Let’s get one thing straight. 50% more powerful equals 0.5x powerful since 1/2 = 0.5. Now reports saying that it is 3x powerful than current gens is probably linked to this information. So what the developers were saying was that it was 0.5x more powerful if reports claim that it is 3x more powerful then that means it’s 300% more powerful than current gen. I wonder what the price would be

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