Shigeru Miyamoto Doesn’t Like Smartphone Gaming As There’s No Physical Buttons

Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed to the Wall Street Journal that he isn’t a fan of gaming on a smartphone due to the lack of buttons on the devices. Miyamoto says that video games are all about experiences: how you feel and how you experience that particular videogame software application.

Another thing he says Nintendo isn’t behind on: mobile games. While games like Angry Birds for smartphones and tablets may be all the rage, Miyamoto said Nintendo isn’t going to make its software available for download on those devices.

Why? He prefers buttons and a physical connection to the game.

“Videogames are all about experiences: how you feel and how you experience that particular videogame software application,” Miyamoto said, noting that with the company’s new Zelda game, customers have to move their controllers as if they were slicing with a real sword and blocking with a real shield. “In order to realize the maximum and unique experiences, we fine-tune it and stick to the details.”

That preference for physical experiences extends to Miyamoto’s taste for smartphones. He said that he would buy a BlackBerry, because he likes physical keyboards, but he couldn’t get one. Instead, he has chosen to use a Toshiba smartphone that runs Google’s Android operating system and has a physical keyboard attached.


    1. Well, that didn’t stop you from getting it, or being flamed for saying the word that comes before “second”

    2. AHH FUCK EM and his 3ds caca!!! I bought a 3ds to look at 3d Porn of transexual ladyboys but I can’t because my 3ds caca can’t play Utube but FUCK HIM, that beaver face, my Iphone play video has voice chat and I can text messeages on miyamoto twitter to mock him with my I phone 4gs nigga that what am talking about. anyways the vita is coming in it has better games like COD, mk vita and RIDGE RACER! Plus the graphics is of the chain yeeeah boy.

          1. its not a real game without physical buttons imo. I couldn’t agree more with the post. Dont know why hes bringing vita into this but im sure vita will be good too. I personally prefer Ninty for first party titles because they all feel like REAL games. By which I mean that they feel like good games from n64 or gameecube

    1. That’s why I’m liking the Xperia Play. Being able to play my Super Mario All Stars with real buttons it sooooooo much better than tapping on a screen.

  1. There’ll always be a satisfaction to the clicking of buttons that I’ll miss as we continue moving into this touch screen era of technology. I miss those old keyboards that sound like a tapdancer as you type on them.

    1. Apple holds the patent for touch screens. The DS and 3DS are stolen from apple (the mobile “gamers”)

      See what I did there -_-

    2. no real gamers plays any type of game whether it motion or standard cause I am a real gamer I play all kinds.

        1. shut the fuck up and leave now this page marcus.peteriuss tells the truth,the first console with analog was shut the fuck up!and sickr ban that gyes he pisses US all!

            1. Let me correct this:
              Shut the fuck up and leave this page now, Marcos! Peteriuss tells the truth. The first console with analog was N64, so shut the fuck up! And Sickr, ban that guy, he pisses us all off!

              Actually, Atari had the first analog.

    3. They have cut off all the old n64 Analog sticks and buttons and attached them to their controllers? How can you steal the idea of buttons lol.

      1. ZOMG Sony copied Sega because Sega used CD’S first and Nintendo copied atari cuz atari made the first home game system :P

  2. Is there no end to Miyamoto’s wisdom? I find myself respecting him more and more with everything I read about him.

    1. What about when he said Nintendo might be better off without him? But seriously, Miyamoto is a pretty wise man.

  3. Both types can co-exist, I don’t get why people so many people here hate mobile games as if they’re a threat or something lol.
    If you want a deep, big gaming experience, then consoles are the way to go. If you want quick-play, mobile games are the way to go. Granted, there are some iOS games I’ve played which are trying to reach that console gaming experience with the 3D experience, longer game play hours and good graphics, but as far as I’m concerned, if you want that, a console is much, much better. Right now, they’re usually longer, have more to offer, and are more stable (don’t crash). I have yet to find a game on iOS that could beat the experience that I’ve had playing Zelda, and I truly doubt I’ll find something that comes close to it.

    1. If people want to play games at the level of flash games on their phones, they’re more than free to. I, however, would rather not pay a larger monthly bill, I’d rather have the combination of a simple phone and a 3DS. Plus, could you imagine how long a 1GB game would take to download on a smart phone?(considering if the download speed is anywhere under 700Kb/ps)

        1. Agree, play angry bird on the computer instand, it’s way better on computer than on smartphones.

  4. I agree, i hate playing with my fingers, they are never precise, that’s why i like the DS touch screen, at least with the pencil is more precise, or the buttons which never fails.

  5. I have final fantasy tactics: war of the lions, final fantasy 2, chronotrigger, and soon to be grand theft auto 3 on my iPhone. They aren’t any worse or better than they were on my console. I enjoy them because I can play them anywhere I want to.

    I could also go into detail about the N64 emulator I have on my iPhone too, and how fun it is, but I digress.

    1. Yeah, that’s because they were already good games on another system. The problem here is the games made for the purposes of the mobile platform, not games that were already made and ported.

  6. I’m not saying this to be a troll, I’m saying this because this is a legitimate question, but how does this exactly equal a news story? It’s something I’ve run into with this site a lot. It just tends to be random snippets from what are basically full on interviews turned into their own full blown stories. I just think it’s a little redundant. I mean, sometimes it makes sense to do that, but a lot of the time, again being something I’ve noticed on this site quite a bit, it’s just little things that shouldn’t even be made it’s own article. But that’s just my own personal opinion. =/

    1. I think what Sickr usually does is post news stories here that interest him or may interest the people who frequent this site. It’s actually pretty convenient for me. I’d rather visit one site that covers video game news from all over than stalk the internet for video game news.

    1. One of my favorite games (Kirby Mass Attack) is touch screen only. I think touch screen games are ok as long as they are done right. I think it also goes without saying that the stylus on DS/3DS helps for more precision. I first discovered Zenonia on Android and loved it. I found out it was available on DSiware and downloaded in instantly. It’s definitely better with buttons.

  7. poor miyamoto why did he do that? he was a LEGEND.without him none of the companies like micro or sony had consoles with analog or games etc.damed.miyamoto just try to do not leave nintendo.

    1. Why did you post this? Seriously. The topic is: “Miyamoto, and mobile gaming.” So answer my question. Why did you post this stupidity? Do you ENJOY degrading yourself this much? Please explain your logic to me.

  8. Real games will always, ALWAYS require physical buttons, not some finger-caressing scheme like on the iPad/phone.

    1. yea.i remeber last time,i played an iphone game with a slighshot or something and this game sucked and sucks.i want buttons and analog too

          1. Calm down Marcos. Spelling and grammar errors are rampant on the internet. We’ll never fix that and this this guy’s comment relates to the topic. You can’t flame him for it this time.

  9. Kind of ironic he says this, given the two Zelda DS games both lacked buttons in favor of a touch screen interface.

    I like iPhone and some touch screen games, sometimes, but not in cases like that.

    1. It doesn’t matter, because the touch-only games were still available on a platform that supported buttons. Mobile gaming has to have some expensive options in order to have those option available.

    2. lol?

      dude you even don’t understand what he is saying.

      Go play resident evil 4 in a shity iphone then play it in Gamecube,ps2, wii ect and you’ll see the difference….

    3. But the touch screen was for weapons, gear, and such, not actual sword swinging, shield blocking etc. Also, it’s not like the touch screen is going to be black the whole time you’re playing OoT 3D.

  10. Nice to see that he also dosent like smart phone gaming! I can’t stand it, I want to game with buttons like he said on a TV! (I also dont care much for computer gaming).

    Another thing, I like how he likes BlackBerry which is cool because RIM HQ is like 20 min away from my hometown so yay ^_^

  11. Though I completely agree as the types of games I enjoy are garbage when attempted to play with any sort of touch screen. I feel most of the things said in this article are the same feelings I have about motion controls. Nintendo has made quite a few games I would enjoy if not for their horrible controls.

  12. sounds like he’s stuck on the keyboard. I used to be like that, then I took a . . . . change into my heart regarding my perspective on touch screen phones. He’s got to get behind a new way of thinking – angry birds is awesome because it works WITH the technology, instead of trying to force the button based gaming concept into a touch environment.

    1. Yes, it might be. But one good* game does’t change the fact that most smartphone games is bad and would’ve been better with buttons.

      *playable, mediocre

  13. Honestly, I do agree with him part way. Games made for the i-devices work with touch screens. But tapping can be hard to do sometimes. I played i-Tetris on an iPad and after a while, my finger started to hurt a bit. Mostly because I had to tap a lot and at times, fast.
    And Sonic the Hedgehog? That was hard to play with a touch screen. And I know about hard to play, I once played Sonic on the Genesis with my feet on the controller. I did about as well both way.
    So he’s right about half of this. And he does make some sense of course.

  14. I support you Miyamoto! Smartphones have still not taken advantage of Gaming. Has everyone seen that the people that make comment saying that Nintendo should make games for the Smartphones and say that the smartphones are supreme are people who have NEVER developed for video consoles.

  15. So what the hell are investors thinking trying to force him into making mobile games if clearly, no real gamers are in support of it. Clearly miyamoto knows what hes doing or he wouldnt be one of the most famous game makers alive, and probably rich as hell too.

    1. Exactly.

      It might be because I don’t own a smartphone (just a regular cellphone) but I don’t get why all the “experts” are pressing for games to be made for mobile phones. Are they supposed to be more powerful than the consoles or something?

    2. Because the casual market is a lot bigger, look at how much CoD sold, whether these “hardcore’ CoD gamers want to admit to or not, its a casual game, my 40 year old uncle and his wife agree, they pick it up and play wih their kids, hell my Gf plays it, and shes not even a gamer, way to many girls, little kids, jocks ect ect play it.. to these inverstors nintendo isnt a gaming company… its just another money sign

  16. i dont hate mobile games, but i find no fun/challenge/ in most of them… what i do hate is that my phone gets hot, making it really unconfortable, to hold it (yes i have tried angry birds, hybrid, zenonia, fruit ninja, cut the rope, & rollercoster) they were just ok… auditorium had me hooked though (but the heat killed the experienced) luckily, its also on the Ps3

  17. Seriously. he’s making sense and I totally understand him. I hate mobile games from the start ’cause it gets me bored easily.

  18. Agreed. I’ve tried to get into “iGaming” but I just can’t. For certain games, like Angry Birds, you can get away without the need for physical controls. But when console developers try and squeeze their console experiences onto the iPhone or whatever, and they use those on screen sticks and buttons for controls, it’s a horrible experience. Your thumbs/fingers cover too much of the screen and you miss enemies approaching or similar crucial things that cause you to mess up.

    For example, I’ve got one of the Fifa’s, and because it uses those controls I’m constantly not seeing defenders approaching to tackle because my thumb was in the way.

  19. My question is why could he not get a Blackberry? I’m sure it can’t be a financial issue….

  20. I absolutely agree with Miyamoto. The lack of real buttons makes for a TERRIBLE experience. But it really depends on what entertains you. If people prefer using touch screen controls over superior buttons, fine. I’ll stick with 3DS and Vita for my mobile fix.

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