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Nintendo Of America Dates Mario Party 9, Kid Icarus Uprising And Other Big Nintendo Games

Nintendo of America has just issued a press release detailing a number of releases for Wii and Nintendo 3DS. Mario Party 9 for Wii will be released March 11th, Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS will be released March 23rd and Rhythm Heaven Fever will be released February 13th.

Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Game Available
2K Play Nicktoons MLB 3D March
Capcom Resident Evil® Revelations Feb. 7
Konami DigitalEntertainment, Inc. METAL GEAR SOLID® 3D Snake Eater Q1
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 January
NAMCO BANDAIGames America Inc. TEKKEN 3D Prime Edition February
Tales of the Abyss® Feb. 14
Nintendo Kid Icarus: Uprising March 23
Published by SEGA® of America Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Feb. 14
SEGA® of America CRUSH3D Q1
Ubisoft NCIS The Video Game (Based on the TV Series) March 6
Horses 3D March 6
Funky Barn Q1
Rayman® Origins Q1
Nintendo eShop
Publisher Game Available
Collecting Smiles Colors! 3D Q1
Nicalis VVVVVV Q1
NightSky Q1
Nintendo Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword Q1
Dillon’s Rolling Western Q1
Kirby’s Block Ball Q1
Renegade Kid Mutant Mudds Q1
Shin’en Multimedia Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH Q1
Jett Rocket Super Surf Q1
WayForward Mighty Switch Force Q1
Zen Studios Zen Pinball Q1
Publisher Game Available
2K Sports MLB 2K12 March 6
GameMill Entertainment Country Dance Special Edition Feb. 1
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Karaoke Joysound Q1
Nintendo Rhythm Heaven Fever Feb. 13
PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond Feb. 27
Mario Party 9 March 11
Publisher Game Available
Nicalis La Mulana Q1
Nintendo DS Family
Publisher Game Available
2K Sports MLB 2K12 March 6
ATLUS Shin Megami Tensei®: Devil Survivor 2 February
GameMill Entertainment Silverlicious March 20
Xia Xia March 20
Gogo’s Crazy Bones March 20
Mentor Interactive Chess for Kids Feb. 14
NARABA: The Labyrinth of Light Feb. 21
NARABA: The Mysterious Palace Feb. 21
Nintendo DSiWare
Publisher Game Available
Cosmigo Box Pusher Q1
Cypronia Cake Ninja Q1

81 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Dates Mario Party 9, Kid Icarus Uprising And Other Big Nintendo Games”

    1. Whose to say they havent been working on it already… nintendo did state that they imtentionally delayed games till after the holidays.

      1. That is no excuse. Kid Icarus Uprising should’ve been released this holiday season. If they wanted to daley the game because of how crowded it was, then January would’ve been ok, but March? That’s too far off.

      2. The guy in charge of SSB WiiU also said that he wouldn’t start on it until kid Icarus released. That’s why everyone wants it to be done and out.

    2. No body listen to this idiot, he says this every time. He’s a top-notch troll; says something incredibly stupid, and then repeats it every article to somehow try and make his point correct through tautology or repitition.

  1. They really need to release more on on mario party 9 we barely seen anything, and it should have been released this holiday for awesome sales. Kid Icarus better be excellent after so much delay.

  2. i knew about mario party 9 since the E3 announcement, if you paid extra attention (& looked very closely) at the games listed on screen at the very end of the conference you would have noticed mario party 9 towards the right of the giant screen. i figured after seeing that, they couldn’t back out on it, especially when most of the people in the actual room would’ve seen it too. just seems strange they haven’t released anything on it – although actually, come to think of it, i’m pretty sure i watched a mario party 9 trailer or something with some gameplay footage, where all players share a cart or something in one part of the game?

    oh yeah, it’s this:

    1. I haven’t checked the mobile version. Apologies if it is cut off, I copied and pasted the list from an email so it may not have formatted properly. The main dates are included in the text such as Mario Party, Kid Icarus.

  3. Disappointed….Kid Icarus should’ve released in January. So many delays. Plus, we should know when MGS is coming out. They been talking about this for a long time. Also, what’s up with La Mulana? This has been talked about for the past two years. Please Nintendo, step it up…

    1. Delays were on purpose. I’d rather have the games scattered out throughout than 10 games coming out the same month. My grades will go dooooowwwwwwnnn like they did in November.

  4. can you make kid icarus for WII seriously i dont even like playing with your 3DS its sucks like no differ from the old DS. WII is more fun to play

    1. It’s coming out for the 3DS. Why are you whining about it coming to the Wii, it’s not. You don’t see people asking for Skyward Sword to come for the 3DS do you? Why? Because it won’t work, that’s why. Same here.

      Trolls these days are pathetic; if you’re going to troll, at least troll about something debatable, like the Wii getting HD or something.

  5. Im heart broken, there’s no mention of animal crossing. can’t wait for kid iciruss, and colors! 3d. Mario party sounds fun but I wonder if they would ever make a mario party for the 3ds. Wouldnt that be fun?

  6. im looking foward to playing kid icarus. I have never played anyone of those games games before but when I saw it’s trailers it looked really fun. Sucks that I probally wont have the money for it by like next december though =/

  7. If this is true, then they are shooting themselves in the foot. Kid Icarus Uprising was supposed to come out this fall. Then they said had deliberately delayed a few games because of how crowded it was. However, Kid Icarus should’ve have been here by January. A March release tells me a lot of what they’re doing wrong. There’s no excuse for something like this. That’s one of my most anticipated games for the 3DS, but this really disappoints me.

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  9. If Nintendo got to work on it then Nintendo got to work at it, so stop your moaning about when games are coming out (speakjing of moans any more news about those gba games, getting on my nevre waiting for news without any news is getting me angry!)

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    1. The Only Pokemon Champion

      mh3g hasnt been confirmed for any regions outside japan
      we havent heard anything about flipnote memo for a while now

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  12. hmm, that’s very srtrange. Nintendo titles ALWAYS come out on Sunday, but Kid Icarus is dated for a Friday.

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