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Xenoblade Triumphs Over The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword For GameSpot’s Wii Game Of 2011

GameSpot has awarded the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles Wii game of 2011 beating the mighty Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Judging from the Youtube comments it seems a few people are shaking their heads over this decision. I can see why GameSpot had such a hard time deciding as they’re both fantastic games.

70 thoughts on “Xenoblade Triumphs Over The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword For GameSpot’s Wii Game Of 2011”

      1. Skyward Sword doesn’t suck. Gamespot just gave a shitty review about it. Check all of the other scores it’s been getting.

        1. the legend of zelda skyward sword is actually crap. just because it’s titled zelda doesn’t mean it’s actually good. nintendo fans would worship any crap thrown at them that’s titled zelda. the series is stuck in it’s murky past. xenoblade, along with the last story and pandora’s tower are the real triforce for the wii.

      1. You kinda have to unlearn the conventional point and shoot controls from previous Wii games. The Wiimote can be in any position as long as you hit down on the directional pad to center the cursor once you have the Wiimote in your desired position. The gamespot guy couldn’t figure out how to use the controls because he’s a dumbass.

  1. Gamespot would have looked even stupider than normal if they’d given Skyward Sword Wii GOTY after their review of it….

  2. This game needs for hype. Naturally, Zelda doesn’t need it, so I’m good with this. I still don’t hold very much merit to the site but eh.

  3. I have yet to play Xenoblade myself, but at least it sounds like it went to an equally deserving game, so no fanboy rage here.

    Am I the only one who finds it ironic that two of the best games of the year are on 6 year old, arguably last generation, hardware?

    1. 6 year old probably last generation……hardware?

      Are you talking about PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii? Because they’re all current gen consoles. Not one of them is “arguably last generation.”

      1. Wii was old Tech when it came out tbh. Just like wii u is only slightly better than ps3/360 techwise. When ps4/720 come out wii U will be the worst of the 3 again IN TERMS OF HARDWARE.

        Not games so no fanboy rage please.

        1. WiiU is 3x-5x more powerful than ps3/xbox360. how is that slightly better? ps4/720 arent gonna be that much better than the WiiU

      2. Winscar_Shinobi pretty much said it for me. The Wii, as much as I adore it, has often been likened to “two Gamecubes taped together” and in many many ways that is true hardware wise.

        Of course while the Wii could have, and maybe should have, been more powerful it didn’t stop it from lasting 6 years and selling amazing amounts of units and having some pretty amazing games.

        As I alluded, that pretty damn amazing for such old hardware built for “casual crap” that Nintendo’s competitors soon scrambled to duplicate.

  4. you kno.. Xenoblade deserves it.. Best RPG this gen. Yet soo much bitter people.
    Of course, If SS won, you Zelda-fucking fanboys wouldn’t have been complaining ;)

      1. The score was considerably lower than the other scores at that time, those other scores never going below 8.0. It also seems there are plenty of people at Gamespot who vocally disagreed with that review. While I’d back someone’s right to have a dissenting opinion, his entire basis for why the game is worth 7.5 is due to his own lack of understanding of how the controls actually work. It seemed he was intent to “prove” you could cheat the controls as easily as TP, and this diminished the quality of his own experience.

        If any Nintendo game would top Skyward Sword, I’m glad its Xenoblade. I hope it gets all kinds of American recognition come April.

  5. They only picked it because it wasn’t released in America (at the time). Listen to the guy in the video around the 2 min mark for proof. If this game had been release gamespot wouldn’t have picked it or probably even cared about it.

  6. My theory is by giving Xenoblade a “Wii GOTY award”, it would sell better in their stores since it’s a GS exclusive (I think). Plus picking SS would have made their one reviewer look more uhhh… unwise… so :p

  7. OMG FTW I loved Xenoblade! :D Those who didn’t import it I HIGHLY recommend buying it when it hits American store shelves.

  8. Who takes gamespot seriously these days anyways? They are trying to to get more hits with Zelda fan rage. Just seriously move along and ignore.

  9. Ok my question is how can a game that didn’t get a world wide release get GOTY when it wasn’t played by that many people in the US or abroad. Sounds like GameSpot is just Motion Controller biased. I Played the game to the end and I have to say that it is a fantastic game that really didn’t have that many issues with controls. First Person Calibration/ and over the shoulder Calibration was the only calibration ever needed. I pre ordered Xenoblade at gamestop and waiting until next april to get it.

  10. And this is coming from a company who rated skyward sword an 8.5 because they put some dumbass who said “the controls were too unresponsive” while the rest of us are having the time of our lives with the fantastic game. Of course, I’m not bashing xenoblade, but I think skyward sword deserves it.

  11. I absolutely love both of these games. Admittedly I am more inclined to root for Zelda purely because I am slightly biased towards it…it’s my childhood franchise. But xenoblade is such an amazing game also and I recommend anyone who has a wii to buy and play the hell out of it. Awesome gameplay, beautiful gigantic environments to explore and a really original plot.

  12. if xenoblade was so good then why wasent it made for the USA you cant blame it on call of duty battelfield 3 or some shit like that zelda SS was the best game of 2011 period i have MW3 BF3 Elder Scroll skyrm and xenoblade for wii region free and zelda made more since cause of the controlls and the whay the story was told and if you doubt that then you might as well say call xenoblade is better than zelda ocarina of time

  13. I’d say it’s a well deserved win, Skyward Sword is not the best Zelda game so far, I enjoyed the N64 and GC games more.

      1. Windwaker was the best!!! it had fluid smooth animation and to the roots zelda feel to it, twilight and skyward the running animation is very poor and the balancing on the rope is a joke.

  14. Both are amazing games and if this helps sell Xenoblade to America in April then I’m fine with it. I personally enjoyed Skyward Sword a little bit more. But only a little. Xenoblade lasted me over 120 hours and I loved every bit.

  15. Gamespot sucks anyway considering they give shit scores in their inFamous 2, Super Scribblenauts, Pokemon B/W and of course, Skyward Sword reviews.

  16. I never found Xenoblade even a bit interesting to play.
    The battles are just awful.

    Also, I don’t see how you can give a GOTY status to a Wii game if it doesn’t use the only thing the Wii is good at. Motion controls.

    Skyward Sword has the best motion controls ever made. Xenoblade has nothing. It could have been done on any system with any controls scheme and it wouldn’t be any different. But if Skyward Sword was done on another system, it would be a completely different game.

    Gamespot shows against why their reviews should never be taken seriously. The reviewer was an idiot who didn’t know how to use the motion controls. He was ranting about it being a bug, badly implemented and it was the main reason he gave SS a 7.5. Later the review says it was the reviewers fault, the motion controls world just perfectly jet the same score stay. The only reason for the lower score was the reviewers fault and they still keep the score and the reviewer. I would get ride of both. Fire the reviewer and give the game a better score.


    I have to say, (sorry fanboys) that I HATED Xenoblade Chronicles. I found it boring to play, with a terrible battle system, poor animation, stupid voice acting and the controls were a bit meh.

    And Gamespot are just trolls nowadays, no-one respects their opinion.

    Skyward Sword is easily my GOTY.

  18. lol being a hardcore zelda fan, I thought zelda skyward sword would be a game I could never get enough of but frankly it does get tedious, poor walking animation and the bit where your balancing on rope don’t even feel right, you would have thought the controller would be horizontal for this part, the colours are fine but there is allot missing from skyward, atmosphere!!! I have become a xenoblade addict, I can’t get enough of it its a roller coaster of a ride and it makes you want to play and find out how long it takes to kill the likes of a lvl 70+ roaming monster in the low level area, this game combines rpg elements, from online multiplaying games from the likes of WoW and Everquest almost but refining them, the thing that makes this game blow Zelda away is the scale and the flora and the level of detail in enemies, later on when you arrive at the marsh the graphics again blow me away, it keeps delivering, zelda I got really bored with I was a big fan of the Super Nintendo zelda and N64 zelda and wind waker was a personal favourite it was fluid and lush and vibrant, twilight just kept me going with zelda, but then skyward came along lots of neat tricks ect but it lacks something new, maybe I am just in need of games that give you a rush 8), people slating this review please play xenoblade chronicles first before slagging off one of the best rpg games to come out on a console period that was designed for a console 8), this game has even distracted me from Skyrim its that engrossing 8), I do like the fact you eventually get 2 sidekicks ie mercs with you as you play along and get to kit them out, anyway I think I have said enough, I am dieing for the Sequel of this game, and I have not even completed the first…..

    1. I feel the people who find the combat in xenoblade confusing, are not clever enough to apreciate the games mechanics 8) the game itself is indepth for hardcore rpg gamers not those flakey A+B players lol.

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