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Nintendo Of America President Reiterates That Wii U Will Be Priced Significantly Higher Than Wii

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime briefly spoke to All Things Digital about what consumers should expect from Wii U. One of the things Fils-Aime did mention is that pricing for console will be priced substantially higher than Wii and that Wii U will mainly interest consumers who want to have the latest gadgets and have a higher disposable income.

The market is going to continue to differentiate based on the types of experiences that consumers want. As an example, if I’m the head of a household of a family of four, and my disposable income is $50,000 to $60,000, I’m going to continue to look at the Wii because of the software, and it’s a great entertainment device. For consumers who want to have the latest gadgets and have a higher disposable income, that’s for the Wii U.

We haven’t announced pricing or availability or any other details, but given the current pricing of the Wii, it’s not going to be there.

We’ve been very clear, the market is going to decide how long these products will coexist side by side. Our goal is to launch the Wii U and drive it into the marketplace, but it will speak to a different consumer than the one that is buying the Wii today during the holidays.

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        1. Highly doubt. That would make it $50 more than the Wii was at launch O_o Should go ahead and prepare yourself for something in the $350-$450 range. Just saying.

          1. After reading: Our goal is to launch the Wii U and drive it into the marketplace, but it will speak to a different consumer than the one that is buying the Wii today during the holidays. My impression is that it will obviously cost more than the $100 Wii today. Nintendo says they’ve learned their lesson with overpricing the 3DS, so I doubt it will be over $350; remember it’s still competing with cheaper systems. My estimate is they will shoot for $299; I’d buy it for that.

              1. 300 Dollers!!!!!!??? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!!!!

                It’s going to be at least $400. I bet it’s going to be $450 with the Tablet thing thats included.

                1. then you will be expecting 3ds all over again. Nintendo will price below 400 and above 250. Nintendo isn’t Sony who overprice everything they create.

                2. Nintendo will be the first with a next (current) gen console, so they’ll want to take over the playing field now. Which means no more than $350

              1. Expensive man in north

                I hope the price will be the same all around the world. In Scandinavia, the price is much higher. A new Wii game can be up to 600 Kr (109 Dollars ).. I’m going to need a lot of money. Note i’m only 14

                1. Wow 109 US dollers?

                  UK is a rip off because of the min wage

                  It cost’s £40 for a 3DS game = 63 US dollars

                  The PS Vita cost’s 279 for 3G here = 437 US Dollars


                  1. dude go to, theyre awesome, cheaper than most places, free UK delivery and they are already taking pre orders for wii u games so they must be awesome :P

                2. thats more than where i live ! we pay almost 60-70 dollars PER GAME, and look best buy, selling 3DS games for $5….. steel diver is STILL $60 here

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        1. Don’t fuck with me man, that shit could really happen again! And this time I wont be able to control myself! This also implies the wiiU will pack a punch. I really want this system to be competitive, and I think it will :). GIANT ENEMY CRAB!

      1. Oh thank hyrule heavens for this “current pricing of the Wii”. If it was the launch price, I was a bit worried. So $150, that means 300 might be out of the picture, but I think it’ll still be less $400. Anywhere higher and people won’t buy it I’d think (obviously some will, but more will buy at a lower price)

      2. Another thing. “We’ve been very clear, the market is going to decide how long these products will coexist side by side.”

        That sounds bad considering how weak the Wii software was in 2011. 2-3 first party titles the entire year? Probably less than 5 VC releases this year?

        Seems they don’t know the Wii is only thriving off old software, and there are plenty of people claiming it’s dead due to basically 0 support in software.

        1. Anyone buying a Wii right now will benefit of all the games available right now, though not all of them are cheaper at the moment. Smash Bros Brawl is still $50.

          1. There’s still gonna be software released on it. The DS still has loads of software even just being revealed today.

      3. He mentions the “current” price of the Wii. That would be $149.99 in the US. Anyone thinking the Wii U would cost that is delusional. Regardless of what happened with the 3DS, I don’t see the Wii U costing anything less than $300 right now. I would say it’s going to be $400 at the highest, but definitely not less than $300. I’ve got the money already, so just give me a release date.

        1. Ive got money saved too. Plan on pre ordering ASAP, then waiting for about a week or 2 for problems to be discovered before picking it up from gamestop. Hopefully this plan works good enough to avoid early adopter issues.

      4. I think this is very good!!!

        I would pay $800 for a powerful Nintendo Console!!!

        A powerful Console costs more money becouse the components like CPU RAM and so on are more expensive, all are claiming that the Wii has not so much power, now you have the chance to get a powerful Nintendo Console so buy it ;)

        1. It says in his quote Current Wii price for the holiday season. So there’s still $100-$150 to work with, making 300+ likely, hopefully between 300-400.

      5. Naturally. It’s a new console, it certainly wouldn’t be cheaper than a current one. If that were the trend, we’d be getting them for free by now.

        Being a new console, we’ll see the price adjust with time. Sure we’ll have 1st-Party games staying in the $60 range instead of $50, but that’s the price we’ll have to pay for higher tech.

      6. Fine half way through saving up and it’s now due to be about 400-500$


        Really each game would be around $70 then i buy 2 games @ launch then BING $640


        1. You could preorder some Wii U games on Amazon now with their estimated price of 50 dollars. If the price rises or drops between now and the launch date, you pay the lowest price. (I saved 10 bucks so far on RE Revelations, 9 dollars on Nano Assault, three dollars on MK7 and one dollar on 3D Land.

          1. I’m mainly going to wait for the PC reviews of the games first before preordering.

            Most of the games are launching on PC first so I may wait a while :(

            I really need to hope Wii U games are not ripping off.

            I thought the 3DS games were going to be more then i thaught but it was cheeper.

      7. remember tht nintendo want cheaper and more compact systems so i think it will not tht expensive like wat happen with ps3

      8. Hmm not surprised if it costs a lot more then A wii. It is a new console plus the controller wouldent be cheap. My guess is $300-$400

        1. YEH!!!

          I’ve got around 10 hours of the GBA ambassador games!

          Finished warioware
          Almost finished Metroid

          Nintendo = Great for people who buy first

            1. Wii U ambassador program: 10 free N64 Games + 10 free GC games!
              The ten N64 games would be: LoZ:OoT, Mario 64, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong 64, F-Zero X, Starfox 64, Yoshi’s Story, Mario Party 3, and Hey You, Pikachu!.
              The ten GC games would be: Mario Sunshine, Zelda Windwaker, SSBM, Mario Kart DD, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin, Starfox Assault, Mario Power Tennis, and Pokemon Colliseum.

              This list sound good to anyone else?

              1. Thank you! I managed to kill the GIANT ENEMY CRAB!, by dealing MASSIVE DAMAGE to its weak point! Thanks dudebros!! :D *fist bump*

            2. I’ve just passed Nightmare and now proceeding to Adam now.

              Not sure how much thurther through the game there is left.

              Nightmare and the Giant spider like boss was Just Difficult and as well as escaping from SA-X at one point as i just get killed soon after i escape.

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      11. Once I get my taxes I’m saving $500 so when they start pre-orders on the Wii u I could pay it in one payment and not worry of not getting it…. I think the price is goin to be $400 to $500 which I consider decent compare to how much ps3 costed wen it first came out…. Would like to know which first party games are coming out for the Wii u hopefully pikmin 3 or a new metroid game like a 2.5D dat would be awesome going back to the glory of super metroid who knows problably they would come out with metroid dread after all… Well let’s see wat Nintendo gots for us next year can’t wait to kno wen the Wii u is releasing

      12. I understand that the launch price determines who can and can’t afford the system at launch, however, it’s important to keep in mind that Nintendo learned from the 3DS to not price it too high. I’m not entirely sure how cutting edge the technology will be in the Wii U (Reggie did indeed say that it’ll have the “latest technology” at an interview with Goeff Keighley during E3) but rest assured that Nintendo is playing it smart when it comes to pricing and other factors such as launch titles, having important features such as online available from day one, and getting third parties on board.

        My question is whether or not current PS3/360 owners will be persuaded to get a Wii U when it launches. In my eyes, that’s the piece of the gaming pie that’s the most difficult to grab, not the casual audience. The casual audience isn’t lining up at midnight releases for big games that exceed a billion dollars in revenue.

        I’m not saying anything Nintendo doesn’t already know themselves, anyway.

      13. I don’t know if you guys know this but the first prediction of Shonen Jump for gaming in 2012 is that the Wii U will be another failure like the Gamecube because it doesn’t have the “must-have” factor. I agree with them if Nintendo goes any higher than $350. Here is my logic: The Nintendo DS was about $130 when the Wii launched at $250. That is $120 difference in price for that era of technology. The 3DS is about $170 and so we need to allow room for the difference in price to expand due to technology getting better so we come out to something around $350 for the sweet spot. That way Nintendo can make just as much profit off this system like the Wii and we can pay a fair price for the system.

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      15. I’m buying a Wii soon but it’s not that I’m not interested in the Wii U. I have plenty of time to enjoy my Wii (whenever I get it) before Wii U is released.

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