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Nintendo To Hold Special Online Press Conference On December 27th

Nintendo will be showing off a multitude of upcoming Wii and Nintendo 3DS games during a special web conference on December 27th. The Nintendo Web Broadcast will air at Noon in Japan on December 27 which is 7:00pm PST in the United States on Monday, December 26th. Expect to see Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus and a bunch of other games.

98 thoughts on “Nintendo To Hold Special Online Press Conference On December 27th”

    1. I much as I’d like for that to happen, it’s unlikely. F-Zero GX was my favorite racing game and it would be wonderful if another game or even a 3DS remake to come out.

  1. The Only Pokemon Champion

    reggie said he would talk about some amazing games that have yet come to the wii and said hell talk about it near the end of dec so fingers crossed, plus more awsome 3ds stuff

  2. i can only imagine there will be info on Animal Crossing 3D, Mario Party 9, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Rhythm Heaven, various Wii U titles (hopefully there will be more annouced), and i pray there is a TEASER TRAILER for SSB4!!!

      1. Doubt a trailer, but a logo would be enough to get me excited! Bet its SSB- “rumble”. And remember SSB4 IS A 3DS TITLE! On Neogaf there was a insider who said we’d see the wiiU again BEFORE 2012. I hope he wasn’t lying…

  3. I want to see some updates (like a new trailer) on Luigi’s Mansion 2 and any news at all regarding the new Paper Mario 3DS.

  4. Personally hope for Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion release date.
    Info about new Zelda on 3DS/Wii U. Or interesting new IP.
    Something about Wii U launch date & pricing, or maybe not..
    Confirmation about Darksider II or any Wii U news/games.
    Waiting is so painful.. Please not 2016 for new Zelda..

  5. Sickr, I’ll ask you for a Christmas present, if that’s not too much to ask of course. Please make a post and tell in it that I, Yoshio, wish a Merry Chistmas to all Nintendo fans and all videogamers as well, hope they’ll play those games that were eagerly expecting to get as present, and overall I hope everyone will have a wonderful celebration. :)

    kidding, I guess you’t thought about it before.

    Merry Chistmas mate, to you all too!!

    1. We ain’t christans btw in the U.S we have the Freedom of religi9n unlike you ppl in the u.k that have to celebrate X-mas

      1. You do realize that Christmas isn’t neccesarily a Christian holiday? Was Santa and his reindeer in the bible? Did they have Christmas trees? Nope… Christmas was originally to celebrate jesus’s b-day and for non Christians it was to celebrate the winter the solstice. There’s your history lesson for the day now put down the games and read a book.

    1. Paper Mario is one of my favorite games and I can’t wait to get my hands on it, but ironically I can be patient and let them work on a game I know that will be the shit! I want Mario and Luigi RPG 4 as well

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    1. Slip some brandy in your Mum’s hot-chocolate..if you’re lucky she’ll fall asleep and won’t send you to bed!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

  7. things i wanna hear from the conference

    2.batman in development
    3.dragonballz in development 3d
    4.wwe12 3d supermario

    1. I scream this ever time I hear surprise conference….. oh where oh where has my little ness gone oh where oh where can he be…. :'(

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  9. I am pretty sure most people from all religions care about this celebration in some way or another, even those who aren’t chistians, jewish or muslims. Anyway, I’m not a religious person but that doesn’t keep me from wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, peace, joy, games and lots of blessings.

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