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Metroid Other M Finally Sells Over One Million

According to VGCharts Nintendo’s reasonably controversial Metroid: Other M has finally sold over a million units. The game originally launched seventeen months ago to fairly mixed reviews from the gaming press. Clearly the number of retail outlets offering the Other M at sale price during the Christmas season helped boost sales of the game.

100 thoughts on “Metroid Other M Finally Sells Over One Million”

    1. Agree. This game wasn’t bad, but when compared to how good the Metroid franchise has been, it doesnt measure up very well with the greats. It does piss me off when people say that they hated that Samus showed so much emotion. You guys obviously haven’t played Metroid Fusion, she talks the same way about ADAM the machine and Adam Malkovich. And when people say that this game was short, Metroid games are typically short.

      1. She speaks with reverence about a commanding officer who never showed concern for her and SHOT HER IN THE BACK.

        At best, it reveals that Samus is in a one-sided abusive relationship with the man. At worst, it speaks of what Sakamoto thinks is actually how militaries and relationships function.

        So no, I will NOT speak well of how any of the characters acted in this game, except for Anthony.

          1. Are you being sarcastic cause if not then those people who have not played it do not know what they are talking about.

    1. Okay, I’m not a Metroid fan and probably never will be, but who said anything about them “trying to be cool”? How do you know they weren’t just making a game? Well, when Sony tried to be “family-friendly”, they came up with the amazing Sackboy, the most retardedly named character in all of gaming history.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, but Nintendo did bring us Jumpman, which is just as retarded as Sackboy. But of course Jumpman was the start of the Mario series, the most successful gaming series, in my opinion, while Sackboy will not ever really step above being “just another character”.

        1. I guess I agree with the Jumpman thing. And I think your opinion is correct since Mario is the most recognized game character of all time, or was it Pac-man? (Pac-man console games are stupid IMO, but the mobile one are pretty entertaining… for 10 minutes)

    1. Reasons why Other M was the worst Metroid game:
      1. Horrid controls. Player has to point at the screen to go to 1st person mode, and the player is not able to dodge very well (if at all). A lot of remote flipping between hands and point at TV.
      2. Metroid (series) is typically an exploration series. This game was horribly linear with no expansive exploration. Linear in the fact that you always knew where to go, and didn’t have to keep switching between sections of the levels. You were not allowed to really go backwards through the map.
      3. The map showed where all the hidden upgrades are. Typically the player has to go out of their way to find each an every missile expansion, energy tank, etc.
      4. I didn’t finish it due to the above, but I’d heard/read that the game is shorter, when comparing to other Metroid titles.
      5. A lot of players didn’t like the portrayal of Samus with all her emotions. I didn’t far enough to offer if I liked it or not.

      1. I can concur that the first person controls were “unusual”. But 1st person isn’t the main way to defeat an enemy.
        You have to understand that this game was made to be more like the original metroid games. Which I thought they did great at.

        I also completely disagree and suggest you need more practice at dodging. Which really isn’t that difficult as you’re trying to put it.

        I also applied them giving samus emotions and a voice as it makes her more human than a robot with no emotions at all. I can connect to the character better and feel what she feels. Though I didn’t mind her having her emotions shown, I do wish they can keep her with a voice. Its interesting to hear how samus thinks. Plus it even adds to what I thought was an amazing story line.

        Lastly I will say that this game really shows the power of the wii. It can go up to par with Mario Galaxy 2. When It came to the cinematics i would say it surpassed Mario Galaxy.

        I honestly think people should take a break from First person shooters. They get boring after a while. I recommend this game, loved it from the moment I first saw the commercial.

          1. Not trying to sound like a dick, but how can you say that Metroid Other M is the worst Metroid game when (obviously as you have just now stated) you have not played all the Metroid games. I have played (and own on their retrospected original systems) all of the Metroid games except Prime Hunters.

            1. Sorry I left out the part about “that I’ve Played”. I have played the original, Metroid II, Super Metroid, all 3 primes, Prime Hunters and Other M. I’m entitled to say it’s the worst of that I played.

              So since I never played a game, it makes it worse than the ones I’ve played? Granted one of the remaining games could be worse, but I can’t say that since I didn’t play it.

              1. Metroid was on the original system, Wii VC, 3DS.
                Owned Metroid II was on the gameboy pocket, and 3DS VC
                Owned Super Metroid on original system, Wii VC

                I didn’t own Metroid on the original system, but I did borrow it. Metroid II I used to own, but when the DSi removed older games, I sold it. Super Metroid I sold since I sold off my SNES (since I have it on Wii VC). I still own all 4 prime titles (includes hunters) and I sold off Other M. I sold off the original Primes 1, 2, and 3 when I purchased the trilogy set for Wii. When I traded Other M into Gamestop, the employee said “I’m sorry you bought this”.

                1. Also Metroid 1 was also on Gameboy Advance and its included with Metroid Zero Mission and Prime 1 (After certain requirements), Metroid II was never playable on the DS systems Via cartridge due to not being able to play Gameboy/Color cartridges so I do not see how you played it on it. Finally, On Super Metroid, Zero Mission, and Fusion you see that the map has indicators to let you know if there is an expansion in the room you are in (In reply to your 3rd point of the original post lol)

              2. Ok thanks for clarifying lol but you should try Fusion, Zero Mission, and Prime Pinball so you can stick by your statement lol. Also It took me more than 7 hours to beat this one all 2D Metroids can easily be beaten in under 3 hours (after a few playthroughs), Prime series takes longer but thats because they are First Person Adventures

      2. 1. What so hard pointing the Wii Mote at the screen and switching back. Lazy you are.
        2. This game was not linear what so ever. You had to go back to every area.
        3. Well do you want to spend hours looking for something. Samus really kept all her abilities and stuff equip since Super Metroid.
        4. I still have it and it was a good game. I would give it a 8 at lowest and 8.9 at highest.
        5. I personally like the way Samus character is in this game. Every hero or heroin doesn’t have to be so calm with emotion. Terra from FFVI emotion is quite similar and people didn’t complain.

        Well I suppose you can’t change someone opinion on Other M since they all hate it.

        1. Agreed! I had no problem with her portrayal either!

          I hope they continue to give her a voice in the games, just with a little less drama. That’s my only beef with Other M, as I think the script and such suffered from a little too much drama.

        2. 1. It’s not laziness, it’s a bizarre way to change controls, views. It’d be like playing Skyward Sword and have to disconnect the nunchuck and plug in a classic controller in the middle of a boss battle. Granted turning the remote is much easier than the controller exchange, but you have to stop moving, change focus (so you can go into first person mode) while being targeted by enemies then try to fend off the enemies while remembering that the controls are entirely different and instead of simply MOVING, you have to strike a button to dodge.

          2. But the game lets you know to return to an area. Once passing a particular portion of the level, you couldn’t say like, return to a save point in a previous location because a door locked along your path and you have to move forward.

          3. Being a fan of the adventure, yes I like open-ness of Metroid and going though each corner to find hidden expansions, tanks. I’ve explored each and every room in the Prime series and got just about all the expansions, all of the energy tanks, all of the ammo (prime 2) and all the hidden weapons not required for the main quest. This is why I like the Prime series over games like Galaxy since you can do stuff out of order, you can truly explore the levels.

          4. Glad you enjoyed it. It wasn’t too my liking, and apparently to many others as well. I know not everyone will hate the game, nor will everyone enjoy it. I would think the lack of sales would indicate more people were put off by it, therefore not recommending it to friends/family, etc.

  1. Of course it took this long to sell one million copies. Its the worst one in the series. Almost as bad as Metroid: Hunters, but it was still somehow worse.

      1. Nah. Metroid Hunters had awkward, hand cramping controls. Both Fusion and Zero Mission were superior games witjpit forcing Prime-like controls down the players throat. I mean, if the game was so great, why no sequels?

    1. sales doesn’t show it better game then the other in franchise.

      Pokemon Black and White vs all the other
      Zelda OoT, WW, TP, SS, MM, or aLttP are debated to be the best when most are around the same sales.

    2. Agree with you, after 17 months a million copies means nothing

      I’m a hardcore fan and let me tel you I feel sad, on today’s standars a million copies IN A MONTH is a success. It’s unknown if Nintendo will do an other Metroid game and the odds are not looking good

      1. You don’t seriously think on less then perfect game can kill a franchise as popular and as epic as Metroid do you.

      1. i still enjoyed the game tho. i liked that you could jump on enemy’s and stuff and then shot the crap out of them. maybe it they still have the traditional 1st person shooter and then allow for a hand to hand combat i would be happy

  2. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

    i think there’s new Metroid as a Wii U launch title. Other M wasn’t created by Nintendo and the price dropped a lot, very fast. maybe cuz a new one is coming soon

    1. Retailers wouldn’t know anything about a new game, so the price has nothing to do with that. The price dropped because nobody was buying it, and they had to make room for better games.

    2. Um, what are you talking about?

      This was made by the same Nintendo team that made Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, and Fusion. It was just done in collaberation with Team Ninja.

    1. if the emotion being shown is crap then i’d rather they not show it at all.

      Seriously I would of loved samus to have emotions just as much as the next person, but the crap they gave us in other M was so retarded and ridiculous that the character came off as less lifelike and less realistic then before.

      There are much better ways to show saddness/fear/anger etc, then the garbage that sakamoto gave us in other M, I’m dumbfounded at how anyone thinks the crap they did to samus in other m were “good emotions” I’d hate to see the kind of people you hang out with if you think those are “lifelike” or “realistic” emotions…

  3. I absolutely loved that game though the story was a bit ridiculous in parts, I think it was a mistake to have Samus have a chip on her shoulder. Not like her at all, her personality was way off. She also would never of have begged or swooned. Still it was cool that she had shown some emotion and the bond between her and the baby Metroid seemed almost like mother and child. It was also a bit strange to transition from Metroid Prime back to the original canon which was more heavily influenced by the manga in this game than the other games in the series were. So I can see why the adjustment was hard to make from Prime fans to original series. I am glad to see it finally reach that milestone and if it wasn’t for the bad press I’m sure more people would have played and appreciated it. Plot judgement aside and minor complaints about the controls the game was fantastic, and at the risk of sounding blasphemous I thought it was a lot like a 3D version of Super Metroid. I also think the $5 best buy and $15 gamestop sales def. helped them reach that 1000000 mark. I hope we see more Metroid in the future though I doubt it will be anything like Other M.

  4. THIS IS WHY METROID FELL OUT OF NINTENDO’S BIG 3………I liked it, but it didn’t sell, or have great reviews…. so now it is not a priority like mario/zelda

      1. yes it has……metriod hasn’t had a great selling game since METRIOD PRIME, and Nintendo taking notice and has announced it a not top priority

  5. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    what RUINED the game was the parts where u had to search for items in FP mode. that litterly raised it from a 9 to a 6 for me.

    1. I agree, those sections were horribly frustrating. The game was super picky about where you looked and offered no clues

    2. That was the only thing I didn’t like about the game. Seriously that was the only thing. I loved the controls, the graphics, the sound, ……..heck, I even thought the story was somewhat decent.

    1. That was last year sadly, Metroid isn’t a cash cow for Nintendo so it was almost completely ignored to promote LoZ though Nintendo did mention a few times how it was 25 years for the Metroid saga. I can’t say I’m a Legend of Zelda fan by any means but I will try Skyward Sword with an open mind.

      1. Skyward Sword is great! It’s almost like a medieval Metroid. But this year is the American anniversary for Metroid. Maybe they’ll celebrate it this year.

    2. The 25th anniversery was 2011 but Nintendo didn’t put any focus on it.

      Metroid is one of those odd series for Nintendo. Japanese players don’t actually play the series much, which is why Metroid 64 was canceled.

      Unlike Mario and Zelda, Metroid is more beloved internationally than in Japan.

  6. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

    Never tried it so I won’t judge on the game. Some game critics liked it, some didn’t. Easy as that.

    1. Metroid Prime was a truly great series. 1 & 2 worked so much better with 3’s controls (Other play controls trilogy set).

      1. There maybe Prime 4 following the Mysterious ship at the extended Ending of 3.

        BTW, i bet Retro is making eather; Star Fox U, Metroid Prime 4 U… Maybe F-Zero U.

            1. I doubt it’s Prime 4, given that they completely destroyed Phazon in Prime 3.

              If Retro is making Metroid for Wii U, I imagine it would probably start a new saga or something like that.

              However, I would much rather them do Star Fox Wii U. That series is in dire straits right now and needs a face life.

    2. waste? WTF are you talking about, aside from super metroid, retro has created the best metroid games to date.

      it doesn’t have to be “prime4” it can be another metroid game, but if retro works on it you know you have nothing to worry about since they don’t go out of their way to ruin the character of samus like sakamoto did..

    3. But the first Metroid Prime is one of the greatest nintendo games ever, why would you not want them to make another Metroid game? what kind of Metroid fan are you?

  7. Metroid: Other M was a great game, but the only problem is that it didn’t match the standards of excellency previous games in the franchise laid out.

    The graphics were amazing, and the gameplay was very, well, unique but not bad. The adventure overall felt shorter than other Metroid games, but at least it had a classic “Samus Activated the Self-Destruct Sequence” scene during the post-game.

    1. The graphics were nice in cutscenes, but I think the BOTTLE SHIP was too bare. It didn’t have those cool and engaging backgrounds the Prime series had.

  8. Congratulations Metroid. Look forward to your future instalments. I think Nintendo needs to hand the Metroid series back to Retro studios. They turned the Prime series into one of the best and the most beautiful game of it’s generation.

      1. I hope the series leaves first-person behind.

        It’d be cool if Retro could find a way to create similar gameplay but keep it 3rd-person, like Mario and Zelda.

    1. someones butthurt….sorry but other M was crap and shouldn’t even be spoken of in the same sentance as the prime games.

      least the prime games didn’t go out of their way to butcher the character, and in the third prime game they gave samus plenty of emotions, without em being over the top ridiculous. (show, don’t tell, other M samus did entirely too much telling and not enough showing, and the few times she did show it was so over the top retarded *coughridleyscene* that it made the player cringe at how bad it was.)

      Kills rundus, samus showed a clear emotion of rage over his death and the fact that she had to kill him due to dark samus.

      Gandraya, look of horror on her face when she morphed into samus herself and samsu was basically looking at herself dieing there on the ground, that would be nerve racking for anyone.

      That is a clear example of how to show emotions in a game without making things flat out ridiculous and pretty much making the character feel weak. What really boggles my mind is judging from your avy you are apparently a woman, you should be the last person defending the lousy portrayal of samus, as Other M pretty much just singlehandedly ruined a female gaming icon and turned her into a weak crybaby.

  9. This game has a lot of fan service, hasn’t it? DKCR was a mess, Other M too. I don’t know what is going on with Nintendo. Only Pokemon, Zelda and Mario are at the top since the start. I don’t get it.

  10. Still can’t get why this game was rated and criticized so bad the gameplay for my tastes was good enough to get you some fun (and hell knows im stubborn this these things xD) we know it was different from all the metroids tittles so far but they focused in the story which for me was amazing and I know they’ll start saying blah blah samus should be this way blah blah but hey! she is not a freaking machine xD and it was not exaggerate it to the point of being a soap opera the point of the game was to fill the holes between games and she was supposed to talk about herself too so try to think about it next time you play it and then play metroid fusion and you’ll READ she talks like this in there too. hahaha if we are arguing with this now to tomorrow we will be discussing Link’s New pack of emotions on Skyward Sword xD

  11. This doesn’t look good at all. Future Nintendo attempts to make their games different may be hindered by the reception of this game. It’s sad that it didn’t sell better; the game was good.

  12. The problem with Other M in my opinion was it’s execution, which wasn’t very well done.

    I hope this doesn’t make Nintendo think that they shouldn’t have story in their games, they just need to make it a better one.

  13. something that seriously ticks me off…

    People who think those of us that hated other m’s portrayal of samus hated it cuz they “gave” her emotions, NO…just…no. We probably wanted samus to have emotions more then ANYONE else, however, the crap they gave us in other m, were NOT good, nor lifelike/human, samus in many ways sounded more like a robot in other m then she EVER has before. THe point i’m trying to make is that other m did not show “realistic human like” emotions, far from it actually. People were not mad cuz they gave samus emotions, people were mad because the kind of emotions they gave her were over the top ridiculous.

    Seriously get this through your heads, we didn’t(well most of us anyway) hate samus in other M czu they “gave her emotions” I’ll say it once again, we hated how ridiculous and over the top the emotions they gave her were. Nintendo needs to hire real writers if they plan to do a story heavy game again, regardless of whether its metroid zelda w/e, don’t let people like sakamoto do the story when its clear they have no clue how to.

    1. It’s kind of funny to hear you say that Sakamoto shouldn’t do the stories anymore, considering he also did the story for Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, and Fusion.

  14. The fact that Other M has been so polarizing amongst the fanbase has made it pretty interesting as to how they’ll do the next Metroid.

    Above all else, I just they stay 3rd-person. The fact that the Prime games are 1st-person is perhaps the biggest reason that I haven’t been able to beat them, thanks to the lack of visibility.

  15. zant's faithful servant

    Lots of people, including me, have said this before, but i’ll just reiterate it for all you assholes who just can’t get it through your thick skulls, anyone who says that everyone hates other m for giving samus a character and emotions, YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG. i hated other m for making samus a wuss. between the fact that she keeps going on about how remorseful she is about quitting the corps and “betraying” adam when that jackass stabbed HER in the back. and why, WHY, does she pass out from fear at the sight of ridley when it’s been well established that she can beat him, and has, multiple times? and they claim to give samus emotions, but admit to giving her voice a flat, emotionless feel, to denote the fact that her role as boutny hunter means that emotions often aren’t an option.
    And to matteo zaottini, wow. just wow. just wow. the fact that you say it absolutely sucks, rejecting anyone else’s opinion, without even giving a reason, shows that you are a complete and total troll.

  16. If this game came out before the prime series, it would have sold a lot better, mainly due to the fact that:
    1. it follows Super metroid (so other m could have been on the n64, minus the motion controls).
    2. Prime set the standard pretty damn high for a metroid game, hence why they felt the need to do the first person view in other m (in my opinion.).

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