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Pachter Says No PlayStation 4 Or Next Xbox At E3 2012 To Steal Wii U Thunder

Despite MCV reporting from a trusted source that both Microsoft and Sony will be showing off their new consoles at E3, industry analyst Michael Pachter remains firmly unconvinced. Speaking to Forbes Pachter said that there’s zero chance that Sony will show off the PlayStation 4 at the event and there’s little to no chance that Microsoft will do the same. Pachter also stated that neither would launch a console in 2013. What do you think?

154 thoughts on “Pachter Says No PlayStation 4 Or Next Xbox At E3 2012 To Steal Wii U Thunder”

  1. Etecoons and Dachoras

    Please stop posting what Pachter think, does, eats, and feels. It’s driving us mental. :(

    Not just you sickr, but every gaming site I go to posts the crap that Pachter “predicts.”

    Make it stop, mommy. Make it stop!

    *goes and cries in a corner*

      1. Davin Ockerby (aka Platinum Lucario)

        Exactly, he’s just someone that likes to say “no” to everything, and he’s never a trusted source. More information will be announced about the Wii U at E3 2012, and prahaps either PlayStation 4 or an XBOX (working title) will be announced.

        1. Damn… My friend just showed me the recently leaked information of the Playstation 4 and Xbox

          720 and I must say, I was completely amazed. I didn’t think this info would be released for quite

          a while, but it’s managed to find its way onto the Internet, luckily!

          If you guys want to check out the PS4 and Xbox 720 for yourselves, here’s the site I saw them on:

    1. I usually agree with HALF of the stuff he says, but half of it is COMPLETELY OBVIOUS. (And I agree with you. :P Sickr, Patcher is very controversial on your site. xD)

    2. Shuhei Yoshida the Boss of the Sony Studios already said a few days ago that Sony will not show the Playstaton 4 at this years E3!!!

      Pachter, your so dumb, really you are so dumb!!!

        1. they wait to steal the wiiu.anyway ps4 and 720 will cost too much money so who doesnt give shit on ps4 which isnt have any mario or zelda games.

          1. Why do you keep thinking that they are going to cost more money? You have no idea how much they are going to cost! Wii U could be the most espensive of them all for all we know.

  2. Stop posting Pachter, and stop using the expression ‘Steal Wii U Thunder’. Pachter is an idiot, and E3 is for everyone, meaning there’s no thunder to be stolen.

    1. Wut? The thunder is how much more impressive wiiU is to the ps360, and how much it would sell unapposed. A huge nextbox announcement would draw a great deal of attention from nintendo/wiiU. There is thunder in that sense. I enjoy Patcher’s input soley for the fact that i see what someone in industry thinks on topics. If you don’t agree with something, its not right to call the person you don’t see eye-to-eye with an idiot.

      1. ^ This. All of this. I’m sick of all the hatred that emits from this community. I’m appalled at the sheer amount of vitriol this community spits up every day. It’s especially ridiculous when I see the “Pachter is a fanboy for [insert company that’s not Nintendo here]” comments. He’s an analyst. He doesn’t get paid to take sides — he gets paid to be unbiased and use industry trends and statistics to back up his thoughts and predictions. Besides, how could he be a [non-Nintendo] fanboy when HE was one of the only analysts who said the Nintendo 3DS would succeed and sell greatly, even at the original $250 price point? Remember, he was saddened to see it fail in the beginning and was sorry he was wrong in that the 3DS didn’t start selling well until the $80 price drop five months after launch. If he “hated Nintendo,” as some in this community have said before, then why did he WANT the 3DS to have a successful launch?

        Yeah, that’s what I thought. ;)

        MNN community: if you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say, then kindly hold your peace. Thank you.

        1. Shockingly, I know what an analyst is. I also know that ‘analysts’ predictions are worth about as much as the predictions I could make with my Mums old Tarot deck. Analysts are people who couldn’t find any other way to get into the industry, so started making these ridiculous guesses in order to seem important.

            1. Maybe you felt identified to that sum of assets and that’s why you felt the necessity to comment. Congrats!! For finding your true self in a blog comment. Cheers!! =)

              1. Me? Felt identified? Nope. I just comment to stupid people. No offense. ; )

                “You are stupid, and faggot. And I didn’t even read your comment.”
                Wow, such… intelligence.

      1. …that’s an anonymous commenter, dude. It could be ANYBODY behind that name. Rarely ever is “Anonymous” the same person here. Just consider each one a totally different person (as that’s what they are). “Anonymous” is the name given if you don’t insert your own name. That brown and teal avatar is the one given if you don’t submit an email address with a gravatar attached.

        1. Why don’t you chill out? Save commenting here for the actual topic so that i don’t have to scroll through a boatload of pointless criticism and correction from you.

          That being said, I think Pachter’s bold refusal of MCV’s report makes him an ass. He just came out and admitted he was wrong about something quite predictable (250$ for a handheld?! Srsly?) and now he wants to boldly say that there will be no PS4 or XBOX720 at E3 against an already open source. Sony and Microsoft aren’t stupid; they know what Nintendo has in store and they’re going to try and steal support, and by extension sales, from Ninty anyway they can. They may not show the actual consoles but, they’re going to hype it up as much as they can.

          1. he was explaining why abon was incorrect of thinking Anonymous was not the same person in a educated matter. you on the other hand need to chill out.

  3. From the sound of it, Pachter sounds so negative that I’m surprised he even believes there will be a 2013

      1. He was talking about pachter, not himself.

        He means he’s surprised pachter isn’t going around saying the world will end this year, since he’s so negative.

        1. yeah I know by him saying pachter believing there will be a 2013 make me think castortroy believe the end is 2012.

    1. …You really think that, don’t you?
      A console that gets HD almost 7 years later than others… It sure would have blown the others out of the water :)

      1. I’m pretty sure the WiiU will be getting HD at the exact moment that WiiU get’s HD… If it was just the Wii with High-Def, THEN your comment would be valid. It’s like saying that if the PS4 or the new XBox launches in 2014 they will get HD 2 years after the WiiU.
        It takes a bit of logic to figure out this post, but I believe in you, MyNintendoNews readers!

        1. Actually I was implying that a system which gets a feature almost 7 years later than other systems can’t be that much better on other areas either. Nintendo did a big mistake when not choosing to use the latest technology back then on the Wii. Made the other companies be ahead of Nintendo. While Nintendo is reaching for being better than the current generation, which they were supposed to do with the Wii, the other companies are probably already working on being a whole lot better than anything. Well, that’s actually something I can’t certainly know. But I’m just guessing that it will be like that, since I doubt that the other companies will try to create systems as good as their current ones. That would be the only chance for Nintendo to be better than the upcoming systems of the other companies. But since that’s most likely not going to happen…
          I’m actually sure that the systems of the other companies will be more powerful than the WiiU. I read about the specs of the WiiU and it sure will be better than the current systems of the others, I heard of it being about 50% better than the PS3. Well, in my opinion that’s not enough. I would have loved it to see the WiiU being at least 100% better than PS3 and Xbox 360 (maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but I was expecting really much from Nintendo this time), it’s been 7 years since the release of those systems after all.
          Anyway, I’m sure the next devices of the other companies will be more powerful, thus better on the area “power”. But that doesn’t mean they will be better in things concerning selling numbers. We all know how well the Wii did, even when being not as good as the “stronger” systems. But judging from the specs, it looks like the WiiU could be kinda expensive and thus maybe get some problems selling as well as the Wii. The controllers should be pretty expensive as well. They’re basically tablets after all, including a camera etc. .
          Well, we’ll see what the future will bring. I think I made my point clear of what I think of the “upcoming” systems and what my opinion looks like. You do not have to agree with me (:

          1. Your idea of better seems to be all about graphical power. Since you’re so obsessed with it, I’m sure you realize that consoles can’t get THAT much more powerful. The WiiU will have beautiful visuals, and any difference will most likely be negligible between it and the other new consoles. It’s all about immersive gameplay now which why PSmove and Kinect are the flagships which Sony and Microsoft are attempting to jump aboard.

            1. Of course there is still plenty of room to make things better. Do you really think we’re at the end and that everything is at it’s best now ? Well, I do not.
              Back then, in the old times, I guess people thought the same about the 3D graphics of the N64 or PSX as you are thinking about the graphics of today. Those 3D graphics were the shit, nobody could imagine anything better than that on video games. But everything did get better. So I’m guessing we’ll have a lot better stuff in a few years as well.
              And I’m not obsessed about graphical power. But it is a fact that graphics do play a role in making games more enjoyable. It’s not everything, of course, but it still does matter. Anyone who says it’s ALL about immersive gameplay or something like that just seems to me like someone who can not accept that graphics do play a huge role, so that person is looking for excuses if a system like the Wii isn’t offering the latest technology of graphics. Sorry, but that’s the impression I get of everyone saying that. The gameplay plays the biggest role, yes, but it’s definitely not everything. Sure, everyone has a different view on things, but I can’t understand how someone can say graphics do not matter at all.

          2. Nintendo did a really big mistake in not having HD. The Wii is the biggest selling console of this Generation. As for the Wii U being 50% more powerful we don’t know as Nintendo are constantly updating the dev kits. As for the price of the Wii U Nintendo have already said it will be more expensive than the Wii, but the one thing with Nintendo they don’t overprice their consoles apart from the 3DS.

          1. Oh really? So you are one of those fashion hippies that always needs the new stuff. If so, you shouldn’t be playing on a console at all but rather on a PC you upgrade every F***ing month! What car do you drive huh?

            1. i live in the city so no car. i do have a PC but i havent upgraded in 3 years. you probably took it the wrong way so let me explain what i meant. its 2012, nintendo know’s this, ATI know’s this, theres no point on getting a gfx card from 2008-2009. “because the consoles gonna be cheaper”, but also because its graphical limit is gonna start showing in 2-3 years.

  4. So in other words:

    Microsoft and Sony will unveil a new console, Pachter will admit that he’s wrong once again.

    1. He doesn’t care if hes wrong though, he knows he cant predict the future. People here overreact to everything thats not pro-Nintendo.

  5. well, maybe he has made some mistakes in the past, but this time he could be right. it seems that Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worlwide Studios, has said that it’s false that they are working on a supposedly “Playstation 4”. he said that they are going on with the Playstation 3 project with a lot of enthusiasm

    this is the spanish website where i saw this notice:

    1. I find that hard to believe…He’s probably lying, which you’d expect him to do, unless he gave the response miyamoto gives that they’re always working on the next hardware. Whether they release their next console in 2012 or in 5 years time, it’s highly unlikely that they haven’t already started work on it. At the latest, they may have started after the Wii U was announced, so they can reduce the time they’re competing against it with a previous console.

  6. Wasn’t PlayStation 3 a console to live like 10 years? It isn’t even 6yo, damn it. Stop making rumors, people.

    1. Yeah. But it does not mean that sony can’t launch the PS4 and continue suporting on PS3 (same happened with PS2-PS3)

      1. Umm where did you read ps3 support would cease from a ps4 rlease? Cuz im pretty sure the ps2 isn’t even completely dead yet…

  7. the man has little to no credibility, his opinion means nothing, the more you report his words, the more attention he gets, and the more he talks rubbish to get more attention. that is how it works, u should stop reporting what he says, he knows that most of what he says is bull but he says it anyway because u give him attention. this is not because i think hes wrong on this case, just that hes wrong on most things he says, STOP GIVING HIM ATTENTION there is no excuse for doing so. there are BETTER analysts out there.

  8. Honestly, I watch all 3 Presentations anyway because they interest me. I have a PS3, Wii and a 3DS but no 360. I’m open minded with regard to what they have. I won’t refuse to watch a presentation on the grounds they’re not Nintendo and if I see something cool, I’ll admit it.

    Ao as always, I’m looking forward to this year’s E3 and not just for the Wii U, although that is one of the main things I’ll be watching for. But between now and then, who knows what kind of news stories could leak out. We’re still about 5 months away

    1. I totally agree with you man. I always get Nintendo’s console cause they are all about new experience and gameplay. But Iike playing my others consoles too. Cause they get a lot of support from my favorite non-nintendo game designers like, Fumito Ueda, Suda 51, Kojima and others

      1. Love to see others who are more open-minded about their gaming choices. I too always own multiple consoles from every generation to get the best of ALL worlds. Good games are good games–I don’t care where they came from, I just want good games. ^_^

    1. I’ve already been following Operation BlueWave ever since STSH posted about it. :) Always love following his endeavours and he’s a great guy too. :D

  9. Well it’s because ps3 is finally getting its stride. They’re making games no other system can handle, why ruin that. And Microsoft needs to focus on making first party games not a new console. In reality the only system that does need to be released ASAP is the wii U.

    1. Actually, Sony are the ones who need to focus on their first party titles. The only recent successful successor is Uncharted 3, the rest sold less or way less then their predecessors (LBP, Resistance etc.)

      No matter how good they are it’s still pointless if they doesn’t sell.

        1. i would rather have a company who is willing to take chances and support new games even if they dont sell than a company who only support halo and gears and forza compared to uncharted resistance killzone gran turismo ratchet & clank little big planet sly cooper ico & shadow god of war and games that only need one disc to play in order to provide superb graphics. Xbox graphics are slightly outdated and they need to invest in a better media that doesnt scratch easily and a system that doesnt cause the scratches. i bought a brand new xbox360 slim and right out of the box laying flat and not standing up it was scratching discs. Time for an upgrade in my opinion.

  10. I say why not announce them right after the Wii U gets released, rather than unveil before it comes out. That is what Sony did after the 3DS released and the Vita was unveiled.

      1. Egg…xactly :) Sony had a better 2011 than Nintendo IMO with a lot of good huge releases but Nintendo picked up a lot of steam in the last couple of months with a new Zelda and 3DS sales and quality games.
        Vita is having a slower than expected start in Japan, doesn’t seem like a lot of interest elsewhere.
        Sony and Microsoft should be concerned about a head start for WiiU, it worked out well for the 360, and appears the 3DS. Honestly I play all 3 systems and my PS3 and 360, I don’t see any reason to upgrade to their successors. I think they have to do some major convincing because they already have graphical power and great gameplay and online. WiiU is the only interesting console on the horizon right now and that must be unsettling for Sony and Microsoft.

  11. I think MS and Sony will want to release their systems as soon as possible. I don’t think the difference in power will be all that big, and the Wii U’s controller will attract a lot of people, and third parties will be able to port their games. By the time MS and Sony release their consoles, there might be a price drop for the Wii U, not to mention the other two might be even more expensive. And if developers are eager to make more advance games, the Wii U and PC will be the only options. Also, it might happen the same that happened with the PS2, and if that’s the case, Nintendo will get a hold a bigger market share.

    For that reason, neither MS nor Sony will want to be left behind. It helped the Xbox 360 and it helped the 3DS a lot. Sony might be on a tighter spot though. They’ll have the Vita this year and they might hinder its sales if they show the PS4. At the same time, they might be left behind if MS announces their next console.

    1. I’m thinking the same. You guys always throw little hissy fits whenever you hear news you don’t like. It’s hilarious to watch a bunch of Nintendo fanboys overreact to one person’s predictions, but it’s also insanely frustrating when it sinks in that pretty much none of them know what they’re talking about.

      A man makes a prediction as to which video game consoles will be shown at an electronics expo.

      “Seems like a nobody to me, cuz I have no idea who the hell he really is.”
      “Make it stop, mommy. Make it stop!”
      “He can go fck himself with a scythe”


      Nothing productive ever comes from posting Pachter news because the majority of the members here are (as the comments show, scroll through this page) ignorant, childish, and incapable of abstract thought.

          1. Whothefuckisthisasshole

            You’re seriously the biggest douche on this entire website. Why don’t you STFU already or talk about your feelings about the post rather than how other people feel about that post. I for one, happen to agree with Pachter. It doesn’t make sense to see a new console from those companies. They can’t be far enough in development to show anything concrete just yet. Maybe some hints, teasers about future hardware or something.

            1. I already stated before that I agree with Pachter. What is your problem? :|

              I expect teasers from the other companies, but a full-fledged unveil an launch dates seems a bit much at this point in time. I think it’s too soon. But who knows, that could all change. Still got half a year before E3 after all. :P

  12. whatever he says its usually the opposite. Nintendo is Do0me3D that means Nintendo will rule! this year he predicted the Wii would sell the most at Christmas in the US but it did not. the 3DS would sell good at the price it released but it did not. the 3Ds was then Do0m3D but it later on ruled and is now braking record sales! now Vita will sell better than 3DS in the first three months aligned and the Vita is selling like crap! MS will show their console this year at E3 and Sony might as well do it since they do not want to be late in this race as they have said. but they might show it next year and release it then as well

  13. Hey Patcher, i wont tell anyone about that ugly, smelly chick you was bangin in the office yesterday :)! Heres your coffee & buiscuit!! I’ll handle this…Eh Hem…

    Hey guys! Here’s my sales PS4 analasis:

    Graphics are good enough now! If the PS4 doesnt come with anything inovative or new, there wont be any reason for the average customer (which Sony should be aiming for if they wanna make real NET profit) to get it over the ps3. I can assure you, as soon as the ps4 is out & the price of the PS3 drops, you will see a boost in sales of the ps3, as it will be a cheaper option & still offer HD graphics, online, firmware updates (to stay relevant) & great (much cheaper) games. The more powerful but expensive PS4 Will have a hard time selling if Sony continues making & selling the ps3 along side it. Only the minority of tech geeks & people with money to waste will buy the PS4, that alone wont see a NET return (short term)! Sony needs to acknowledge the fact that the average customer DOES NOT care about specs! They care about good games, fun factor & price! I dont think they should release PS4 till around 2014 & if they do, they should discontinue the PS3 between 6 months to a year later, then drop the price of PS4 & release a few killer Apps!

  14. I can see Microsoft putting out the new Xbox, but i don’t think a PS4 is going to be announced next year. Even the Xbox is a definite maybe. All I do know is that Nintendo is going to dominate E3 this year, just like they did in 2010 and 2011.

  15. Pachter is half wrong on this one because Microsoft has no choice in the matter they will have to release info about there next gen console or else it will get worse for microsoft especially with the downspiral of 1st party titles and the lack luster kinect releases.

    As for Sony they will ot be releasing any info yet they have more portable issues on there mind and they need to see how it will pan out when its fully released worldwide!

    Sony = No, Xbox = Yes

  16. Hey Pachter, did you know that the only things that are supposed to come out of your ass are farts, dust, smoke, and the occasional spray of fresh air, not obvious “predictions”?

  17. The average customer wont see the tecnical difference between PS3 & PS4. They will just look at which one is cheaper & has the cheaper games. The leap in tech wont be like PS2 to PS3. There wont be a Huge leep in graphics and features. So its gonna be a hard sell for Sony if they dont come with an original gimmick for the PS4, different from there competitors. They cannot just copy there competitors! I think that Nintendo will have the Advantage next generation, as the Wii U is a Huge technical leap from the Wii. I doubt Nintendo will promote specs tho, they are more likely to promote the new thing/gimmick more, which is their new controller, there improved online functionalty, their new games & any other unannounced aspect of Wii U that they are keeping under there sleeves. Lets just hope that Nintendo doesnt price the Wii U too high.

    1. If they were gonna make system’s that really Doesn’t change from the Original then It would be smarter for them to just make it a Ps3/Xbox 360 Upgrade But For every new System Sony and Microsoft made It always makes a huge Difference in Gaming.

  18. YOU know?

    I beleve the PS4 and 720 will be shown because Pachter is saying this to stop Nintendo Fans worrying and make them worry more with the next Consoles.


  19. Wait a sec. First, Pachter said that Nintendo needs to stop living in the past in 2012 or they would fail, but just hours later he’s saying the Wii U’s “thunder” won’t be taken away? Ironic much?

    1. MCV used the wording “steal Wii U’s thunder.” Pachter was merely saying that Sony and Microsoft aren’t going to prematurely announce new consoles for the sake of “stealing Wii U’s thunder.” Whether or not he thinks the Wii U has “thunder” is irrelevant in this instance.

      The Wii U’s hype and the success Nintendo’s business strategies have little to do with one another anyways. The 3DS had all the hype in the world and sold like crap for the first 7 months. Certainly Nintendo can play up a new console and that can raise hype, but Nintendo’s success isn’t directly dependent on how excited its consumers are for its newest product.

        1. Yeah… July thru September weren’t so hot either. Sales were boosted a little by Zelda and Star Fox but it was hardly the figures Nintendo wanted. Once the holiday season kicked in and the price was dropped things started to heat up.

          …but that is far beside the point.

      1. I think if the development is going to be shown at this year E3 It’s more likely their gonna Release the Systems Some time In 2013 not 2014

  20. Great now that Pachter said this I think they will showcase the Ps4/nextbox at E3. He’s always wrong so that means Nintendo is in trouble this

  21. Guy’s literally if you read the articles of where he predicts things You would know that Literally he has been always wrong.

  22. AAAAAAAAA!! Patcher… I hate him! It’s just another fucking predictor… like Paul the octopus hahaha Just… Patcher is a fucking idiot

  23. You have to wonder why Sony or Xbox [Yes Xbox, if I remember right, Xbox is separate company to Microsoft, which is an ingenious business move] would reveal a new console at this point. I will agree that there might be come kind of ‘hint’, something to half the effect of the first wii u showing, but not a full showing.

    The main concern I have is that there is ‘nothing’ they can really show on a new console, both the ps3 and Xbox have relied on their superior technical prowess, but developers have pretty much been saying “Making games look better is starting to cost to much: there is a point where we will not get a return on our investment”

    That isn’t to say they can’t just shove in more power, but more to say that you are very unlikely to see a ‘doubling’ of the current ps3 (that would just be insane in so many different ways).

    What I think will happen [I’m not in any way related to the VG world, but I am confident with my predictions] Is that the two companies will do the following:

    The Xbox will come out at anywhere between 1.5 – 1.7 times more powerful than its current set up, will support windows 7/8 connectivity [I.E. you can use a windows phone to access your windows computer and so on] More than likely built in kinect support and maybe a kinect 2 of sorts. There could also be something to the effect of the xbox being a ‘mini’ computer running a -very- gimped version of windows 7/8 [not because it doesn’t have the power, but rather half the features are not needed].

    Sony will more than likely push move support onto the ps4, maybe even make it the dedicated control system: ala the wii. I think they might strive for a big 2.0 in power, but as I said there is a huge chance that will backfire. Other than that, they might do more with vita connectivity. I doubt they will create a ps4 tablet, as that would all be it destroy the vita to ps4 connectivity to the effect of “Why should I buy a vita, when it comes with a tablet”. They could have a tablet and vita sit in harmony, but that would be very hard to achieve with a decent market saturation.

    Anyway, just my thoughts, sorry for the WOT.

  24. you know, i hate pachter, he’s incredibly annoying. but this time I hope he’s right. I love the wii but it is in need of a successor. However I don’t believe that the 360 and ps3 are in need of one yet. I don’t think i’m ready for the next generation to start quite yet. Plus I don’t want to have to buy a new xbox along with a wii u. that gets expensive.

  25. The picture is of a giant spider monster’s ass, and yet I still want to tape it to my eyelid so I can see it all day.

    Also, I expected new Xbox and PS wouldn’t be there. They might just comment, “yeah it’s being made now.”

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