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New Research Shows Gamers Are Gaming More On Mobile Devices Rather Than Consoles

MocoSpace, the largest mobile gaming community in North America has conducted a survey to find out exactly where gamers are spending their time. The survey which was conducted with 15,000 users found that the majority of gamers are now spending their gaming time on mobile devices rather than traditional consoles.

A whopping 46 percent of those surveyed by Moco Space reported that they are playing more on their mobile devices this year, compared to 26 percent of the participants  who said that they are playing more on their consoles, and just 23 percent said they are playing more on their computers.

95 thoughts on “New Research Shows Gamers Are Gaming More On Mobile Devices Rather Than Consoles”

      1. Exactly, they ask a mobile gaming community where they mostly game. Hm, I wonder where a MOBILE “GAMING” COMMUNITY” will most likely use to “game”. Can’t possibly be a mobile device

  1. Talk about targeted survey -____-‘ And how dare they call people who play games on cell phones “gamers” :S That’s the same as calling someone super model because they’re wearing clothes…

        1. Again… chefs are paid professionals. Are you paid to play console video games? Do you provide goods or services to others by refusing to play mobile games? You might be a bigger fan of video games in general (fan being short for “fanatic” as befits your definition of “gamer”), but that doesn’t mean mobile gamers aren’t gamers.

    1. Are you watching TV if you’re using an iPhone? No, since it isn’t a television. Are you playing a video game machine if you’re using a Smartphone? No, since it isn’t a video game machine. That’s all I have to help you.

    2. Agree with you there, Firesplitter. iPhone ‘games’ are completely different than console games, so there shouldn’t even be a comparison imo.

    3. Okay… *sigh*… Let me explain this for everyone above me.

      First of all, I should say that I don’t think smartphone gaming is going to overtake regular gaming. I’m not like those analysts. I’ve even done a formal research paper and reported on this subject in one of my courses here as a 3rd year comp. sci. major.

      The problem is, they’re right. People using smartphones to play games are in fact gamers. Now, this is very different than saying that everyone who has a game on their phone is a gamer. That’s not what I’m saying.

      I’m not sure if this study is truly legitimate or not. For it to be so, the word “gamer” must apply to someone who plays video games for a set amount of time during their week. If I own a Wii, PS3, 360, and 500 games, but I play a game maybe 10 times a year, I wouldn’t consider myself a gamer. If I have a smartphone with one single game that I play for 3 hours a day, then I would consider myself a gamer.

      It doesn’t matter what platform it is on, gaming is gaming. In our case, we’re referring to a gamer as someone who regularly plays video games. Those who say that “smartphone games aren’t games” are being ignorant. They are, by all definitions of the phrase, video games. They can’t be categorized as anything else. Just because the platform isn’t dedicated to gaming or because you dislike the experiences or ‘controller’, that doesn’t make it something other than a video game platform.

      Yes, smartphones are widely recognized gaming platforms. If you disagree, where is the line drawn? Do you think the Sony Xperia Play isn’t a gaming platform? Sure, it’s a phone, but it also has 2 joypads and was built from the ground up for Android gaming. What about my old DS Lite? I used to develop some homebrew for it in the spare time, and at one point I tinkered with some VoIP programs, and was able to use my DS Lite as a phone. Does that mean it’s not a gaming system? No.

      In addition, those of you who really think that smartphone gaming should be discounted as gaming at all probably have only seen Angry Birds and Cut the Rope and the like. I bet none of you have experienced some of the more ‘hardcore’ titles available like Asphalt (a series with an entry on 3DS), BackStab, Modern Combat, Infinity Blade, etc. Even if you have, you should admit that casual experiences like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope have provided games that keep the average player coming back for hours on end.

      Going back to the “smartphones aren’t gaming systems, so they don’t have real games” debate… By that logic, computers are not gaming systems. Computers aren’t meant for gaming. Sure, you can buy a gaming PC, but you can also buy a gaming phone. Playing video games is not a computer’s main purpose, so by your logic all the games available on it should be discounted. I hope you can see the flaw in this logic.

      tl,dr: Gaming is gaming, even if you don’t like what platform it’s on. If someone plays games regularly, they are a gamer.

      1. The point is, they are “casual” gamers. Not intense console/pc gamers. It’s apples and oranges. They’re both fruit, but completely different.

        I’ve tried so many games on the iPhone or iPad and I’m constantly wishing for physical buttons because my fingers are always sliding off the “pictures of what should be real controls”.

  2. Well I can understand that because mobile gaming means you can play it anywhere. A games console stays in one place most of the time. But I highly doubt this though, because people prefer games with proper online and a story line. Mobile apps tend to not a single player, but an online feature, but its not as retentive as a game on a proper console.

    Doing something like this will get many different reviews so its just pure opinion. There is no fact.

  3. Well dah its the truth now, mobiles are so advanced right now. They have quad-core CPUs & powerful GPU. And they keep evolving every year. I wouldn’t be suprised if handhelds or consoles are dead by 2014 or 2015…

    1. I’d agree with the part about mobile phones getting more advance, and yes they’re getting quad core CPU and high spec GPU. But when you say evolving, games consoles are evolving as companies like Nintendo are evolving the way we play our games, so that leads me to disagreeing with the handhelds and consoles dying by 2014/2015 as you say.

      If anything games consoles are evolving more rapidly, despite the fact that the evolving rate isn’t as fast as handheld devices.

      1. But you must know that mobiles evolve every year unlike games console that take six or seven years, last year they were single processor & now quad-core! Just imagine a couple of year what will happen, & am refering to apple’s iphone & samsung’s Galaxy.

        1. There’s still a problem though.

          Consoles have large screens and separate controllers, both of which are pivotal for a definitive gaming experience. Mobiles will never have either of these things. As long as the world longs for games the way they’re meant to be played, consoles will never die.

          Unless they get some sort of augmented reality goggle things going. lol

          1. *ahem* many smartphones can output to an HDTV, and there are many bluetooth controllers available. Just take a look at onlive – it just made the jump to smartphones and tablets.

  4. they probably got the definition of “gamer” wrong. they probably meant “dude thats on the train and plays a game until his stop comes” or “guy that’s bored at work and so plays a quick session of fruit ninja”.

      1. Smartphone games are not meant for casual gamers though. They’re meant for….like, extreme casual gamers. Not everybody own’s a handheld device, but EVERYONE owns a smartphone. and thus, smartphone games are more easily accessible. Do you really think anyone who download’s bejeweled or something and plays it for 20 minutes while waiting for the bus is a gamer, or even a casual gamer? Because that is what this survey is. MocoSpace, the largest mobile gaming community in North America, conducted this survey. Do you think they’re going to look for 15,000 hardcore console gamers to survey?

  5. “MocoSpace, the largest mobile gaming community in North America has conducted a survey”

    I stopped reading here. This data is obviously very biased towards mobile gaming.

    A high percentage of people in developed countries own a smartphone. Calling the majority of these poeple “gamers” because they play Angry Birds or Doodle Jump when they have 5 minutes to kill is just idiotic.

    This survey has no truth to it, so let’s just ignore it. Moving on.

    1. And how do you know those gamers in this survey play angry birds/doodle jump only? You should analyse the contents of survey
      first before start calling it idiot.

      1. “Before calling it idiot”

        Analyse your own comments, you fool…

        The fact of the matter is that this “mobile gaming community” wants mobile gaming to be as prominent as possible, and they do this through asking leading questions, only asking a certian demographic of people, and using only forms of research such as questionares which lack validity.

        Quoted from the survey:

        “Of all demographics, women over age 30 consistently showed more interest in mobile gaming than any others. 27 percent of women over 30 conveyed that they spend more than three hours playing games on their mobile phones every day”

        (Continue below)

        1. Go out and find 27 out of 100 women over 30 years of age who play mobile games for over three hours a day. You are not going to do it. This survey only did it through using bias research techniques. End of story.

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  7. Guys, this isn’t really anything to be worried about. Since mobile games are so accessible, they’ve just bought a fuckload of consumers into that zone and they’re all getting in on it. It’s not like the original gaming community are moving to mobile phones, it’s just a bunch of people who wouldn’t have wanted to play games at all unless they were bought out in miniature, compact little packages like iOS apps.

    In short, the mobile gamer is basically just the extreme casual gamer.

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  9. You know how I know this is wrong? Look at the sales of cod. Just proved my point. More copies sold when it came out so that means more people are playing it on a console so yea these are fake stats from the survey

    1. true… but one thing… most people have 1 xbox/ps3 per family so they buy one copy of a game and all share (most of the time) while just about erveryone has a phone to kill time… so the more sales of a game on a console equals more people to play it… basically estimating 2 kids a purchase… 1000 console games = 2000 players, 1000 smartphone game downloads equal 1000 players for about 10 minutes

  10. There’s a difference between gaming and wasting away time on break, on the bus, in a waiting room…. People don’t seem to realize that smartphone games are easy to get for free, or for cheap, and more people have cell phones than game consoles. This probably includes the people who only have downloaded Angry Birds. Mobile games are not real games, they’re just things to do in your spare time when you’re waiting….

  11. Does playing angry birds every now and then make you a gamer? I know it’s still a game buy a very small one so i dont think playing “games” like these should count.

  12. No shit Sherlock. More people have phones than consoles, right? So they download games for their phones and play them whenever. At recess, on the bus/train/plane, at the dinner table.

    All this proves is that phones are more easily accessible than consoles, so the people with phones download their little distractions and use them to fill the lulls in the day. Real gamers have dedicated game machines and take time out to specifically play games.

  13. Complete nonsense. If they want to get an accurate reading, they need to toss the poll around tons of gaming specific sites not just 1 community thats aimed torwards a specific company, product, or platform. That would be like going to or and asking what genre of game do they play the most or going to mynintendonews or gonintendo and asking what they play the most. You already know what the results are going to be.

  14. A mobile game company asked people what they game on? Obviously they would say on a mobile device because that’s what their games are on

  15. Consoles can be considered a console since it plays full HD games. So add 26% (Wii, 360, PS3) to 23% (PC) and you get 49% of the people playing games on consoles which is more than 46%

  16. This is true in my case. I do take time to play Skyward Sword and Skyrim, BUT….becuase I’m out and about most of the time, I find myself reaching for my iPhone apps majority of the time.

  17. I can’t believe how bias this “research” is.
    What about us gamers without smartphones?
    I play Snake on my Nokia 6820b all the time.

  18. No matter what they say the video game industry is selling more and more every year

    just last month the 3ds beat the record for the best week and fastest selling console for the full month

    idk what they’re trying to prove there but it certainly doesnt mean that consoles are unpopular, hell it doesnt even show they are less popular than before

    pretty useless study imo, they shouldve just asked if they spent time on their phones

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  20. Hmm my opinion……I think that console gaming and gaming on a dedicated handheld will not be overshadowed by mobile gaming ever..there is a market for both to survive but I honestly think that with the introduction of mobile gaming on a phone or a tablet has just expanded the gaming market I think that alot of people that play mobile games were probably never interested in buying a console in the first place the just bought a phone went to the AppStore and said cool I can buy games and play them when I’m bored. The only way that mobile games will ever take over console gaming is if the brands that make these devices buy all of nintendos, sonys and microsofts ips and when there is more to controlling the games than a touchscreen and when you can stream the game from your mobile device to a big screen in HD and I think we are pretty far off from any of those things.

  21. I play on my 3ds alot, i rarely play anything on my phone, and i play on my wii and xbox 360 in the middle(at least an hour a day!)

  22. Of course people do. I spend more of my time outside than at home. There is no way I can play a console at work or while moving from a place to another.

  23. if mocospace made the survey, they onl ask users of mocospace right? giving a 100% chance is a user o mocospace and playing games on mocospace right? and mocospace is in a lot of smartphones, giving a chance that these people use their phones to play games (apps). in the end the people surveyed used mocospace to be in the survey, giving already a high chance that they are in their phones which gives a higher chance of people playing games (apps) on their phones. this “survey” lacks all experimental procedures, it is just a poll not a survey or a valid statistic procedure. i like going out to a bank branch and ask all those people in it if they use they go to the bank to make a deposit or use an ATM.

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