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Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Will Be On Spike On Tuesday To Discuss Wii U

Geoff Knightly has announced via Twitter that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be joining him on Tuesday to discuss why he thinks 2012 is the year of Wii-U. We already know Nintendo will be showing off the Wii U at CES but sadly it will be more glimpses of the tech demos we all saw at last years E3 event in Los Angeles.

Update: Reggie is to be interviewed sometime between 4pm-5pm. Thanks btj.

48 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Will Be On Spike On Tuesday To Discuss Wii U”

  1. As long as Geoff doesn’t interrupt the Reginator, I’m sure he’ll give us brief details until this June.

  2. I bet we’ll get nothing from Reggie; probably some vauge “i can’t say right now” pr crap. Fingers still crossed.

  3. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

    notice that Nintendo didn’t show or say anything about any 1st party games for Wii U (except for Pikmin 3, Mario Kart, & Zelda). I bet they got some great titles lined up and theyre waiting till E3 to show them off. My predictions: Metroid, Pokemon, & Fzero

    1. For 1st party i’m going with pikmin3, super mario bros. Mii, Miyamoto’s original title: retirement(laughs), OoT Hd(hell i’d buy it again), and a smash bros. cg trailer.

      1. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

        well, Zelda and Smash Bros arnt coming for another 3-4 years. Mario Kart is in the making now, so that could be a launch title (3DS version was a done in a short amount of time & was done well). for the online store, they did say Gamecube games would be downloadable and there will be HD version of older games (not remastered, but better quality to sharpen image, getting rid of pixels). Pikmin 3 is a def launch title. theyve been working on that for years. it was originally suppose to be on Wii, but was switched to WiiU. i would be highly surprised if it’s not done by then.

        1. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

          i only say Pokemon cuz the Pokemon Company has been pretty quite for a while .people have been asking them stuff and they seem to have a lot of secrets that cant be revealed yet

          1. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

            hmm, ur right. i didn’t realize Brawl only took 2 years and some months. cool! all they really have to do is make characters, moves, and balance them out. stages and stuff are pretty simple/easy for developers. its just the ideas and fighters that take most of the time

            1. Oh, i wasn’t talking about LAUNCH titles, just what 1st games would be shown off and OoT hd and a smash bros. trailer wouldn’t take 3-4years. Lol

    2. F-Zero should definitely be a launch title. The HD graphics will make it look like a dream! I hope that they have online for at least 15 players (It would be a miracle if they get 30 people to play online). And I would want SEGA to help with it again. I hope SEGA makes SA3 for the Wii U. There’s a rumour that they’re making a Sonic version of Four Swords. I also think that they should start making StarFox Wii U. And add online for that too. Maybe improve on the land sections.

      I think they should make a new WaveRace and put that on the 3DS. Also with online capabilities (They could borrow some online elements from MK7).

  4. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    it’s gonna be dissapointing because it’s gonna be the same ol stuff. Why would he reveal anything new?

  5. I don’t think it’s going to be any big news. Maybe he’s going to say stuff like the system is coming along and they’re working on the games, but that’s about it.

  6. We want to excite you about an announcement. Then bore you with the real announcement. Hope you’re still interested in our new product.

  7. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I gotta wonder what Reggie has to say about the Wii U this far away from E3. Honestly I’m glad it’s Geoff Keighly that’s interviewing him and not someone else. Geoff asks the interview questions that I myself would ask, and he’s pretty persistent too, so definitely looking forward to any and every new info that comes out of this interview.

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  9. “2012 is the year of Wii-U”? I was in newsagent today and the front cover of a Playstation mag had “The year of PS3”, only to list all multiplatform titles. You’d think they’d make an effort and list exclusives. I’m assuming Nintendo will have a claim at the year once they announce exclusives.

  10. I love the Reggie-Geoff combo. I thin they have good chemistry. Geoff always trying to squeeze some information out of Reggie. Reggie smoothly dodging the questions. It should be interesting to see.

  11. This will be another huge tease. Reggie doesn’t want the Wii U to drop out of the public’s mind so he does these little interviews where he dodges questions and repeats the same few lines over and over.

    “Wii U will have ‘robust’ online connectivity!”
    “It will be priced higher than the Wii!”
    “It will coexist with Wii (consumers will decide this)!!”

    The most “new” information we’ll get will be reiterations of these three facts. Reggie *might* toss around a few developer names, but even that’s last June’s information. Don’t get your hopes up, guys.

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