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Nintendo 3DS Version Of Binding Of Isaac Will Contain Controversial Expansion Pack, If Nintendo Allows It

Edmund McMillen of Team Meat has told online publication Joystiq that if the Binding of Isaac comes to the Nintendo 3DS, as the development team hope it does, then it will include The Binding of Isaac’s first and only expansion, The Wrath of the Lamb. The team still hopes Nintendo will allow the controversial game on the Nintendo 3DS.

34 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Version Of Binding Of Isaac Will Contain Controversial Expansion Pack, If Nintendo Allows It”

  1. well considering the original game is only £3.99, so I would be disappointed if it ends up being a retail game with a high price tag

  2. 5th
    Heck yeah
    now let the jealousy begin!
    (examples of jealous comments: “you are now retarded” “troll” “Idiot” “moron, reading books won’t help you though” Etc…)

  3. They allowed Manhunt on the Wii and that was mentally disturbing. I think this game is ace, and I’ve only played the Newgrounds demo. Let there be Isaac!

  4. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    i would be disappointed if it game to the 3DS. But only because i asked Edmund on Twitter a few days before it came out if it was ever going to hit any other platform and he said “no. never. windows mac and hopefully linux but never any console or handheld”

  5. It has a lot of religious controversy, which is the reason that I have not bought it yet… even though it is a pretty cool game.

        1. What the heck are you two blabbering about? If you truly believe you’re right about life and death and all that, you’d have no need to make fun of others to try validate your choice of religion (or lack thereof). If you’re making fun of other religions it means either you know it’s right and don’t want to admit it, someone’s from said religion insulted, belittled, hurt, etc. you and you still haven’t recovered mentally (and attack everyone from said religion to somehow prove your point), or you’re somewhat unsure of your own religious beliefs and need to insult other religions to reassure yourself.

          Anyways, I hope this ends any religious debate here, because the Internet is the least effective way to prove your point, especially about such major issues like religion or politics.

  6. Nintendo would be idiots if they didn’t let this game be on the eShop. But knowing Nintendo, it probably won’t come. So don’t get your hopes up people.

  7. I can see this going either way. Nintendo could and should offer it to expand the gameplay possibilities of the 3DS… and Game Informer’s review called this a “twin-stick shooter” many times, so I could even see this being one of the first fleshed-out eShop downloads that uses the Circle Pad Pro!

    However, because of the religious references that’s all on Nintendo to make the call of whether to allow the game to be available. Then again, remember ActRaiser?

  8. ThiS would be a big step in the right direction for Nintendo, in my opinion. I played and enjoyed The Binding of Isaac on Steam, and would personally love to have a portable version to take with me. DLC just sweetens the deal further.

  9. I think there’s a fair chance they’ll make it available. So what if it has some religious references? This isn’t the Nintendo of the 90s any more, we’ve had games which are far beyond that now (see, all the games rated M on some recent Nintendo systems). I think the most that’ll happen is maybe a warning about content on the download page or something.

  10. If they accept this game into their eShop collection, I will have the utmost respect for nintendo now. This would only prove to consumers young, old and in between, that the 3DS is the handheld to have.

  11. More games is a good thing but I wish the article would have explained why it is controversial. Anyone care to explain?

  12. The thing is, despite the whole “family-friendly” image thing, Nintendo HAVE allowed lots of “mature” and disturbing games on their systems before.

    Weren’t they the ones who published Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube, one of the best horror games ever made? I think that people often overdo Nintendo’s “kiddie” image, granted Nintendo are probably more reserved about these types of games than most, but that’s not to say that they never appear on their consoles.

    Personally I think that it would be great if more “arty” games, like Gretel and Hansel for instance, were released as eShop downloads. As long as they have appropriate ratings and parents actually do their job, there should be no problem.

    1. “Parents do their job?” How dare you? It’s Nintendo’s job to make sure that my children only play kid friendly games. Then they have to make sure that my kids, stay away from the porn I have hidden on my computer.

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