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Sony Or Microsoft To Bow Out Of Next-Gen Console Race?

Nanea Reeves, chief product officer for Gaikai cloud gaming service believes that one major console manufacturer won’t be creating a next generation device. Industry Gamers seem to believe that Reeves has inside knowledge and that perhaps the console manufacturer will instead create a major cloud gaming partnership with Gaikai instead of creating brand new hardware. Any guesses as to which console manufacturer it will be?

“Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3.”

188 thoughts on “Sony Or Microsoft To Bow Out Of Next-Gen Console Race?”

    1. Definitely Sony. They already said no PS4 at E3. If it was Microsoft, though, that’d be pretty cool, too, meaning no consoles other than Nintendo to show off. However, if this news is accurate… whoever it is is gonna be huge. Gaikai is like the Onlive service (which has recently just blown up everywhere, and on a related note is super-awesome) except it functions even more fluidly.

      Again, assuming this news is true, I’d expect the Gaikai-Sony/Microsoft ‘console’ to sell at a price point around $100 (the current price of the Onlive console). This would be giant news, especially since it would be able to run next-gen graphics. The criticism, however, would spring from increased latency and the need to be constantly connected.

      This will be an interesting E3 indeed.

      1. Oh, and, if anyone hasn’t tried Gaikai, you should do it now (provided you have a fast enough internet connection). You can play Crysis 2 right now from any machine from your browser:

        It’ll be amazing if one of the main 3 picks up a service like Gaikai. Not great for Ninty :c but still amazing.

        1. Microsoft of coarse because of cloud it has to be. they are already buying into cloud and updating the xbox software

      2. This is a bit late, but I’d like to point out that saying “no PS4” isn’t the same as saying “we aren’t going to make any more consoles.” They may well be just starting with a whole new console. Now THAT’S interesting!

    2. I agree, there is a lot of potential to still tap into with the PS3 still. Cell processing for example. I think if the PS3 is used to its full ability it will be able to hold its own with Wii U and the next Xbox

  1. Well its not Nintendo… I want to say Sony but they wouldn’t do it before Nintendo proved that it worked so… Microsoft. They already experimented in cloud save files last month.

    1. Yea, i also think it’s MS (if Reeves is correct).
      A section from an old article on InfroWorld:
      Microsoft to discuss milestones, goals at meeting
      “Microsoft is attempting to adapt to an industry trend that is moving away from software and toward online services. The third goal is growing and extending the company’s core business.”

    2. Yes, MS makes the most sense.
      They are working on cloud computing for PC’s, they have cloud storage’s and it would make multi-platform gaming easier (PC and Xbox games can be played on both). It would be a smart move from Microsoft considering that they own Windows and therefore the big majority of PC user as potential user.

      Also, is “da shit!”.
      To bad my internet connection is bad. Can’t play on it. Can’t wait for a few years until my internet provider gives some more reasonable internet speed for a reasonable price. Currently it’s overpriced a hell.

    1. The quote doesn’t only state that this comapny wont show a new console at E3 2012, it states that this company won’t have one more generation, period. That means no X720 or PS4 ever.

      I think it is Microsoft, considering the rumors that say they have been experimenting with cloud services.

        1. Well, I’m guessing that you haven’t even played a Vita yet.Your the same as the people that are saying that the Wii U sucks yet haven’t even played it. A real gamer will give any console a chance.I own almost every system that there has been and I will play any game and give it a chance, even games that people consider childish.I will play Vita and 3ds because I’m sure that they will both make some great games.Same thing with the Xbox 360, Playstation3, and the Wii.They all have good games and bad games.

        2. I don’t get why the hate for Vita.
          I myself am a big Nintendo fan, but I would never go as low as to trashtalk another console.
          In fact, I would like the Vita to be a big concurrent to the 3DS. Healthy competition is always good for the user. Lower prices, higher quality. That and the fact that before being a Nintendo fanboy, I’m a gamer who loves games. So if some great games come out for the Vita and I happen to have some extra cash (tho I doubt that), I could see my self buying it.

          You need to realize that hating the other doesn’t make you love Nintendo more. No. It just makes you sound like a moron.

    1. Vita is basically a hand held ps3 so how is that not good?360 and Playstation are basically the same except all the features on Playstation are free.Their Generation is the same.

      1. True.

        However, Sony is a very close 2nd in Japan, because they own the RPG market. And the Japanese love RPG’s as much as Americans love shooters.

        1. I must be Japanese then. Cause I will pick an RPG over a shooter anyday. Does that mean I get to have sex with Japanese girls?

          1. Yeah, I like RPG’s over shooters as well.

            As for the other comment, well I don’t think anyone’s stopping you.

  2. very possibly microsoft or sony, both could do it. sony said it wont invest heavily into next gen so maybe them. microsoft is already getting involved with cloud stuff so it could be them!!
    either way im happy one is leaving

      1. yup yup, hopefully they do get more. if we truly get 3rd party support then no one can attack nintendo next gen :D

          1. mgs4, god of war 3, uncharted series, little big planet 1 and 2, gran turismo 5, FF Versus XIII, infamous 1 and 2. I could continue but I think you get the point.

            1. PS2 had better CoDs though, the best being Finest hour, BEST COD CAMPAIGN EVER, no rambo stuff like other games, just a soldier, not Mr. almost invincible (like what you are in BO or MW3)

                1. You know Call of Duty is the best selling game on PS3, right? And that most PS3 players pray for MW3? I hope you guys don’t do this…

                  1. So Call of Duty happens to be the best selling game, that’s great and all but there are other games out there that are as enjoyable. I own a PS3 and as much as I like playing Call of Duty, I also like to play other games in different genres.

      1. Ha ha I hear ya.360 fans are always in denial with the ps3.It has so many features that 360 fans don’t even know about because they won’t play it.I own both consoles and I can say that ps3 has so much especially when it comes to games.Eternal Sonata on ps3 has more content than the 360 version which pissed me off because I bought the 360 version first.If I would have known ahead of time then I wouldn’t have even bought it for 360.Not to mention all of the games that are only on PSN that are awesome.DC Universe is a free download on Playstation and also free to play online.Why don’t you 360 fans go cry a river somewhere else.

        1. Both fans are in denial jack. All systems have good game. Saying one have only FPS or game is pure trolling, ignorant, etc whatever you can call it.

          I bought a 360 for the Gears of War games and especially for japanese game: Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Needless to said, I want The Last Story to come out.
          PS3 will finally get one of them new Tales of games, too bad it will not be out on the Wii. 360 have the very good Tales of Vesperia but that about it for JRPG in NA, they are in the decline…

          And where can you play Treasure and Cave games? Xbox 360.

          I am a big shmups junkies, Ikaruga, Guwange, Radiant Silvergun, Bangai Oh, Deathsmiles, DoDon Pachi Resurrection, Espgaluda, Mushihimesama Futari, etc. Nuff said

  3. I just hope they bring high speed Internet to my area of the USA because this blows, why can 3rd world and remote parts of china have the highest speed Internet and in the states get the big screw job? Even places that do have BB access its not as fast as it could be or should be.

    1. MS have been focusing on really keeping the 360 new and up to date with the major dashboard update, 3D support and Kinect (which is due to get a slew of hardcore games).

      Also, because they are also in the phone and about to majorly enter the tablet world with Windows 8, you can imagine the tie in stuff they will do with Windows 8 tablets like letting you stream 360 games to a Windows 8 tablet like the WiiU will allow.

      They are probably the 1 company who could viably withstand the next generation without a major hardware upgrade.

  4. I think Sony and MS will release more of a multi-media HUB rather than a console. I mean, has anyone seen the new XBOX dashboard? It’s filled with advertisements and these tabs not related to gaming. Just one tab called games sit there, and it’s not even, in any way a main focal point.

    Seriously, what’s with Consoles these days, It looks like the Wii will be the last “true” console, unless Nintendo plays their cards right. Consoles are supposed to be plug and play machines, not having to deal with mandatory installs and too frequent software/system updates. It seems as though consoles are slowly becoming gimped PC’s. It’s okay to add new features, but once you start adding unnecessary, once PC exclusive problems/tedious mechanics, your loosing the console feel.

    1. Belive me on this one… The Wii U will be a real video game console! I can’t really see Nintendo put up alot of unnecessairy apps. All of their apps released so far have been of very high quality and have enrichend the gaming experience in one way or another. Unless maybe the news and weather apps for Wii. But those are also pretty good and not so focused upon by Nintendo.

    2. I never fully approved of Xbox Live Gold and paying for things that are either free or you’re already paying for but the new update ensured that I would never pay for Xbox Live Gold again.

    3. I got on my 360 when I first updated it and it was advertising shaving razors, WTF!Then I seen that they finally tried to catch up with Sony by adding youtube and facebook which was already on playstation.Then I figured out that I had to have a membership to use these features!Now that’s some bullshit!360 fanboys response “It such a low fee that I don’t even notice it.” Playstation fanboys “Ours is fre!”

    1. Seeing as Sony already said no ps4 at e3 i see them being the ones to go; although no way itd permanent based on the gaming tech they’re working on. A 4k res 300fps gaming console would be untouchable! They need tech costs to go down, and the could easily stay relevant with a cheaper still supported ps3 for the next 2-3years imo. They’ll bleed money next gen with 1000s of dollars worth of tech in their system.

      1. I’m almost positive PS3 supports 4k (movies, not games, but could easily be fixed by an update I guess and dev support) And 300 FPS is not necessary. Games run awesome at 60 frames, a next gen number I guess could be like 80 frames.

        1. If you have $500,000 to buy a 4k TV, You just wasted some money cause there are no cable companies or satellite companies that support that and will not be supporting that for a very long time.

    1. Oh please… Sony fanboys are worser -.-‘ But none of them even come close to PC gamers…

      A normal PC gamer comment: “We are the mudda****ing mastah race! Consoles are for noobf***ets”

    2. If Microsoft does make another system, I don’t think the Xbox 720 is the official name yet. I think that’s just the fan name for it currently.

    3. Nah. Sony fanboys are far worse than microbots. Its one reason why i haven’t bought a ps3 yet – i don’t want to be around them. They are obnoxiously defensive about everything and very hypocritical.

      1. I agree, Sony fanboys are worse. Xbox fanboys normally just gloat about graphics and Halo, which isnt too bad. But Sony fanboys just talk about graphics non stop and say how much they hate Nintendo and how it sucks, etc. Its made me a little prejudice toward Sony consoles

    4. I love the controller, it is my favorite gaming pad ever since I start gaming on the Atari 2600.

      The form factor is perfect for my hand, I can grip and play for 10 hours straight.

      It just improved on the Gamecube controller I love on all aspect except for the Dpad…but the new 360 controller with the improved Dpad is good. But in any case, i prefer not using a dpad on any console, I got a bad habit on hammering into it since the SNES era.

      PS controller? Never love the form factor. The controller great but not for long period of gaming for me, especially not for fighting game. In fact I have switch over for arcade stick for all 3 consoles. Madcatz made great arcade stick, which surprised when they come out with the TE.

      I love the Wiimote nunchuk combo too because you can hold the control however you like but the lack of button is a bummer especially for camera controlling to view the surrounding in 3rd person view….

  5. I don’t care how much insider information she has, Sony and Microsoft will have a next gen console. Come on, Sony is working hard on their SDK to simplify game development and Microsoft Xbox is doing great.

      1. Yeah? Nintendo cutted the price for the 3DS and gave away 20 free games+an apologize to the ones that bought it before the price cut. Sony gets hacked and your credit card information leaks out and becomes sold to other people and Sony doesn’t even properly apologize… I don’t know, if that’s what you’re calling pleasing you’ve to be a masochist ;)

        1. They did properly apologize(even gave free stuff in the welcome back program iirc)… And what happend to sony was 100%out of their hands, it was either shutdown PSN, or let more info be stolen Unlike fucking over early adopters by cutting the price of a product in 6months. Im not mad(love my week after launch 3ds), but Nintendo isn’t perfect. Twit. Lol

          1. Nintendo is not perfect, never said so. But I still think that Nintendo cares alot more about the gamers and the industry than Sony ever will and ever have done.

        2. Ahaha now that’s where you’re wrong. They did a proper apology and gave tons of games and other stuff for free in their Welcome Back program. :P

          1. Yes, I might’ve been wrong on that one and if that’s the case I’m sorry, but overall Nintendo does care more about gamers and the industry than Sony does and ever have done…

  6. I’m not thinking it’s true, but if it is, I’m guessing and hoping Microsoft. The Vita has already been released, plus we’ve heard actually news about the PS4. I’m fine with Microsoft out of it, Sony has more exclusives that interest me. Besides Halo – which I’m probably done with after Halo 4 – I don’t care for Microsoft exclusives.

  7. If it was any, I could see it being Sony. I love most of their stuff, but recently (and most of it hasn’t really been their fault), they’ve had pretty bad press, be it the hacking or the news of the 3DS and even PSP outselling the PS Vita in Japan.

    I don’t believe it would happen though.

      1. How in the hell is Nintendo completely dropping the Wii U the “most likely scenario”?!

        They’ve already invested more than 5 years and MILLIONS of dollars developing the system and launch/early release titles… there is NO going back on that.

  8. If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say it’d probably be Microsoft.

    However, I hope it’s Sony. If they stop, then Nintendo pretty much becomes the monopoly in Japan again. Also, if it’s Sony, I hope that Nintendo can get Final Fantasy and Tales Of back on their consoles, just as it was before Sony swiped them both.

    1. That would be sweet as hell! I would love to get FF back to Nintendo again! I will only have to buy one console to play ALL the good games :D

  9. My guess would be Sony, the company made a huge investment developing the PS3 but I don’t think it has been the commercial success they were hoping for. The PS3 is a very capable machine & I still don’t think we have seen its full potential being used so I think they will continue to focus on ways to develop PS3 rather than replace it.

  10. I highly doubt this is true. Ms started hiring for their next gen system and Sony won’t drop out. Why would they? Ms has an awesome online service with live. I don’t use it but my friends like it. Also Sony has great exclusives like uncharted. Nobody is dropping out. They just wanted to be in the news when they said this.

    1. I think Sony might drop out. The PS3 wasn’t as sucessfull as they wanted it to be and they LOST money for each PS3 they sold and now the price have been forced to be even lower because people thought it was too expencive. And the PSP failed against the DS and so will Vita do with 83% possibility against the 3DS.

        1. Yes. It was more expensive to make it than they sold it for at the beginning when the technology was new. They probably did this to try to outrun Microsoft and Nintendo to get a really good start in the 7th gen war, but they failed with that.

      1. Ps3 has been catching up with Microsoft lately.I bought a 360 first because it was cheaper but now you have a choice.Sony took away backwards compatibility for ps2 but it still plays ps one and now they are releasing ps2 games on ps network in HD.Sony is at 55 million sold while 360 is at 57 million sold and at the top is the wii with 90 million units sold.Playstation has made their money back thats for sure.And they are continuing to keep selling units while the other consoles are slowing down.We’ll just have to see what happens.

        1. Sony have probably sold more than Microsoft by now. These numbers were before the christmas ruch and Sony sold better than Microsoft then. (have to say nice things about Sony if that’s a fact :))

    2. True or not, it does raise an interesting question about the future of games consoles. Many people have commented on how few exclusives there are now, anyone who remembers when Nintendo & Sega were the dominant systems will recall how the majority of games were exclusives on one system or the other (Mario or Sonic anyone?). Now most games are available all systems. Also game consoles are hugely expensive to develop which is why I think some companies will try to reduce costs by producing cheaper “client” devices.

  11. Well, My wish is Sony, But my bet is Microsoft. Sony has been dedicated to being a game company, dishing out handheld series and starting way back in 1994. Sure, I’m not too fond of them, but they’ve showed that they’re a gaming company. Microsoft hasn’t been that dedicated, and it would make sense for them to drop off before sony.

  12. I’m bagging Sony, only for a brief comment Tetsuya Nomura gave somewhere with regard to the possibilities of Kingdom Hearts 3. Each major, numbered instalment of the franchise has been on the Playstation and the Playstation 2. He said something along the lines of, for KH3, he would have to first evaluate next generation advancements but would probably develop the title for an existing platform. I’d imagine that this would be because it’d be a pretty big break to not have the numbered sequel on a Playstation console, and if they’re not competing in this next gen race, Nomura must be hoping for something pretty fantastic from Nintendo/Microsoft to develop with them.

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  14. One will mostly drop out due to creative changes, rather than lack of profitability. They might think that having just a pure game console isn’t worth much now, and that a more multimedia console might be in order. The 360 is already taking that step into being more than a game console anyway. The Wii U is being almost the same.

    1. I guess you never played any of the JRPG such as Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Tales of Vesperia?

      Or the underrated and fun EDF2017, which they made a sequel for 360 and PS3.

      Or the exclusives shmups from Treasure and Cave which I bought them all (including the region free Cave games).

      Between the exclusive on PS3 and 360, I opted to the 360 to suit my needs and been a fan of Nintendo, I need any Nintendo system to play my Mario/Zelda/Metroid/etc fixes.

  15. Wait, is it saying that one of them will stop making video games forever or just skip a generation (which makes no sense)? If it’s either one of the options, then i hope it’s Sony. One, because they’re fanboys are just assholes and/or have try-hard-smartass qualities. Second, their Vita doesn’t seem to be seloing very well specially even during the Holidays. Third, lately their spokespeople have just been being asses trying to make Nintendo look bad (Ex. they say 3D is better WITH glasses; PSMove is better than the Wii[which was obvious since it was newer tech]; etc.). Their PS3 is a great system though, it just doesn’t get very much credit.

    1. PS3 might be a good system, but it doesn’t have any good exclusives to make it worth buying when 360 and Wii is cheaper. And we do all know the quality of many Wii excusives (Zelda, Mario, Metroid etc.) PS3 was doomed to lose this console war @day 1

  16. It could be Sony because they had been loosing a shitton of money lately, or it could be Microsoft because they have no exclusives.

    1. Just because a company like Microsoft has “no exclusives” (which is a big, fat lie), profit matters to companies like all 3 console companies.

      And Sony is the least of them all to make profits recently.

        1. LOL. A company like Microsoft isn’t going to leave the gaming industry because of “no exclusives” (which, again, is a lie). That’s a very lame reason to. If you honestly think that way, then you’re a idiot.

          Besides, I’m sure that they have plenty of things up on their sleeves for their next gen console.

            1. Yeah, you keep on thinking what you’re thinking by ignoring facts.

              The truth of the matter is, is that Sony is the most likely one to leave, mainly because that they are constantly hemorrhaging money throughout most of their divisions all in an effort to keep their gaming division afloat, because they know that’s one of the only few divisions where it’s going strong.

              They even blew all of their PS1 & PS2 profits on the PS3 because they kept constantly lowering their prices since launch in a desperate attempt just to stay competitive with the 360 in sales & to not let them get too far away in 3rd party support. Not to mention that they’re currently failing with the Vita in sales & can’t afford to do a huge price drop on the handheld as well as can’t afford to make another razor blade console with PS4.

              But Microsoft is leaving the gaming industry because of “no exclusives.” LMAO! You crack me up.

              1. WTF are you talking about?The Vita sold great in its release in Japan.You 360 fanboys should use facts instead of opinions which you always use.The PS3 is going stronger than ever right now.They have released PS one and PS2 games on PSN with PS2 games in HD.The sales on their consoles are selling more than ever right now and they didn’t lose money by lowering the cost because they took away PS2 backwards compatibility which meant less hardware.They have countless amounts of PS exclusives only through the PSN which are almost all very good games.Sony makes money from more than just video games.Don’t forget that they also make TV’s, stereo systems, blu-ray players, etc.The list goes on.Sony will not be dropping out by a long shot.

                1. He did never say that PS3 is weak right now. He did say that it’s to expensive to make to be sold at the price it’s sold for right now. It’s a shame that Sony sold a system at an outrageous price with almost no good exclusives at the BEGINNING of the console war (not saying they don’t have right now). But as always, if you want great exclusives so is Nintendo the company of choice…

  17. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    Whoa! Some big rumors there. If one of them do fall out then that will be a big target for analysts dicks to be like, “We told you! Gaming is dying!”

    1. Even if the rumors are true, I don’t think anyone would suggest that gaming is dying. In fact I would imagine that the games industry is doing better than ever, consoles like the Wii have introduced the concept of gaming to a wide range of people who have never owned a console before. Microsoft & Sony have produced systems that have made gaming a mainstream form of entertainment. I think that due to the fact that gaming is more accessible to people now, the way companies sell their products will change to reflect that.

  18. In all truth and honesty…how can consoles truly be better than they already are now? Graphics and processors at a rate we could’ve only imagined in the 90s, games can’t get any better than they are now, and they know it.

    1. And that’s why Nintendo will be the winners. Because Nintendo doesn’t evolve in graphics but in creative ways of playing. So Nintendo will probably be able to evolve very much thanks to the path they chosed with DS/Wii.

  19. I think thing are getting stale over at Microsoft. They have a track record to push consoles and they should. Its been years. Nintendo had a console about the same time MS did. So if Nintendy is throwing a new toy on the market, someone has to give them a run for their money. Sony already said 10 years. That’s too long to own 1 console. Growing up, we had a new console what felt like every 6 months… and we made sure we had them all. Every 3 years is enough to hold my interest.

    1. More competition is always better for us consumer, it give us the choice.

      I am always looking for a complement for my Nintendo console, last generation was obviously the PS3 for all the JRPG and fighting games.

      This generation, MS managed to snatch all the fighting games plus RPG and land a few exclusive like Lost Odyssey. On top of that shmups.

      And so I went with the Wii60 combo with my PS3 as a bluray/movie and occasional gaming.

      Personally if Nintendo have all the 3rd party like back on SNES, owning 1 system would be great but that ain’t gonna happen….

  20. My hopes are for Microsoft to leave. They have never been the innovating bunch. Besides Nintendo makes stuff THEN Sony copies and THEN Microsoft copies.

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  22. I say Microcock. They don’t give a shit about anything but money and are probably too fat headed and arrogant to make a new console regardless of their claims of making a ‘OS based console.’

    1. Microsoft is to arrogant to NOT make a new console even if it would fail big times… So I’m kinda sure it’s not them :/

  23. Wasn’t there information leaked that the new xbox will be smaller and more cheaper then the current 360?

    So far im guessing sony, seeing all we have heard from their statements so far is possible directions for the ps4. Also I don’t think their exclusives are that great, I mean uncharted had good visuals but too me, it just felt like Lara Croft had a sex change, and with the new tomb raider on the way, I’m interested to see what will happen there.

  24. I was told that Microsoft isn’t producing a proper console for the next generation, but that it will be participating in some capacity. I couldn’t get any details, but my source kept saying, “But why do you need a console?” Not sure what to make of it.

  25. Seriously, what is with all the Sony hate around here? It’s not necessary, people can be a fan of both companies and respect them both, I do. People here make it seem like Sony is the worst company ever, but they have a great library of games, and without my PS3 this gen the Wii would have left me feeling disappointed in gaming.

    1. Want to know why there’s so much Sony hate here? *whispers in your ear* because sony fan boys always say that Nintendo stuff is for babies and then Sony copies it and they suck it in as it were a pacifier… Sony gamers hated the Wii for the Wii remote, but when Sony made Playstation Move they loved it. When Nintendo made the DS Sony fans thought that handhold consoles were for babies. When Sony did PSP (especialy Vita) it was the best thing ever made… We hate Sony because they do the same thing as Nintendo do years later and then people say it’s new and wonderfull because Sony did it.

    2. Why? Pretty obvious it is a Nintendo site here.

      The same apply as to why a lot of people bash Nintendo and 360 in favor of the PS3 as if it is the next coming of god or something.

      Go look at Joystiq and Kotaku and see how many peoples bashing all Nintendo system for no apparent reason aside from been a blind fanboy.

      This generation, my 360 is occupying me with my Wii. The PS3 is there for the exclusive not found on other 2 but I personally play less on PS3. All system are great but everyone have their favorite.

  26. Android will be the next console of the the next generation.I kid lol, but would be cool to see a brand new company come into play.Especially if Apple hops on board because we all know that they makes some of the best products when it comes to processing power.Macs are better than Windows and Iphones are better than Androids.The technology is there.

    1. I wouldn’t say Macs are better than PCs (especially installed with linux) or that Iphone is better than Android (also linux based [or was it unix?]) But at any rate I WOULD like to see apple enter the ring with a gaming console. Ever used apple TV? Pretty slick little device. Not only that, but as things currently stand Apple iPhone games outsell any other portable games out there. But on the flip side there, don’t we have enough consoles to choose from already? The video game inustry seemed much less stale when it was just Nintendo and Sega trying to outdo each other.

  27. It seems likely since the industry is getting less and less confident with the console market. However, I do think Sony and Microsoft will have a next-gen console ready. After that, though, may be the end.

  28. I don’t trust the data though. As long as there is money to be made from video game consoles, they will continue to release systems and redesign systems to sell the consumer a product they already bought. Yes even Nintendo is guilty of this. Not to worry video game fans, I do believe all 3 companies will be around a few generations longer.

  29. It’s not sony. I know 100% for a fact that the ps4 is in R&D. They’re trying to make it glass (like all that concept art) but they are still working on the glass to use. Most likely gorilla glass though. That’s how I know a clan mate of mine works for the glass company Sony contracted to make the case for the ps4

    1. Wow, that sure sounds legit.
      Because a glass controller is really what the fans want, yup.
      And that clan mate of yours certainly couldn’t be lying, now could he?

  30. If Microsoft planned to release Xbox 720 in 2012 oder early 2013, they wouldn’t release Halo 4 for 360 this year. Would be a great launch title and all the fans of Halo would buy it. And Microsoft tries to hype Kinect and it solds great, so I think, Microsoft…

    1. Can only agree with you. I would love that to happen :) Then Microsoft would fall and there would only be one console per generation and you would only need one console to play all the good games!

  31. I’m almost sure this person is wrong….Cloud based gaming for the millions and millions of gamers I doubt that…alot of ppl don’t even have fast enough Internet or Internet at all if this happens the companies could be losing potential customers just because of the fact some can’t access the content….if you don’t believe me check out how many ppl play online on there consoles vs the amount of consoles that people bought.

  32. whats wrong with you people?? i dont wanna see neither company go away. yeah sure there A LOT of hate this Gen, but next Gen could be totally different.. Nintendo will please both audience with the Wii U (1st and 3rd Parties), Sony is learning from there mistakes. And Microsoft might make there own first party games.

    what im saying is all Gaming Systems are great, they just need to fix their problems, and yes they might have other problems next gen but thats life, thats reality.. nothings perfect

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  34. The only way I can see Sony of MS giving up on gaming consoles is if their gaming departments were hemorrhaging (?) money. and I don’t think that’s the case.

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